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Contributed by Harriett Grace

Records from the family Bible of Rev. Wilson Conner and his wife Mary Cook Conner
Earliest date July 7th, 1768
Copied from certified copy received from Georgia Dept. of Archives and History
by Harriett Grace.

Wilson Conner and Mary Cook was married October 8th, 1789.

George Cooper and Nancy Conner was married December 20th day 1810.

John Griffin and Harriot Conner was married May the 25th, 1813.

James G. Conner and Penelope Ryals was married Oct. the 1st day 1818.

Joseph Ryals and Lucy Ann Conner was married March 31st, 1822.

Thos. C. Sullivant and Mary J. Conner was married Jany. 2nd. 1824.

William Dewitt Clinton Conner was born September the 23rd, 1819.

George Washington Cooper was born April 21st. 1821, AT 10 o’clock am

Thomas Benton Conner, son of James Conner, was born August 29th at 11 o’clock P.M. 1821.

Joseph L. Ryals and Lucy Ann Conner was married 31st day of March, 1822.

Harriot Griffin was born

Wilson Conner was born July the 7th day, 1768.

Mary Conner was born August the 1st day, 1774.

James Gassaway Conner was born August the 20th day, 1790.

Nancy Conner was born April the 20th, 1792

Harriot Elizabeth Conner was born September th day, 1793.

Mary Ann Sullivant was born 10th of Nov. 1825.

Thomas Benton Conner was born October the 21st day, 1798.

Betsy Conner was born March the 9th, 1801, Monday, at 6 o’clock. AM

Polly Godwin Conner was born January the 25th, 1804, at 4 o’clock AM

Eliza Tarpley Conner was born July the 29th day, 1807, at 45 minutes after 10 o’clock AM

Mariah McDonald Conner was born June the 13th at 6 o’clock PM 1810.

Wilson Conner Cooper, son of Geo. & Nancy Cooper was born September the 16th, 1812.

Wilson Walker Conner was born April 19th 1813.

Mary Ann Elizabeth Cooper was born December the 4th, 1813 at 6 o’clock AM

Samuel Conner Griffin, son of John and Harriot Griffin, was born September the 23rd, 1814.

Penelope Luvany Cooper was born June the 14th, 1815

Elizabeth Griffin was born Octr. the 19th, 1815.

Thomas B. C. Cooper was born December 26th, 1824.

Louisa Ann Conner was born Oct. 25th, 1815.

Elenor Cook Cooper was born Feby the 10th 1817 at half past 7 o’clock AM.

Martha Lucy Conner was born March the 30th, 1818, at 6 o’clock PM

Samuel G. Griffin died October 21st, 1814, 30 minutes past 6 o’clock AM age 29 days.

James C. Griffin was born Feby. 18th, 1818

Penelope Ryals was born September the 11th, 1798

Luvany Cooper was born Feby. 16th day, 1819.

Thos. Conner, Senr. Senr. died August the 4th, 1768, age 90.

Margaret, his wife, died ______ aged 60 years.

John Beverly died 1786, aged 80 years.

Ann Beverly died 1786, aged 81 years.

Elinor Cook died September the 15th, 1793, aged 50 years.

Ann Conner died Septr. ______ 1791, aged 60 years.

Lewis Conner died August 30th, 1793, aged 37 years.

William Conner died July 1797, aged 32 years.

Bethe Conner died 1820, aged 27 years.

Jas. Conner was unfortunately killed by a fall from his horse 1805 in the 51st year of his age.

Thos. Conner, Junr. Junr. died Sept. the 12th, 1802, aged 75 years.

Ananias Lang died July the 21st, 1807.

Betsy Conner died February the 4th day at 6 o’clock A. M., 1809, aged 7 years, 10 months and 25 years presisely.

Elizabeth Lang, widow of Ananias Lang, died May the 10th, 1809, at 6 o’clock A.M.

Mary Conner, her bible, bought in Savannah February the 8th, 1804.

Price $4.

Wilson Conner was born July the 7th, 1768.

Mary Cook was born August the 1st, 1774.

Wilson Conner and Mary Cook married October the 8th, 1789.

Georgia, Tattnall County.

Eliza P. Conner.

Georgia, Pulaski County,.

Before the undersigned officer personally appeared William Conner McAllister, who upon

oath says that the foregoing is a true and correct transcript from the family bible of Wilson Conner

and his wife Mary Cook Conner, that deponent personally made said transcript and has compared

it with the original entries in said bible, and knows personally that it is a true and correct transcript

from said bible. _____________________________________
Signed by William Conner McAllister

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 21st day of February, 1930

Signed by Clerk Superior Court, Pulaski Co., GA

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