Marlboro County, SC

Organized 1789
Marlboro County, South Carolina

by Victoria Proctor, 2006

Church sign and graveyard The Brownsville Baptist Church can trace its origins back to the Welsh Neck Church, established in 1738. The Cashaway Church at Cashua Ferry (1757 - 1788), a branch of the old Welsh Neck Church, was, however, the first "Brownsville Baptist" congregation.

In 1788 the Cashaway (Cashua) Baptist Church congregation purchased land at Cleveland Hill, 2 miles southwest of its present location, from the Rev. John Brown. The congregation was independently constituted in 1789 and named "Muddy Creek Baptist". Sometime in 1829 the church was renamed "Brownsville Baptist" but remained at Cleveland Hill until 1860, at which time it moved to its present location.

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