First United Methodist Church Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


Contributed by Hartmans, 31 July 2002

First United Methodist Church
 Bennettsville, SC
 Photo by Mike Hartman, 2002
Photo by Mike Hartman, 2002

First United Methodist Church Cemetery, Bennetsville, Marlboro, SC
Image Given name Surname Birth Death Comments
Row 1
Photo Unknown       (See note 1)
Photo Lucinda Townsend 25 Mar 1835 21 Jun 1844 d/o Miken & Rachel I.?
Photo Martha E. Townsend 10 Sep 1843 24 Sep 1843  
Photo Charles Alexander Thornwell 27 Oct 1820 7 Dec 1855 Closeup 1
Closeup 2
Photo Baby Girl Thornwell 8 Jul 1854 12 Aug 1854 same stone as Charles above
Row 2
Photo Mekin Townsend 30 Aug 1802 24 Dec 1852?  
Photo Mary E. Townsend 26 May 1831 23 Jan 1853 Photo 2
(Manipulated colors for detail)
Photo Mary H. Townsend 16 Feb 1833 12 Aug 1855 w/o Horatio Townsend
Photo Charles E. Townsend 16 Sep 1856 17 Oct 18_1  
Row 3
Photo Mary Alice Townsend 12 Jul 1855 21 Nov 1855  
Photo Theodore Townsend 10 Nov 1832 13 Jul 1853  
Photo Eliza S. Townsend __ Nov 1854 __ Nov 1854  
Photo Martha Emily       Stone buried
Photo Effie Mood Murray   22 Feb 1882 died age 8 years & 3 months
Row 4
Photo Mrs Martha Graham Dec 179_ 18/19 Oct 1856 twice married possibly Ananias Graham?
Photo Mary McKnight   22 Jun 1856  
Photo Mrs Harriet Brown 8 Jun 1790 20 Feb 1857  
Photo Russell Moore 15 Jul 1895 ???? Infant s/o P.B. & Emma Moore
Photo Tommy Wallace 28 Oct 1829 19 Jan 1883 s/o T.G. & G. M.
Row 5
Photo Thomas Cook 10 Oct 1802 22 May 1868 Minister of M.E. Church
  Nancy G. Cook 12 Jan 1805 17 Nov 1895 w/o Thomas
  Little Ellen Cook 25 Nov 1856 12 Apr 1857 d/o W.D. & D. M.
  Little Timmy Cook 12 Sep 1851 25 Jun 1857 s/o W.D. & D. M.

Notes added by Victoria Proctor:

As you can see in the photograph, the stone is broken and has been mended at least once. The largest section is missing the top and appears to be split down the middle. The portion I can read on the large section:
daughter of M?. TO T?
She was born A________
Died August _____
____sons g___ De___s

2. Some of the tombstones for this cemetery are listed in an earlier survey ("Cemetery Records of Marlboro County, South Carolina", 2nd Ed., 1984) as being in Oak Ridge Cemetery, North Cook St., Bennettsville, SC and it would appear that they have been moved to the churchyard.

Mr. Jerry Kendall kindly provided the following information:

The present cemetery at First United Methodist Church in Bennettsville, SC does not contain any remains. The cemetery was originally located about 20 yards north of the present cemetery in a parking lot behind the church. The headstones in the original cemetery were moved to Oak Ridge Cemetery in the early 1950s when the parking lot was paved. The Kinney Foundation had the stones brought back and placed in the present location. They were placed in the original order as they were in the original cemetery behind the church. The iron fence surrounding the present cemetery was around the original cemetery. It was sold but the Kinney foundation bough it back and tried to reconstruct the cemetery in the original configeration. The stones were brought back about 15 years ago. The original cemetery was on the same side of the church just a few yards north of the present cemetery. The original has been paved over. I have a 1911 post card of the church in which you can see at least one of the tombstones in the original cemetery.

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