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Transcribed by Betty Jo Stewart, 17 May 2001

In the name of God Amen I Richard Woodbery of Britons Neck. being in health and 
of a sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of this body do 
make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament 
First I give my Soul to God that gave it and my body to be Buried at the 
discretion of my after named Executors and as touching my worldly poperty that 
God has blefsed me with I leave in the following manner and form.
First Tis my Desire that all my lawful debts be paid 
I leave to my beloved wife Elisabeth the use of the Plantation where I now live 
with the use of five Negroes Backu, Jenney, Charlotte, John, & Derinder.  With 
the use of all my Household & Kitchen furniture ten Cows & Calves one yoke of 
oxen One riding horse & Sadle during her naturall life then all the above 
Legaceys to be equaly divided between my heirs except (John) 
I leave to my son Richard One tract of land of 500 Acres where he now lives with 
one other Tract on Little Peedee of 300 Acres Known by the name of the Ferry 
tract together with four negroes by name Jack, Easter, Dinah, Satira and all 
their ifsue with an equal share of all my other Lands that I shall 
pofsefs not in this my last - 
I leave to Daughter Norman one tract of land containing Five hundred acres 
where she now lives in full of her whole share of all my lands that I shall 
pofsefs at my death with four negroes by name London. Catharine Sam & Ned for 
her use & to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten & born and if she should 
die without such heirs then the above property to return & be equaly divided 
between my surviving heirs
I leave to my daughter Margarett one Tract of land called and was bought from 
Robertses with tract of 500 acres of Pine land adjoining it with one feather 
bed and furniture and a Share of all the remainder of lands not mentioned in 
my last Will
I leave to my son William One plantation where he is now setling consisting of 
Four tracts of land of about Six hundred bought from the widows Migal & 
Shinners and one other tract on Big Peedee on Cibbles Creek containing 250 
Acres more or lefs. with three negroes by names Powel, Marian, & Friday and a 
share of all my lands not mentioned in this Will.  
I leave to my daughter Francis this plantation I now live on after her Mothers 
death with 300 acres of Pine land adjoining on the West side with three negroes 
by name Ruth, Rose, & Adam. and after her mothers death a boy called John. with 
one Feather bed and furniture and an equal Share of all my Lands not mentioned 
in this my last Will.  
/shareAgain it is my will that all the remainder. of land that I 
shall have at the time of my death and not mentioned as a legacy to any of my 
Heirs that they shall be sold by my Executors and and the money arising from 
such sale shall be equally divided between my sons Rich/d and William 
and daughters Margaret and Frances and I hereby Impower my Executors hereafter 
mentioned to have power to make lawfull Titles to all such lands  It is my will 
that all my Personall property not yet mentioned such as my Stock of horses 
Cows Sheep and hogs and all my boats Canoes Plantation Mils Carts Plows of all 
my Moneys.  Legacys that may be left to me be. Equaly divided between my four 
children.  Richard, Will and Margaret Francs and it is my will that if any of 
my children Should die with Lawfull Isfue their shares to return to my surviving 
Lastly I nominate Constitute and leave my Sons Richard & William with my friend 
Richard Green Sen/r Executors to this my last Will & Testament made 
this 19/th March One thousand Eight hundred and eight and in the 
thirty second year. of American Independence
Witnefs  Richard Green                              Rich/d Woodberry.
              Thomas G Briton
              Peter Jayroe
Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 73
Original Will Missing
Recorded January 20, 1812
Thos. Harllee, Ordy
Roll No. 804 

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