Marlboro County, SC

Established c. 1738

Part Two

                                AN ABSTRACT OF THE
                                SOCIETY HILL, S.C.

                               Glenn Pearson, May 2000

1737	In the year 1737 a party of Immigrants from the
	Welch Tract In the State of Delaware removed to
	Pee Dee River, South Carolina which place the
	designated the Welch-Neck, in remembrance of
	their former residence.

The following are the names of the Individuals who composed 
this party which was embodied into a church, viz:

Philip James and his wife	Abel James and his wife
Daniel James and his wife    	Daniel Devonald and his wife
Thomas Evans and his wife	    Thomas Evans, Jr. and his	wife	
John Jones and his wife      Thomas Harry & wife
David Harry and his wife     John Harry & wife
Samuel Wilds and his wife	    Samuel Evans and his wife
Griffith Jones and his wife  David Jones and his wife
Thomas Jones and his wife

1743	Philip James, son of James James Esq., was first
Pastor of this church. He was ordained 1743, and died 1753.
Revd. John Brown succeeded Mr. James, but continued for a short 
time when Revd. Joshua Edwards was called. He served 6 years. Mr. 
Edwards was succeeded by the Rev. Robert Williams. With this we 
have some account of the transactions of the church. The records 
previously have been lost.

1759	In 1759, March 12, a list of the members was
	taken which is as follows:

	1.	Philip Douglass	(Died Octr 17th 1770)
	2.	Elizabeth Hames	Mrs. Philip J.
	3.	Hannah Evans
	4.	Martha Rogers
	5.	Wm Ferrel &
	6.	Anne his wife	April 2nd 1743
	7.	Barbarry Monachon	(died June 28th 1761)
	8.	Samuel Wilds
	9.	John Evans
	10.	Thomas Evans	(died Janry 28th 1785)
	11.	Daniel Monochon	( "	April 30th "   )
	12.	Sarah James
	13.	Sarah Bowdy
	14.	Elizabeth Wilds
	15.	William James
	16.	Griffith John	(died Aug. 10, 1765)
	17.	Abel Evans	( "	June 4th  "  )
	18.	Philip Evans	(died 5th Decr. 1771)
	19.	Margaret John
        20.	James James	(Novr. 21st 1769 died)
        21.	William Jones	(died July 2nd,)
        22.	John Perkins	(dismissed 1778)
        23.	David Evans
        24.	Volentine Hollingsworth	(died Augt 6th)
        25.	Elizabeth Powers	(died Oct 1st)
        26.	Sarah McDaniel	(died May 12th 1744)
        27.	Eleanor Harry	(died April 20th 1745)
	(now Jones)
        28.	Abel Wilds	(died 15th May 1781)
        29.	Samuel Evans
        30.	Mary Jones	(died Decr. 1751)
        31.	Sarah James
        32.		Jones	(died Decr. 30th 1764)
	(now McIntosh)
        33.	Martha Roach
	(now Evans)
        34.	James Harry	dismissed to Cashaway)
        35.	Hannah Howe]	(died Decr 24th 1761)
        36.	Alice Lewis
        37.	William	(died Octr. 1751)
        38.	Samuel Reredon
        39.	Edward Jones
        40.	Jenkyn David
        41.	Eleanor Evans	(died Febry. 16th 1765)
        42.	Margaret Evans
        43.	Anne Jones	(Died. Apr. 12th 1766)
	(now Douglass)
        44.	Sarah James
        45.	Mary
        46.	Howel James
        47.	John Sutton
        48.	Mary Plethro	(Died Febry. 21st 1766)
        49.	Jacob D'Surrency
        50.	Mary Cleary
        51.	Sarah James
        52.	Thomas James
        53.	Walter Downes
        54.	Rachel Downes
        55.	Sarah Booth
	(now Wilds)
        56.	Jane Poland	(died Novr. 30th 1760)
        57.	Naomi Harry
	(now Underwood)
        58.	Mary Edwards
        59.	Mary Wilds
        60.	Elizabeth Evans
        61.	James Rogers
        62.	Joshua Edwards
        63.	Charity Edwards
        64.	Thomas Edwards
        65.	Sarah Edwards
        66.	Anne Roblyn

(N.B.	There were several other names to this list, but so
entirely defaced, that they could not be deciphered.]

1759    As Mr. Williams could not give proper attendance
        to his office, the Church unanimously presented a
        call to the Revd. Mr. Nicholas Bedgegood of
        Charleston (Charles Town?] to minister to
        them... for the term of one year- which 
        he accepted.

April	Samuel Reredon suspended for obscene
5th	conversation, applied to be restored	suspension
        was continued. Revd. Mr. John Brown & Sarah his
        wife was dismissed to Cashaway Church by Letter....

July	William James Baptized 	Jacob D'Surrency was
1st	suspended for absenting himself from public
	worship. Walton Downs was suspended having
        behaved in a very disorderly manner ... 
        found guilty of not filling his place in the
        Church ... drinking to excess....

