Marlboro County, SC

Family Bible of Alice Smith Skidmore of Marlboro County

Transcribed and contributed by Skiddie Hurd

James Archibald Monroe died the 3rd of March 1866 
Duncan McCoy Monroe died the 3rd of March 1866 ( Would love to know more about
 their deaths as they were Father & Son - wife was Ella Virginia McPherson ) 
Ann Statia Conner died Feb 20th. 1893 in Dillon Co. ( don't know who she was) 
Wilson Conner died Aug 10 1902 in Dillon Co. 
Ann Spears Conner died Dec 22 ??? in Dillon Co. 
Isabella, wife of J.H. Lee died 3 of May 1867 
Annie Belle Smith died Sept. 4, 1887 
Wilson Thadeous Smith died Jan 6 1895 
James Leroy Smith died Oct. 28 1895 
Infant Smith died Oct 4 1896 
James S. Smith died 29 Apr 1899 
James William Smith 09 Apr 1917 
Isabelle Lee Smith died 07 Oct 1924 
Martha Ada Smith Mobley died Dec 11th. 1911 @ Gainesville Tx giving birth 
Clarence M. Mobley died ? Oklahoma ( buried in Dillon ) Oct. 25 1918 ( think he
 was a doctor
  the last 4 entries are buried @ Mount Holly Cemetery in Dillon SC ) 

Jeremiah H. Lee son of Isaac and Christine Lee was born
 in Randolph Co NC Dec 7th 1833 
Isabella, daughter of Duncan and Sallie ( Sarah McLaurin ) Douglass
 was born in Marlboro Co. SC August 27 1832 
Isabella Lee was born in Marlboro Co. SC March 28 1867 
Major Duncan McCoy Monroe was born at Laurel Hill the 10th of June 1825 
Ella Virginia McPherson was born at Indiantown SC the 26th of Dec. 1844 
James Archibald Monroe was born at Laurel Hill the 19th of April 1864 
Emphrian Lee ( great Uncle to Alice Smith ) was born 17 June 1826 
James William Smith (Alice's Father ) was born Aug 17 1853 
Isabelle Lee  ( Alice's Mother ) was born March 28 1864 
**Annie Belle Smith was born DEC 17 1886 
Alice Smith (m. Skidmore ) was born 12 Dec 1887 @ Dillon SC 
Martha Ada Smith (m. Mobley) was born march 9th 1890 
Nelle Smith ( m. Lucas) was born Aug 28 1892 
**Wilson Thadeous Smith was born Aug 27 1894 
**James Leroy Smith was born Oct 23 1895 
**nfant Smith of Mr & Mrs J.W. Smith was born Oct 3 1896 
**James Schley ? Smith was born April 22 1899 
(** = still born or death as infant. Note: Annie Belle only lived a year,
 died in Sept 1887 just a few months before my grandmother was born ) 
Duncan McCoy Monroe and Ella Virginia McPherson was married the 28th. of April 1864 
J.H. (Jeremiah) Lee and Ella Virginia McPherson Monroe was married near
 Laurel Hill, NC Jan. 1871 
J.H. (Jeremiah) Lee and Isabella Douglass was married Nov 29 1860 
J.W. ( James William ) Smith and Isabella Lee was married Feb. 4th. 1886 
Ada ( Martha Ada ) Smith was married March 4th 1911 to Clarence Mobley in
 Richmond Va
 ( She died the following Dec in child- birth in Tx. -  Don't know if the
 child lived, but don't think so. ) 
Alice Smith ( my grandmother ) married Fred ( Fredrick ) Alexander Skidmore
 in Winston Salem NC March 25th 1914. 
Nelle Smith and William Albert Lucas was married in Dillon on Jan 29 1929. 

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