McQuage Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


Contributed by Barbara Cope Svetlick, October 2000

McQuage Cemetery. Take Hwy 8 towards Cheraw; turn left on Hwy 912; go .7 and turn right on dirt road; about .3 mile on right on hill in field.

McQuage, T.A., Oct 12, 1868; Sept 28, 1911
Stevens, Lillie McQuage, Jan 16, 1870; Feb 13, 1936
McQuage, John, Co. K. S.C. Inf. CSA; no datges
McQuage, died Sept 15, 1896; age 60 years
McQuage, William, Co. A, S.C. Cavalry CSA; no dates
McQuage, Peter, s John A and Mary McQuage, Sept 15, 1878; May 17, 1880
McQuage, Mary, Oct 8, 1847; May 30, 1911
McQuage, Daniel C. Jan 14, 1874; Dec 24, 1918
McQuage, Winnie Elizabeth, w, H. T McQuage, Feb 15 1849; Dec 29, 1876
McQuage, Sgt. Henry T., Co.B, 24 S.C. Inf. CSA; no dates
McQuage, James Marion, s. Henry Thomas McQuage and Willie Elizabeth Autry, Dec 6, 1871; Jan 25, 
1952; Woodmen
McQuage, Carrie Lugene Rivers
 w. James Marion McQuage, d. Mark M. Rivers and Caroline Dean, 
 Dec 19, 1880; May 10, 1951; married Dec 15, 1895;
 on reverse of this double marker is found:
"From this union the following children were born, Annie Winnie; Mattie Viola;
 Lance Graham; Lena Marion; Rachael Lome; Lugene Carolyn; Sue Elisabeth;
 Henry Lafayette; Mildre Rivers; James Marion, Jr."


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