August	David Henry Senr died.
	The Rev.d Mr. Williams applied for liberty to absent himself from 
the Lord's Table and Church Meetings which Church thought would 
be irregular to grant ... that he charges them [the Church] with 
such crimes as to prevent his Communion, two messengers were sent 
to desire him to appear at the next monthly meeting ... They also 
sent to recall their Letter of Dismiss ion granted him 

Sept.	Mr. Williams not appearing as desired, nor having
2nd 	returned, and refusing to return the Dismissory
	Letter, Messengers were again sent for the purpose
	above. A Letter was ordered to be sent to John
	Perkins to advise him to apply for a Letter of
	Dismission; living at a distance from us and
	Convenient to another Church.

19th	Departed this Life, John Jones.

Oct.	Robert Lloyd and John Booth were baptized and
6th	admitted to full communion. The Church being informed by two 
	credible witnesses, that Rev.d Mr. Williams disowns himself a 
	member, and says that it is not a Church of Christ ... It was 
	agreed to send him a Letter of Admonition In the spirit of 
	meekness. Three messengers were appointed to go to the 
	Association to meet in Charlestown November 12th. It was 
	determined by the Church, that if any member travels up or down 
	the river on a Sabbath-day without an absolute necessity (of 
	which the Church shall be Judge) such member shall be censured.

14th	Sarah Killingsworth died.

15th	Nicholas Rogers died.

4th	James Finley died.

5th	The Messengers, which were sent to Mr. Williams, having informed 
	the Church that he refused to read their Letter, and that he cast 
	the greatest contempt upon their message, they concluded to
	send him another Letter of Admonition.

	A Letter of Admonition was sent to Jacob D'Surrency under 
2nd	Mr. Williams, refusing to receive the Letter sent
	him by the Church a 2nd time, and professedly
	disowning the Church's Authority, he was suspended.

	John Booth ... suspended, for publicly quarreling,
	with his Neighbor and using profane language.

8th	Rachel David, wife of Jenkyn David baptized.

	The Church gave Mr. Bedgegood a call to the
	pastoral care of them, which he accepted...

	Also admitted a member by Letter from Charlestown

26th	Volentine Hollingsworth departed this life.

5th	James James-suspended for beating his neighbor.
	Anne Williams absenting herself from her place in
	the Church, two messengers were sent to ask her
	reasons for it.

1st	The Messengers that were sent to Anne Williams. she slights the 
	Message, and reproached the Church.

	Two persons were appointed to admonish her and exhort her to 

	Mr. Williams remains obstinate.

	Philip Douglass ordered to be publicly suspended for drinking to 

	William James ordered to be publicly suspended for the same
5th	Mr. Williams still behaving in contempt of the Church was 

	An enquiry was directed to be made why Eleanor, the wife of Abel 
	Evans, doth not live with her husband.

	A letter to be sent to Mr. Wm. Rowel and his wife, living at the 
	Congarees, directing them to apply for a Letter of Dismission.

2nd	Church Covenant adopted.

	Thomas Jones was baptized ... John Booth made an application to 
	be restored

6	Philip Douglas appeared before the Church and acknowledged the 
	greatness of his sin. He was 	then received to enjoy his 
	privileges as a member 	but continued suspended from his office as 
	a deacon.

1st	William Killingsworth died.

7th	A messenger was sent to Mr. Williams and wife to advise them to 
	consider their case, and repent of their sins, and that otherwise 
	it was concluded by the Church to cut them off from all communion 
	and fellowship.

4th	Mr. Williams and his wife being regardless of 	the Church's 
admonition sent as above, the 	Church ordered them to be ejected 
and this was done on Sabbath January 5th following.

Jan.      Hannah Evans died.

Jan.      William James, Esqr. and Martha Rogers died.

Jan.      Sarah James, wife of Wm. James, Esq. died.

Janry     Daniel Monahon died.

	James James who was suspended Apr. 5th, 1760 was this day 
	restored to his place.

	A messenger was sent to Jane Poland on account of her absenting 
	herself from public worship; and for selling liquor at a horse 
	race; to desire her appearance before the Church.

Febry	Elizabeth Wilds died.

4th	Jane Poland appeared and acknowledged before the Church the
	Crimes laid to her charge, but 	no sufficient marks of repentance          
	appearing, she was suspended from communion.
	John Booth, giving the Church farther satisfaction as to his 
	repentance, is to take 	his place tomorrow, upon a public 
	acknowledgement of his humiliation for his crimes.

          Martha Martin was received upon examination 	and a good character       
	given her by the minister of the church to which she belonged.

          Elisha James was baptized 

A messenger was sent to Jacob D'Surrency under suspension, to 
admonish him, that unless he satisfied the Church, as to his 
repentance for crimes ... he is to be excommunicated on the 
Sabbath next after monthly meeting In June next.

