Marlboro County, SC

"Pastors and Church Members of Long Ago"

The following newspaper extract was transcribed and contributed by Helen Moody, July 2001.

"Pastors and Church Members of Long Ago"
Parnassus (Blenheim)
September 12, 1935 issue of The Dillon Herald, Dillon, SC


W. R. Smith, L. E.
D. Matheson, C.L.
J. Galloway, C. L.
James Spears
John S. McRae
Thomas R. Barnett
W. Pearson
Thomas Pearson
Jobesh W. Townsend
Samuel Townsend
Light Townsend
Asa J. Chadwick
Thomas Chadwick
James Barnett
John Townsend
William Brown
B. K. Henagan
John Cain
Henry DeBerry
John Bridges

Female Members

Lydia Spears
Deborah Spears
Ann Stubbs
Elizabeth J. Townsend
M. E. Spears
Margaret Spears
Ann Cox
Fereba Kinney
Elizabeth Townsend
Kezia Townsend
Ann Townsend
Ann C Townsend
Sarah Townsend
Mary Ann Townsend
Clarissa Barnett
Mary Barnett
Rebecca Galloway
Sara Pearson
Mary Pearson
Martha Pearson
Ann Medlin
Eliza Griffin
Annis Pearson
Elizabeth Pearson
Elizabeth Hasken
Margaret A. Hasken
Susan Brown
Mary Henagan
Lucecia Miles
R. A. Levingston
Charity Wilkins
Harriet Wilkins
Charlotte Wilkins 
Mary Gray
Mary Ann Gray
Eliza Ann Gray
Sarah DeBerry
Elizabeth Bridges
Mary McRae
Mary Ann McRae
Margaret McRae
Christian Bristow
Sarah McKay
Catherine McLeod
May McLeod
Isabella McLeod
Elizabeth Smith
Isabella A Boddiford
Sarah Beasley
Mary Weatherly
Elizabeth John
Lydia McColl
May John, Sen.
May John, Jr.
Nancy Chadwick
Elizabeth Huggins
Sarah McAllister

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