Bethlehem Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


Contributed by Sheila Berry, 07 Mar 2002


Direction: From Oak Grove on Highway #38 going west from caution 
light.  Travel on Highway #38 about one to one half mile and turn left onto 
Fore Road. On Fore Road, go about one block or so and turn left on Berry Road.
The cemetery is on the left side mostly,but on the right side too.

Site of Bethlehem Church built in 1858 on land deeded by,R.G.W.Hodges and 
dismantled 1973

Surveyed by Sheila Berry and son Kenny Berry, March 2002

N.E.Bailey born 1/1/1898 died 12/14/1898
Mary Nela Bailey 1/14/1914-3/2/1920
Joseph B.Bailey 3/14/1867-11/14/1920
Hattie M. McLeod Bailey 12/5/1872-12/28/1937

Hubert Monroe Whittington 4/25/1929-11/2/1951  Private HQ Co. Sect.1 
Clifford P.Whittington 6/27/1924-3/8/1995    CPL U.S.Army WWII
Dewey L.Whittington 4/23/1900-6/30/1977
Sara B.Whittington 10/2/1905-5/1/1973
Rebecca J.wife of J.N.Whittington 7/29/1855-3/1/1879

NOTE: In a fenced in area by itself
James O.Pope 7/20/1914-7/1/1966  S.C.PFC Co.E22 Infantry WWII BSM-PH

Sally Meggs McLeod born 1843 died 1905
Dr. Neill Q. McLeod M.D. born 1820-died 1892

Infant of J.B.& H.M.Bailey  born 2/8 & died 2/28/1897
H.Sue Bailey 1/27/1895 4/14/1896

Ralph Monroe Whittington 4/11/1890-3/28/1968
Bessie N.Whittington 5/5/1889-1/22/1974
Floy Jeanette Whittington 10/30/1896-9/6/1990
Joseph Lee Whittington 4/22/1905-12/7/1937
Levi M.Whittington  11/4/1864-3/6/1952
Addie R.Whittington 1/11/1868-8/21/1950

Elizabeth Bethea 4/8/1794-4/27/1868
Parker Bethea 3/17/1790-12/27/1867
ONLY SON     Robert Harllee Henderson who was born May 2nd.1847 and died 
June 10th 1869
Elizabeth Ellen Henderson 8/23/1817-6/10/1872
Laura Jane Bethea wife of Thompson W.Allen 4/8/1833-6/14/1909

Jesse W.Catlett born 1887-died 1937
Winnie W.Catlett born 1898-died 1987

G.F.Brigman 8/4/1856-2/24/1885
Smythey Moody Brigman 2/29/1832-7/21/1901
Malachi Evander Brigman 4/17/1822-9/10/1902
Edward Marion ,son of M.E.& Ollie Brigman 8/7/1902-4/27/1903
Thelma Davis,daughter of M.E.& Ollie M.Brigman 11/10/1907-3/15/1909
Herbert C.Brigman 5/22/1880-2/3/1932
Marcella,daughter of H.C.& M.L.Brigman  3/22/1919-11/1/1923
J.L.Brigman 4/19/1849-5/5/1918
Altha J.Townsend Brigman 9/4/1848-4/3/1927
W.Hyman Brigman 11/10/1875-12/16/1912
Neil L.Brigman 9/30/1878-2/19/1899
Sarah Vernon Brigman 12/13/1872-10/28/1879
Chesley D.Brigman 4/20/1854-10/10/1912
Malachi Brigman  died 9/28/1857 aged 65 years and was moved from this 
cemetery to his plantation.
Buried 9/10 mile east in a solitary grave.

NOTE: These two are in a fenced in area.
W.Lamou Tarte 9/27/1902-7/1/1951
Mary Elizabeth Tarte 10/29/1900-10/22/1956

Kenny Vander Clark 6/3/1881-6/13/1949
Mattie Love Clark 10/15/1893
Henry P.Clark 2/26/1891-2/13/1938
Anna Liza Clark  no dates

Alice Bethea,wife of Arthur Whittington 3/20/1880-7/4/1909
Emory L.Ammons 8/25/1854-11/12/1935
Flora E.Ammons 7/25/1857-6/24/1930

Thomas L.Monahan 8/8/1870-5/1948
Callie J.Monahan 12/1/1885-12/1945
FHM can't read
Infant Boy  died 5/8/1959     BETHEA FHM

Allie D.Lane 10/3/1915-10/10/1971
G.Crom Lane 11/3/1894-4/15/1986

Banksell R. Cottingham 10/15/1910-10/10/1971
Henry W. Cottingham born 1872-died 1942
Doris Jean Lane 8/27/1943-12/7/1950
John W. son of H.W.& F.E.Cottingham 5/7/1918-7/7/1919
Herman L. Cottingham  U.S.Army 4/7/1904-1/23/1978

Eliza Driggers died 6/15/1930 aged 69 years

James Willie Calder 8/26/1888-3/18/1974  S.C. Cook U.S.Army  WWI
2 GRAVES can't read

Annie M. Bullard born 1839-died 1926

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