It was concluded upon by the unanimous voice of the Church that 
all those who were educated In the belief of Infant Baptism by 
sprinkling ... who shall nevertheless satisfy the Church as to 
their real conversion, shall be admitted to sit down with us at 
the Lord's Table upon their signing such a covenant as shall be 
thought proper by the Church....

May 2nd
Alexander McIntosh and Roderick McIver, members of the Church of 
Scotland were upon their confession of faith...and upon signing a 
covenant, admitted to the Lord's Table.

Philip Howel having been guilty of speaking reproachfully of one 
of the members in a public place, and using very rash and 
unbecoming speeches ... and being suspected of having drank to 
excess at a public tavern, he was ... suspended on Sabbath May 

6th 	Some circumstances appearing in favour of Jacob D'Surrency ...his 
excommunication being deferred.

	James Harry having been accused of being disguised with liquor 
was suspended.

June      Barbara Monaghon died.

July 4
Whereas the Church found it impossible to maintain Communion at 
the Lord's Table with Christians of other denominations without 
causing great divisions ... In order to prevent such dreadful 
consequences to desist from It.

Jacob D'Surrency made confession of some of his faults ... 
desiring the Church to suspend her [sic] excommunication.... His 
request granted--but remained under suspension.

Elizabeth Simonson (formerly James) was suspended upon suspicion 
of her having ... very abusive language.


Elizabeth Simonson's case having been examined. her suspension 
was taken off.

James Harry made humble acknowledgements of his sin ... was again 
received to communion.

Joshua Edwards, having been guilty of drinking to excess and in 
an illegal manner taking some negroes ... is publicly suspended.

Robert Edwards residing at Cape Fear made application for a 
Letter of Dismission ... granted...

James Harry, Mary Harry, and Elizabeth Wilds (the wife of George) 
having their residence near the Church at Cashaway, requested a 
Letter of Dismission...granted.

Abel Edwards was received into full Communion with us by Letter 
from Cashaway.

	William Thomas and his wife & John Bowen were received to full 
Communion by Letters from the Church at Cashaway

Sent a Letter and Messenger to the Association.

	Hannah Howel died.

	Mr. Williams (under excommunication) having 	made application to 
the Association in 	Charleston, the Church received a Letter of 
Advice relative to his affair; and advised 	that they should 
receive a Letter of Acknowledgment, made and signed before the 
Association, as a sufficient satisfaction, and that 	thereupon he 
should be restored.

	The	 letter from Mr. Williams together with the circumstances of 
his affair, were	 considered and a Letter sent him in answer 
signifying that upon his declaring himself	 free to commune with 
the Church, 	which is looked upon as a necessary sign of his 
repentance, he should be restored again 	to his place. 

	David Evans and Martha Evans having been convicted of criminal 
conversation before marriage were suspended in the public 
Congregation till 	a proper repentance be manifested; on Sabbath, 
January 3rd.

	A Messenger was sent to Jacob DeSurrency, to 	desire his 
appearance before the Church, that 	an enquiry might be made into 
his late con	duct at a Horse-Race, it having been reported that he 
had drank to excess.

	As Mr. Williams refuses to comply with the 	Terms proposed, he 
continues excommunicated.

	Another messenger was sent to Jacob DeSurrency, who has since the 
above, been accused of drinking to excess.

	A messenger was sent to Phillip Howel and one to Walter Downes 
under messengers of care.

Sarah Hicks was received to Union and Communion by Letter from 
Cashaway Church.

	Phillip Howel having lately conducted him	self unworthy at a 
public sale, and not 	having received the last message, was sent 
to that he might be admonished for his faults.

	A messenger of care was sent to William James under suspension.

	Another messenger was sent to Jacob DeSurrency.

	Another messenger to David Evans to ad	monish him for his late 
disorderly conduct 	having drank to excess & attempted to dance in 
public company.

	Another messenger was sent to Martha Evans, as a 	messenger of 

May 1st
	George Hicks and Mary White were baptized.

Martha Evans, having appeared and acknowledged her fault before 
the Church and given her satisfaction as to her repentance, it 
was concluded that she should be admitted to Communion.

Jacob DeSurrency was again sent to.

	William James professing repentance was re	stored to the 

	Under many considerations it was concluded 	that Church Business 
should be transacted on 	the Saturday before monthly meeting. 

George Hicks and Mary White, baptized May 1st, 	received the Right 
Hand of Fellowship.

1st	Mary Hicks was baptized 31st July.

Tabitha James was baptized.

	A Complaint having been made against William 	Jones for excess in 
drinking he was privately 	suspended till further enquiry be made 
about it.

	A messenger was 	sent to James Poland, under suspension for some 

A Messenger was sent to Griffith John for non-attendance on God's 

	Lydia Eustice was baptized. 	

