Marlboro County, SC

Marlboro County, South Carolina

by Victoria Proctor, 2001

Prior to the establishment of Parnassus Methodist Church in 1835, Methodists in the Parnassus community worshipped at Mossy Bay. When the first Parnassas church was built in 1835, however, the memberships of Mossy Bay and "McLeod's" churches united and created the new organization.

According to J.A.W. Thomas in his "History of Marlboro County", the first church was built by John Sinclair, and the dedicatory sermon was given by Rev. Nicholas Ware, a local preacher who lived in the Brownsville neighborhood and preached in the lower section of Marlborough county. Mr. Thomas states that some of the prominent members and attendants at old Parnassus were: Thomas Barnett, James Galloway, John L. McRae, Thomas Kinney, Daniel John, James Spears and W.R. Smith (a local Methodist preacher).

Additional information contributed by Joanne Harley, July 2001:

...the present church was back in the middle of the present cemetery which was small and by 1914, more space was badly needed. Instead of starting a new church, the existing one was moved directly across the road to its present position and the old cemetery was extended. The back of the church before it was moved is now the front. Rev. J.S. Beasley was the pastor at this time.

The present church building was built by Mr. H.G. Lucas on 1 1/2 acres of land adjoining to and north of the lot on which the old church stood and west of the public road leading to Bennettsville. The land was purchased from William B. Lee for $5.00 on December 2, 1861. Mr. Lee reserved the right to scrape up leaves and surface earth thereon for himself and his heirs. (all of this information is in a typewritten 'history' of the church given me by an elderly lady who is keeping up with the records and with whom we met this past Saturday. One last note. The church was originally clapboard, but is now bricked up, which was done either 1981-82.

Thank you, Joanne!

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