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ROGERS, Moses, navigator, was born in London, Conn., in September, 1780. He assisted Robert Fulton in his experiments with the steamboat, and in 1808 commanded the Clermont. He was associated with Robert L. Stevens in the command of the Phoenix, the first ocean-going steamer that made the trip from New York to Philadelphia in June, 1809. He later commanded the steamer Savannah on her trial-trip from Charleston to Savannah, for which vessel he had built a 90–horse power low-pressure engine, which he placed in the hull under the direction of William Scarborough (q.v.). He had as a passenger in this trial-trip President Monroe. In the Savannah Captain Rogers, with his brother Stephen as engineer, made the first trip across the ocean in a steam vessel, leaving Savannah, May 28, 1819, and arriving at Liverpool, June 18, 1819, and subsequently visiting Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Norway. In the passage across the Atlantic, her engines were used 14 of the 22 days consumed in the passage, sails being used 8 days to save fuel. He died in Cheraw, S.C., Sept. 15, 1822.

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