	Elizabeth Counsel examined (was formerly baptized In No Ca) and 

	Martha Faox received by Letter of Dismission 	from Catfish

	David Evans making acknowledgment of his 	crime before the 
Congregation was restored to Communion.

	William Jones publicly suspended for drinking 	to excess.

	Susannah Young was baptized.

	Elizabeth Simonson privately suspended, upon 	an apprehension that 
she lives in willful separation from her husband.
	The suspended members were sent to by a 	messenger of care.

	Robert Hicks was baptized.

	Mr. William James, being guilty of drunkenness 	and some other 
misbehaviour, all of which he 	confessed before the Church, for 
which the 	Church concluded to suspend him publicly which was done 
2nd Septr 1764.

	Mr. William Jones was restored to his place 	publicly 2nd Septr 

	Elizabeth Simonson was restored to her place.

	Mrs. Mary White died.

	Mrs. Jane McIntosh died.

	Concluded by the Church that public suspension is not to
	be practiced in this Church. (12th) died Robt. Hicks
	15th) Mrs. Eleana Evans died.

	Mr. William Thomas is suspended for the sin of 	drunkenness. 

	Mrs. Poland who had been suspended, was 	this day restored to her 

	The Revd. Mr. Bedgegood, having sent for a Letter of Dis-
	mission, is this day dismissed from this Church, to the
	Church in Charleston of the same faith and order.

	Miss Hannah Sutton was baptized by the Revd. Mr. Oliver

	Mr.	Pugh was appointed to write a letter to Mr. Philip
	Howel to come to the Church.	 Also to go to Mr. Joshua
	Edwards and to Mr. William Thomas to admonish them.
	(March 9th died Mr. John Booth.

	Mr.	Joshua Edwards appeared, declared his sorrow for his
	Being 	in drink, and that he had grieved the Members of
	the Church; was received into his place.

6th	Mr. William Thomas came to the Church, and manifested
	repentance for his sin; and was restored to his place in
	the Church.

	A Call was signed for the Revd. Mr. Hart in Charleston
	to come and be the minister of this place. Died
	Griffith John.

	Messengers were appointed by the Church to several persons,
	Abel Wilds to Jacob D'Surrency, also to William James
	under suspension. Samuel Wilds to Mrs. Cox, who we hear
	has acted amiss to Philip Howel. Mr. Pugh, Thomas Evans
	& Samuel Evans to Mrs. Martin, and David Evans to
	admonish them, to be reconciled to each other. (which
	was done)

	Concluded by the Church that David Evans must come and
	declare his Innocency before the Church, in relation to
	a bad report, about him, that has become public. 

	Mr. Pugh is appointed a messenger to the Association.

	A full answer was received from the Revd. Mr. Hart,
	declining to accept the Call of the Church.
	Mrs. Cox 	appeared was examined, and acquitted by the Church.

	The Revd. Mr. Pugh having received a Call to take charge
	of this Church as a Minister accepts it, and becomes its

	Mrs. Mary Prethro died.

	Mrs. Anne Douglass died.

	David Baldy and Sarah his wife were received members of
	the Church, by Letter from Catfish Church.

	William 	Thomas and Mary his wife were dismissed to any Church of 
the same faith and order by Letter.

	Resolved that Philip Howell & William James ex	communicated.

	The Church concluded to send to the Association. The
	Revd. Mr. Pugh appointed Messenger.

	The Revd. Mr. Bedgegood dismissed to any Church of the same faith 
and order --------- A copy of his Dismission.

	"The Church of Christ, in the Welch Neck on Pee Dee
baptized upon a profession of faith; holding the 
doctrines of Grace &c.

	To any whom it may concern. These are certify, that the 
Revd. Mr. Nicholas Bedgegood has been a member with us 
for the space of six years and eight months; 	that he 
was our minister four years and better; and that he is 
now a member In full communion.... Given at our Church 
Meeting October 4th, 1766."

	Whereas Philip Howel & William James have for a long
	time past, been suspended from the Communion of this
Church--they still persisting in a course of life, contrary to 
the rules of the Gospel, and of this Church, 	not with standing 
all necessary and gospel methods have 	been made use of to reclaim 
them; therefore the Church 	have thought it proper and necessary 
to cut them off 	from this Body. Pursuant to this conclusion, we 
now make it known to all, that they are no longer members of this 
	Body. May the Lord grant that this ordinance may be the means to 
bring them to a sense of their evil ways 	and to a timely 
repentance and to stir-up each of us to 	watch and be sober lest 
we enter into temptation.

	Philip Douglass died.

	Another Letter of Dismission for Mr. Bedgegood is this
	day signed by the members.

	The Church having been long in a declining state, Brother
	Abel Wilds desired the opinion of the Church as to what
	they thought the cause of such declension was. Upon con-
	sideration, it was the unanimous opinion that it was owing to the 
general dislike of Mr. Pugh.

