Marlboro County, SC


by Victoria Proctor, 2001

Bethlehem Methodist Church is located in southeast Marlboro County, near Sanders Cross Roads and not far from the Dillon County (Old Upper Marion County) border. The Rev. Nicholas Ware, a Methodist minister who preached in the Brownsville area, is known to have tended the congregation at Bethlehem.

J.A.W. Thomas, in his "History of Marlboro County" (1897) offers the following, and disappointingly brief, information about Bethlehem Methodist Church:

"The history of Bethlehem M.E. church, in the extreme southern part of the county, is similar to that of other churches. They began with a log house. The date of organization is not known; but it is well known that our fathers attended a camp-meeting held there in their youth and that would make Bethlehem one of the old churches. They have had at least three houses of worship. The present house was built by H.G. Lucas about 1858 or 1859."

The following newspaper extract was transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, July 2001.

"Pastors and Church Members of Long  Ago"

Bethlehem  Church Members, taken from The Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC
 19 September, 1935 issue

Male Members

Nicholas Ware, L.E.
N. S. Rogers
William Taylor
John Nelson
Nathan Whittington
B.B. Rogers
Steven Grice
Daniel McInnis
Frederick Proctor
Jesse Proctor
Samuel Proctor
Aaron Proctor
John Proctor
Charles Proctor
Robert Grice
S. Emanuel
John Perritt
John Meggs
James Johnson
Daniel Driggers
Thomas Gray
William Meggs
Samuel Hale
John Grice
Thomas Grice
Evander Bridgeman
Benjamin Pippin
James Hayes
William Carmichael
Thomas W. Rogers

Female Members

E. M. Ware
Catherine Cherry
Maria Emanuel
Margaret McRae
Ann S. Rogers
Eliza Allison
June Moody
Elizabeth Bethea, Sr.
Elizabeth Bethea, Jr.
Margaret Draugham
Elizabeth Harris
Margaret Harris
Julia Harris
Ann McInnis
Margaret Grice
Margaret A. Grice
Jane McRae
Frances Peppin
Celia Meggs
Nancy Grice
Elizabeth Kilpatrick
Irena Bridgeman
Margaret Rogers
Sarah Hartley
Christian McCall
Jemina Proctor
Ann Hayes
Elizabeth J. Meggs
Ann Meggs
Loretta Whittington
Elizabeth Hale
Deborah Rogers
Sara Grice
Eliza Dunford
Telatha Driggers
Mary Grice
Barbara Summerfield
Sarah Rogers
Margaret Driggers
Martha Driggers
Damaria Hale
Martha A. Hunt
Lucinda Johnson
Sara Johnson 
Catherine Bethea

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