Marlboro County
1880 Census Records




Please note that this index, which includes approximately 2,204 listings, contains the names for all Marlboro heads of household in 1880 who were listed as "W" (White) but does not list our ancestors who may have been listed as "B" (Black) or "M" (Mulatto). It is in no way offered as an official index by either the contributor or Marlboro County SCGenWeb. It is the personal workfile of Toni Allen who is generously sharing her many hours of research with us.

Toni notes:
When I couldn't make out the entire last or first name I entered a question mark (???) When I couldn't make out all of the letters I entered Ac****, Julia with the "stars" replacing the unknown letters.
If I entered a name but wasn't sure of it I tried to space twice after the first name and typed in a question mark (?)
I tried to pick up different surnames in households ... If the family was Adams and there was someone named Jones, I added them, otherwise it is head of household only.

If you can help with some of the incomplete entries, please let Toni know.



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