	This being the opinion of the Church, it was then moved
	that it might be considered, whether it would be most for
	the glory of God for Mr. Pugh to continue our Minister, or to 
remove to some other place.

	But as this was a matter of consequence it was thought
	advisable to consider it with deliberation.

	Therefore the 	Church agreed to give each their opinion, and to 
desire Mr. Pugh to do the same on next Saturday. The Church met 
according to the above appointment, and 	unanimously thought it 
most conducive to the Honor of God in the welfare of the Church 
for Mr. Pugh to remove. He acquiesced in their, opinion and 
received a Recommendatory Letter.

	The Church presented a Call to the Revd. Mr. Bedgegood,
	then minister to a people on James Island, which call
	Mr. Bedgegood accepted.

	Mr. Bedgegood returned to us, and preached his first sermon from 
Colossians 3.11. 'Christ is all In all.'

	Messengers of care were sent to several members.

	Very agreeable answers were returned from the above persons.

	It was determined by a majority of voices that the Lord's
	Supper should be administered once in two months.

	Agnes McLemore presented a Letter of Dismission to us
	the Church at Catfish.

	Mr. McLemore admitted; further business postponed 
	to this day fortnight.

	A Letter was signed and sent to the Association.
	James Rogers dismissed.
	Complaint was made against Martha Martin for defaming one
	of the Members; and a Messenger (Walter Downes) was sent
	to desire 	her to desist from so evil a practice; and to
	answer to	 the complaint at our Meeting on January next.

	Recd. & read the Minutes & Letter from the Association.

	John Abram, Esqr. recd. as a member by Letter from Catfish 

	Mrs. Martin's case postponed.

l6 th
	A special Meeting- A complaint was made against Walter
	Downes for, having told untrue and mischievous stories.
	He was suspended till farther enquiry. 
	David Evans suspended for drinking to excess.
	A difference subsisting between James James and Thomas
Jones. They referred the affair to the Church, who appointed 
three members to arbitrate it viz: Thomas James,	 Howel James, & 
Thomas Evans.

	This Day Mrs. Daniel Devonalds signed a Deed to Gift of
	Two Acres of Land whereon the Church is now situated.

	John Sutton and Abel Edwards were appointed Trustees with
	power to appoint others; any three of whom may appoint
	others upon the departure of the rest.

1st	Brown was received a member by letter from a 	Church in North 
Carolina. Anne Rollyn died.

	Walter Downes continues under suspension. 
	Messengers were sent 	to Mrs. Clay, and Mrs. Charity Edwards on 
	account of their absence from public worship.

Messengers were sent to Sarah Baldy and Walter Downes. 

The Church, in consideration of the gloomy appearance of religion 
in general, and that of our nation and colonies; appointed next 
Saturday as a day of fasting and prayer.

	Baldy appeared, and gave satisfaction as to her conduct.
	It was unanimously agreed that it is expedient to have
	The Lord's Supper administered in a Meeting of the Church only
with the admission of such serious persons only who particularly 
desire to see it.
	It was thought expedient that the deacons should be set
A part by solemn prayer and Imposition of Hands and Saturday the 
1st of December was appointed for that purpose.

	The Revd. Mr. Nicholas Bedgegood died near fifteen years
	after his first call to this place; and almost seven
years after his return, from which time he ministered here till 
his death. He was regarded a good scholar, and a sound divine; an 
eloquent preacher and a polite gentle by man; and well beloved by 
his acquaintance; yet not with standing all his abilities and 
endowments, he was never very successful, especially in the 
latter part of his life: none being baptized after his return.

	At a Church Meeting Thomas Shirley with his wife Martha
	Shirley, and Anne Heustess, gave in their experiences,
	were received by the Church, and baptized by Mr. Pugh,
	Minister at Cashaway.

	William Edwards, Junr. with Catharine Edwards his wife
	and Elizabeth Evans, were received by the Church, and
	baptized by Mr. Pugh.
	At a Church Meeting, John David, John Pledger, Thomas
	Harry and Sarah Edwards were received by the Church, and
	baptized by Revd. Mr. Phillip Mielkey.
	At a Church Meeting- David Roach and John Evans, Junr.
	were received after baptism, which was administered by
	the Revd. Mr. Pugh.
	At a Church Meeting Machey McKnott, Josiah Evans, John
	Wilds, William Terrel, Junr, Dinah McKnott, Anne Jones,
	and Mary Evans were received into fellowship. Baptized
	by Mr. Pugh.
	The above contains an account of the members added to the
	Church from the death of the Revd. Nicholas Bedgegood, to
	the settlement of his successor, the Revd. Elhanan

