Parnassus Church Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


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LOCATION: Take Hwy. 38 toward Brownsville, turn right at S35-433; right on S35-326, cemetery is in front of the church.

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Mrs. M. A. Medlin, June 4, 1820; Mar. 21, 1887
Clarence A. Donaldson, Jan 17, 1884; July 26, 1936 (Masonic Emblem)
Nathaniel Spears, came from England 1750, married Lydia Wise of Va., Lived and died in this vicinity. His grandson, James Spears, sleeps here. A grand daughter reverently erects this stone in memory of the ancestral pair, 1895.
Major D. McD. McLeod, Dec. 18, 1823, wounded at Gettysburg July 2, died July 4, 1863
[ See obituary--vp ]
s. John Kemper McLeod, July 5, 1861; Nov 21, 1889
Barnabas Henegan, 1750; 1826
w. Catherine Elizabeth COVINGTON Henegan (no dates)
w. Lucretia ______ (no dates)
s. Darby Henegan, 1774; 1820
s. of Darby Henegan, Ephriam L. Henegan (no dates)
w. of Ephriam L., Ann Nancy McINNIS Henegan, Mar. 22, 1801; Jan 10, 1884
s. John Williford Henegan, Nov. 22, 1822; Apr. 22, 1865; Col. 8th S.C. Regt., died prisoner of war Johnson Island, Ohio, S.C. Vol.
Samuel Coxe, S.C. Troops, Revolutionary War (no dates)
Mose P. Gallaway, June 1, 1834; Oct. 2, 1895

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