Prevatts Chapel Wesleyan Church Cemetery

Marlboro County, S.C.


© John Wilson and daughter Sara Wilson, 2000

Contributed by John Wilson and daughter Sara Wilson, January 2000

NOTE: At one time this cemetery was called Line Mission Church

This cemetery is located in Marlboro County, SC. It is eight-tenths of a mile from the South Carolina and North Carolina state line on highway #38 in Marlboro Co., SC. Is 7 miles from Hamlet, NC.

Grant:  James L.  b. 7-7-1920 
        Nellie Q.  b. 12-28-1919  d. 3-28-1992

Grant:  Malone L.  b. 5-26-1896  d. 5-6-1975
        Mary M.  b. 3-26-1896  d. 5-16-1983

Henson:  Albert  b. 3-20-1920 
         Fayvette  b. 7-21-1923  d. 7-14-1990 
Grant:  Christopher Dewaine  b. 6-22-1973  d.7-4-1973  
	son of Lloyd and Judith Grant

Grant:  Debra Mae  b. 11-4-1955
	also has a foot stone that reads, D M G
Robinson:  Lee  b. 6-27-1935  d. 4-30-1969
           In Loving Memory

English:  Annie  1900-1965  (This is an old metal funeral home marker)

Old metal funeral home marker that is unreadable

Odom:  Colin Everette, Jr.  b.11-17-1920 d.5-14-1986  son of Everette
Odom, Sr. and       Lulu Prince Patterson  
       Stacy Lee Steen:  b. 11-22-1923 the daughter of Lena Steen and
John Guinn
The back of this double stone lists their children.

James Robert              Eugene Clifton
Catherine Louise         Charles Everette
William Corbet             Margaret Elizabeth
Judy Lynn                    Curtiss Leon
John Wayne                Stacy Marie

Odom:  James Robert  1953-1982

Odom:  William C. b. 9-12-1950  d.11-24-1968

Odom:  Charles E.  b. 8-23-1944  d. 12-24-1963

Odom:  Judy Lynn  b. 7-3-1958  d. 9-23-1959

Quick: Shellie S.  b. 10-9-1903  d.10-11-1986

Quick:  Hilton  b. 6-11-1928  d. 5-30-1939
     also has a foot stone marker

Brigman:  Mitchell Allen, Jr.  b. & d. 7-10-1991

Steen:  Arthur  b. 8-21-1935  d. 9-6-1991
        also has a foot stone reads  A S

Robinson:  Cathy Renee  b.9-12-1983  d.9-24-1983  "Our Little Angel"

Robinson:  Brandi Aaron  7-1-1995  
           We Love You, Mom and Dad

Robinson:  Kenneth Earl  b.12-5-1990 d.2-21-1991 
           We Love You Baby, Mom and Dad 

Robinson:  Earl H.  b. 5-27-1905  d. 10-24-1976
           Theo S.  b. 1-3-1908  d. 12-2-1989 
           Theo has a footstone marker that reads Mother

Robson:  Mandy Steen  b.4-5-1916 d.4-22-1995

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