A List of the members of the Church 1775-1778-

1.	Elhanan Winchester, Pastor	98. Mary Hudson
2.	John Edwards	99. Peggy Darby
3.	Abel Edwards	100. Tibatha Williamson
4.	Aaron Pearson	101.
5.	Magnus Cargill	102. Elizabeth Luke
6.	Moses Pearson	103. Martha McNott
7.	Joseph Luke	104. Charity Hurd
8.	William Long	105. Elizabeth Hodges
9.	John Williams	106. Sarah Pledger
10.	William Jones	107. Sarah Downs
11.	John Hughes	108. Ann Peggy Ayer
12.	Obadiah Hudson	109. Feribe Lang
13.	Amos Pilgrim	110. Elizabeth Lide
14.	William Mason	111. Deborah Geer
15,	Daniel Sparks	112. Elizabeth Hicks
16.	Gressete Johnson	113. Martha Pearce (now 
17.	Abel Evans	114. Elizabeth Sutton
18.	Benjamin James	115. Elizabeth Thomas
19.	Walter Downes	116. Anne Lowther
20.	Charles Lowther	117. Martha Lampley
21.	Josiah Pearce	118. Hannah Kimbrough
22.	Sampson Thomas	119. Sarah Steward
23.	Daniel McDaniel	120. Sarah Evans
24.	Robert White	121. Catharine Ross
25.	John Stinson	122. Sarah Stubbs
26.	Welcome Hodges	123. Sarah Waldon
27.	Gideon Parish	124, Sarah James
28.	John Downs	125. Elizabeth Counsel
29.	William Hewson	126. Agnes Creele
30.	John Stevens	127. Elizabeth Pledger
31.	Joseph Mason	128. Mary Cooper
32.	William James	129. Mary Walsh
33.	Matthew Griffith	130. Elizabeth Walsh
34.	Enoch Evans, Junr.	131. Anne Stevens
35.	William Cherry	132. Mary Evans
36.	Alexander Walden	133. Zilphah Walsh
37.	Joseph Pledger	134. Lydia Howel
38.	John Chambliss	135. Martha Wilson
39.	Hall Hudson	136. Mary Wilds
40.	Abel Kolb	137. Sarah Pearson
41.	Jeremiah Brown	138. Sarah Leck
42.	Matthew Hewstess	139. Rhoda Booth
43.	John Hewstess	140. Mary Cox
44.	William Heustess	141. Mary Pearce (now Thomas)
45.	James Heustess	142. Nancy Williamson
46.	Thomas Ayer	143. Susannah Bingham
47.	Henry Sparks	144. Elizabeth Hewson
48.	Burrell Huggins	145. Phebe Pledger
49.	Charles Mason	146. Rebecca Scott
50.	Owen Darby	147. Sedona Unthegrove
51.	Arnold Colvin	148. Celia James
52.	Michael Fitzgerald	149, Celete Morgan
53. Shadrack Fuller	150. Mary Evans
54. George Trowelks	151. Mary Griffiths
55. Paul Baldy	152. Elizabeth Mason
56. Evander McIver	153. Mary Vaun
57. Robert Hodges	154. Mary Ann Fitzgerald
58. John Hodges	155, Eddy Stinson
59. Thomas Evans, Junr.	156. Rachel Groves
60. Joel McNott	157. Elizabeth Luke
61. Tristam Thomas	158. Lydia Evans
62- William Luke	159. Sarah Kolb
63. Josiah James	160. Celete Luke
64. Abel Goodwin	161. Isabel David
65. John Edmunson	162. Eleanor Hewstess
66. Enoch Evans, Senr.	163. Anne Lampley
67. Ruth-Askew	164. Honor Darby
68. Elizabeth Pilgrim	165. Comfort Pearson
69. Martha Evans	166. Eleanor Hudson
70. Alice Lucas	167. Lydia Treweeks
71. Rachael Pearson	168. Elizabeth Medford
72. Mary Wilds	169. Anne Roach
73. Mary Hollingsworth	170. Susannah Lampley
74. Mary Andrews	171. Mary Lide
75. Sarah Hicks	172. Agnes Hew3tess
76. Sarah James	173. Elizabeth Raburn
77. Margaret James	174. Sarah Cherry
78. Anne Terrel	175. Bibbe Bruce
79. Sarah Wilds	176. Mary Huggins
80. Rachel David	177. Caty McIver (After
81. Ruth Wright	178. Grace Brown
82. Mary Jones	179. Anne Baldy
83. Mary Terre]	180. Nancy Brown
84. Sarah Lang	181. Elizabeth Ayer
85. Sarah Pouncy	182. Sarah Horry
86. Mary Chambliss	183. Sarah Raburn
87. Rebecca James	184. Rebekah Hodges
88. Mary Evans	185. Elizabeth Evans
89. Sarah Hewstess	186. Martha McNott
90. Elizabeth Flenegald	187. Anne Poland
91. Sarah Winchester	188. Betsy Hicks
92. Winiford Pearson	189. Anne Evans
93. Anne Hargrove	190. Elizabeth James
94. Mahetabel Irby	191. Sarah Mumford
95. Anne Cleary	192. Mary Harper
96. Eddy Johnson	193. Feribe Lang
97. Sarah Foster	194. Mary Ivy
	195. Anne Brown
	196. Sarah McIver
	197. Jamimah Bruce

	The records of the Church at the Welch Neck on PeeDee

	This day the Church and Society being met together unanimously 
	agreed to give Mr. Elhanan Winchester a call to be their minister 
	for a season, and were pleased accordingly to present him with 
	one after this manner.

