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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 22 May 2001

In the Name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Woodbery of South Carolina Marion District 
being low in health and weak in Body, But of a disposing Mind and memory 
blefsed be God for his mercies bestowed. on me, And calling to mind the 
mortality of this body and it is appointed for all men once to die do ordain 
and Constitute this my last Will and Testament, But first of all I commit my 
sperit into the hands of God who gave it,  Nothing doubting but I shall receive 
the same again at the last day and be again Reinstated in Soul and Body by the 
mighty power of God, as for my Body I commit the same to the Earth to be 
decently entered in a Christian form, And buried at the discretion of my 
Executor hereafter Mentioned.  And as for such Worldly goods as it hath Pleased 
Almighty God to endow me with I do hereby dispose of in manner and form 
following, Viz after paying and sastisfying all my Just debts and funeral 
Charges which I leave to the discretion of my Executor

Item I give and bequeath to my Son Collins Woodbery Eleven Negroes, Namely Joe, 
Dinah, Jenny ____ Lydia, Sibby Dick Jefse Claracy Harry Carolina and their 

Item to my Grandson John Peter (Duncan?) I give the Proffits Arising from Eleven 
Negroes namely Sarah Phoebus Esther Will Bob Tom Rachel Mary Sue/Leneh and Nancy and 
their Increase during his natural life, and if he shall die Leaveing lawful Ifsue 
I then give said ifsue the above named Negroes Sarah Phoebus Esther Will Bob Tom 
Rachel Mary Sue Leneh and Nancy and their Increase forever, But should their be no 
such Ifsue I then give and bequeath unto my son Collins Woodbery the Eleven above 
named Negroes, Sarah Phoebus Esther Will Bob Tom Rachel Mary Sue Leneh and Nancy 
and their increase for himself and his Lawful Ifsue forever, And I do hereby 
Nominate Constitute and ordain or appoint my Biloved son Collins Woodbery Executor 
to this my last Will and Testament, It is also my will that my above named 
Executor Collins Woodbery shall have full power during his natural life of the 
above named Eleven Negroes Sarah Phoebus Esther Will Bob Tom Rachel Mary Sue Leneh 
and nancy and their Increase, To Work Hire or in any manner that he may think will 
be to the Advantage of my Grand son John Peter (Duncan?) so that he may Receve the 
Proffits Arising therefrom--  hereby Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to 
be my last will and Testament hereby denying Revoking and dis_____ all other wills 
and Testaments Whatsosever, In testimony whereof I the said Elizabeth Woodbery have 
hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 12th day of April in the 
Year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and Seventeen and in the fourty first 
of the Independence of America, the two above names Leneh and Nancy enterlined 
before signed
Signed Sealed and delivered )                        Elizabeth Woodbery (SEAL)
In the Presence of          )
Henry Davis Jr
Margaret Woodbery
Elizabeth Wilkinson

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 219
Sworn to March 1st, 1827
Thos Harllee, Ordy
Roll No. 819

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