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If you have done a transcription (or can make scans), of any Wills, Estate or Probate records for known ancestors of early Marion County settlers, or for known former residents, please consider sharing with your fellow researchers by sending a copy for posting. Please cite your source so that others may locate and consult the original.

REMINDER: While every effort is made to present accurate data on this web site, we're all human and errors are always possible. Always, always, ALWAYS consult the original document before including data in your genealogy.

BREWER, Jacob Parker
(father of David Brewer)
Johnston Co, NC Paula Smith,
25 Aug 2000
JACKSON, William
written 1775
Martin County, NC David Jackson,
14 Oct 2002
TART, John G.
Monroe Co., Alabama Nell Lowe,
12 March 2001

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