Great Pee Dee Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


Contributed by Susan Turpin, April 1998

Located between Bennettsville and Blenheim.

Survey completed:  April 20, 1998 by Susan Turpin

The Great Pee Dee Presbyterian Church was built in 1834. It continued as a
Presbyterian Church until the 1880s when it was sold to a black Baptist
congregation, as it continues today, and was named the Pee Dee Baptist Church.
The Presbyterians built new churches in the towns of Blenheim and Bennettsville.
The cemetery contains both black and white graves.  The white graves of the
early Presbyterians are in a fenced-in area.  The following cemetery inscription
is from the white graves.  There are large areas with depressions in this
fenced-in area of what we believe to be unmarked graves.  The Pee Dee Baptist
Church is the oldest existing church structure still standing in Marlboro

LOCATION:  From Highway #15-401 By-pass in Bennettsville, go south on Highway
#38 for 4.8 miles.  The church and cemetery are on the left.  This is 2.1 miles
north of Blenheim.

Great Pee Dee Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Emily R. Gause, Born March 25, 1792, Died October 19, 1881
Sacred to the Memory Of Frederick Brouard Gause Who Departed This Life
The 2nd Septr 1847, in the 26th Year of His Age, In Full Prospect of a Blessed Immortality.
(On base of the monument: "W.T. White")

Wm Boyd, Son of E.L. and I.L. Hamilton, Born May 28, 1889, Died Aug. 1, 1889.
It was an angel that visited the green earth and took our babe away

In Memory of Caralee, Daughter of W.N. & Amelia Hamilton.
Born June 12, 1858, Died Feb. 7, 1885.
Not gone from memory not gone from love, But gone to our Fathers house above

Burriss Ferguson, Born Mar. 16, 1901, Died Mar. 27, 1902
William Fraser, Born June 26, 1898, Died June 1, 1899.
Children of Lucian D. and Sarah F. Odom Our darling baby boys.

In Memory of Robert H. Odom and wives Lucy Thomas Odom Loretta Cottingham Odom

In Memory of Frances, Daut. of T. & C. Odum
Born Dec. 15, 1844, Departed this life Nov. 10, 1857, Aged 12 y's 10 m's 25 d's

In Memory of Theophilus Odom
Born Sept. 15, 1800, & departed this life Dec. 19, 1856, Aged 56 y'rs, 3 m's, 4 d's.

In Memory of Catherine, Wife of Theophilus Odum.
Born May 15, 1804, & departed this life Dec. 9, 1857, Aged 53 y'rs, 6 m's, 24 d's.

Hattie, Daughter of Thos. Q. & M. C. Odom, Born July 1, 1862 Died Nov. 1, 1865.
Our loved one.

Eliza Jane, Daughter of Thos. Q. & M. C. Odom, Born July 21, 1861 Died Sept 7,  1861
Only sleeping.

Sacred to the memory of Mary J, Wife of J. E. Odom. and daut. of J. C. & M. C. McFarland
Born Feb. 19, 1822, Died May 31, 1860, Asleep in Jesus.
Sacred to the memory of James E. Odom, Born Aug 5, 1820, Died Jan 26, 1862.
Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.

Margaret C., Wife of Thomas Q. Odom. and Daughter of Jas. E. & M.C. Odom.
Born Nov. 29, 1839, Died July. 16, 1887.
Lord, she was thine, and not my own, Thou hast not done me wrong.

Lou Ella, Dau. of D. A. & Margaret McCaskill
Born Apr. 11, 1881, Died Dec. 15, 1884, Gone to be an angel.

Mary Virginia, Dau. of D. A. & Margaret  McCaskill
Born July. 6, 1891, Died June 20, 1895 Darling we miss thee.

Charlie H., Son of Mr. & Mrs. Thad Odom, Born Nov. 11, 1904 Died Feb. 17, 1905.
Age 3 mos. 5 ds.

Thaddeus S. Odom 1869 - 1922

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