	The Church of Christ at Welch Tract, Pee Dee in South
	Carolina, holding the Doctrine of Election, particular addressed 
	to Redemption; final perseverance; believes baptism, &c to the 
	Revd. Elhanan Winchester sendeth greeting

	"Whereas we are destitute of a minister to administer the word 
	and ordinances amongst us, we have thought fit to present you 
	with this Our Call to be our minister for one year fixed; and 
	then if you and we should agree, we would put ourselves 
	under your pastoral care.

	Given from under our hands this 12th day of March 1775.
	Signed In behalf of the whole.
		George Hicks	Deacons
		Abel Wilds"

	This day the Church being met together, were pleased to
	renew the Call to Mr. Winchester, to be their Minister, which he 
	accepted for the space of one year; Beginning from this day. An 
	the Church that on Sunday the 17th Day of this month, the renewal 
	of the Call, and his acceptance of the same should be made 
	public; from which time he will be considered as their pastor, 
	for the space of one year, or while he and the people may agree.

	This day brother Elhanan Winchester was received as a
	member of this Church, being about to take the charge
	over It In the Lord, as a minister and pastor; he 
	having 	before obtained a Letter of Recommendation and 
	Dismission from 1st from the Church of which he was before a 
	member, which run after this manner.

	"The First Baptist Church of Christ In Bellingham, under the 
	pastoral care of Elder Noah Alden; holding the Doctrine of 
	Original sin, Universal Depravity, Absolute, Eternal, 
	Unconditional, Personal Election.... To any Church of the same 
	faith and order, where our beloved brother Elhanan Winchester 
	may see cause to join as a member: Greeting: We certify you 
	that the above said brother Is a member of this Church: and we 
	all esteem him 	as a member of this Church: and we all esteem 
	him as a real Christian, a man of sound principles, orthodox 
	sentiments, an orderly walker, of up-right conversation, and
	a clear gospel preacher; and as such we recommend him unto 
	you; and upon his Joining, and your receiving him, he ceases 
	to be a member with us and becomes one with you

	In all respects --- Dated Bellingham August 14, 1775
	Signed In behalf of the Church	Noah Alden, Pastor"

	Brother Elhanan Winchester being received as a member, took the 
	lead of the Meeting, and proposed by request, for a meeting that 
	as the Association did not meet in Charleston 
	This of the year on account of the trouble there; there might be 
	a meeting of the Churches In this Province, at the High
	Hills of the Santee on the Wednesday before the last Sunday In 
	April next, In order to choose delegates to attend the 
	Continental Association, which he judged very expedient and 
	necessary at this season, In order to obtain our liberties, and 
	freedom from religious tyranny or eccleslastical oppressions; 
	which the Church unanimously agreed to: and chose two messengers 
	viz brethren Abel Wilds and Thomas Evans to the provincial 
	association, at the time place mentioned.
	Voted that brother Elhanan Winchester draw up a letter
	from this Church to the Association; and as he cannot be
	present at the same, he is desired to draw up some thoughts on 
	the Continental Association to be laid before the Churches at 
	their meeting at the High Hills.

	This day the Church and Society publicly renewed their Call to 
	Mr. Winchester for one year, which he publicly accepted for the 
	time and is from this day their pastor.

	John Geer was received upon a relation of this exercise
	of mind and baptized.

	Baptized the Widow Rebecca James having been examined
	and received the day before.

April 8th

	Tabitha James wife of William James died.

	This day the Church met, and after sermon proceeded to

	James Crocker, giving an account of the work of grace
	upon his heart and desiring to unite with the Church, was

	Mrs. Anne Lide giving an account of her experience was received.
	Joshua Terrel giving an account of God's goodness to
	his soul was admitted as a member.

	Elizabeth Terrel having given the Church satisfaction
	of a work of grace upon her heart, was also received.
	The Church continue their Call to their pastor for
	another year which he accepts.

	Mr. Winchester is allowed to go to the Hill [Cheraw]
	once in three Sundays If they desire him, and will do
	their part towards his support by a majority of the

	William James being proved guilty of drunkenness was
	turned out of the Church, or voted out of his covenant,
	till he repents and gives satisfaction. Adjourned to
	Saturday 18th Inst.

	This day being Sunday; Sarah Winchester gave herself up
	to the Lord, and by his will to the Church; was received,
	and baptized, together with James Crocker, Joshua Terrel,
	Elizabeth Terrel, and Anne Lide, who were examined and
	received the day before, but not baptized till this day.

