Groveton Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


Contributed by Barbara Cope Svetlick, August 1998

Groveton Cemetery.  On old Matheson place "Groveton"; on Brushy Bay Road near gravel pit. 
All but last two markers are broken.

ROGERS, John "Our Father", Mar 7, 1776; Nov 22, 1825
ROGERS, Mary G. "Our Mother", Jan 18, 1781; Feb 15, 1833
ROGERS, John M.  "Our Brother" May 24, 1802; Aug 15, 1831
MCQUEEN, Sarah Jane, w. of Hon. John McQueen, Aug 6, 1810; Mar. 16, 1835
MCQUEEN, S. J.; not date (probably a child)
MCLEOD, Martha Louisana w. Dr. Alexr. McLeod and d. John and Mary G. McLeon, Dec 6,
1812; June 9, 1866
R.F.R., 1845; no other information

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