Oak Grove Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.



Contributed by Heather English, 7 Jul 2004

Location: At Wallace, take Hwy 177 towards Hamlet; left on Hwy 203.

Gaynell English Coates 04/06/1955 01/19/1992      
Billy Ray (Cotton) English 08/01/1951 06/18/1989      
David Lacy English 10/07/1915 10/24/1992      
Dewey Leroy English 08/18/1931 10/30/1990      
Dewey Ray English 11/13/1908 05/18/1993      
Eli C. English 11/17/1917 09/02/1974      
Ethel Smith English 09/12/1909 06/30/2000   Wife of Dewey Ray English  
Ethelrine J. English 08/13/1923     Wife of David Lacy English  
James Hurley English 09/01/1921 04/18/1988      
Julia Griggs English 11/01/1931     Wife of Dewey Leroy English  
Julia Hatcher English 10/01/1916 02/09/1969   Wife of Woodrow W. English  
Leora D. English 06/28/1916 04/28/1977      
Lottie M. English 10/30/1906 01/31/1990   Z.V. English  
Mary I. English 04/28/1930       Myrtle L, Robert L, and Mary I. English have one headstone
Myrtle L. English 10/18/1927 02/03/1986     Myrtle L, Robert L, and Mary I. English have one headstone
Reatha Brock English 08/30/1944 04/02/2003   Wife of Tommy English  
Robert L English 01/30/1926 08/21/2003     Myrtle L, Robert L, and Mary I. English have one headstone
Tommy English 03/04/1936        
Woodrow W. English 03/09/1913        
Z.V. English 09/12/1899 11/04/1985      
Annie Bell Shaw 07/04/1920     Wife of James Hurley English  

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