	Met according to adjournment, and proceeded to business.	

	John Pledger gave himself up to the Church, and was received: he 
	having been baptized before.

	John Bowen excluded from our fellowship, for drinking, swearing, 
	cursing, &c.
	Walton Downs excluded for drinking
	Agreed to choose two more deacons to assist in the business of 
	the Church, with those already in that office.

	Mr. Abel Edwards and Mr. William Terrel, Junr. Chosen & accepted.

	Church met according to order, and proceeded to business.
	Elizabeth Massy gave herself up to the Lord, and by
	His Will to the Church, was received, and will be a member in    
	full communion when baptized.

	Sarah Sparks and Martha Edwards gave themselves up and were 
	likewise received. No difficulties appearing we are to commune 
	Sunday. Elizabeth Massey, Sarah Sparks, and Martha Edwards were 
	baptized. We had the sacrament of the Lord's Supper openly which 
	is to be our practice for the future.

	John Hughes and Obadiah Hudson was baptized. Daniel Sparks, Moses 
	Pearson, Amos Pilgrim, Mary Terrel, and Elizabeth Pilgrim were 

	Magnus Cargill, Joseph Luke, William Mason, James Brown,
	Mary Jones, and Ruth Wright were baptized.

	Aaron Pearson and Winiford his wife, and Rachel the wife
	of Moses Pearson, were baptized.

	Died much lamented, Mrs. Sarah Winchester.

	At our monthly meeting, John Hughes, Obadiah Hudson
	Daniel Sparks, Moses Pearson, Amos Pilgrim, Magnus Cargill, 
	Joseph Luke, James Brown, Mary Jones, Ruth Wright, Aaron Pearson, 
	Winiford Pearson his wife, and Rachel 	Pearson the wife of Moses 
	Pearson, were received to communion and fellowship with this 
	Church, they being all baptized before.

	John Edwards, Ruth Askew, and Sarah Lang were examined and 

	James Brown going home to New England, received a Letter
	of Recommendation; and is dismissed whenever he joins
	with another Church of the same faith and order.

	William Lang was examined and received by the Church, and on 
	Sunday 19th was baptized by the Revd. Mr. Furman.

	At a Church meeting, John Edwards, John Williams, Elizabeth 
	Pilgrim, and Ruth Askew were received into Full communion having 
	been baptized before.
	As our minister is about to leave us in the Spring, on
	account of his health; Agreed to send a letter to Mr. Furman, and 
	to the Church at the High-Hills of Santee, desiring that he might 
	come and be our pastor.
	Agreed that Mr. Jenkyn David, and Mr. Abel Wilds draw the same; 
	and that Mr. Wilds and Mr. Winchester be messengers
	to carry it, and to entreat in our favour in this important 

	At our Church meeting hearing that the Revd. Mr. Dargan,
	formerly of the High-Hills of Santee, was about removing
	thence, concluded not to send for the Revd. Mr. Furman,
	as there is no probability of obtaining him.

 	William Mason was this day received into full communion he having 
	been baptized before.

	At a monthly Meeting of the Church Gresset Johnson, and
	Sarah Pouncey were examined.

	Agreed by a majority of votes (according to a former vote
	of the Church not recorded) that any person of a good moral 
	character,(of which the Church is to judge) may be evidence 
	either for, or against a member, where brethren of the Church 
	cannot be obtained.

	Agreed by a majority of votes, agreeably to a former Vote of the 
	Church not recorded, that ordination consists in the people's 
	choice of a member to office and his acceptance of the same; and 
	needeth not the Imposition of hands of deacons to make it valid.

	Concluded to send for Mr. Gano to be our minister, and that Mr. 
	Abel Wilds and Thomas Evans be a Committee to draw up a call for 
	that purpose. Letters of Dismission was this day signed for our 
	brethren John Sutten, and John Perkins. A Letter was this day 
	signed to be sent to the Association. Col. Hicks appointed 

	This day, Gresset Johnson, Sarah Pouncey and Mary Chambliss were 
	baptized and received into the Church: together with Mary Terrel 
	and Sarah Lang who had been baptized before.

5th	Died Mrs. Mary Edwards

28th 	Amos Pilgrim and Elizabeth his wife being about to remove from 
	this place, were dismissed to any Church of the same faith and 
	order, where they may see cause to join.

March	Sarah Winchester gave in her experience and was baptized.

28th	At a Church Meeting, Col. Hicks chosen Moderator, the
	Church concluded, after some debate, to give Mr. Winchester a 
	Call for another year.

	Sarah Winchester was this day received a Member of this

		A list of Members April 5th, 1778

1. Elhanan Winchester, Pastor	43. Sarah Winchester
2. Col. George Hicks, Deacon	44. Sarah Hicks
3. Abel Wilds, Deacon	45. Mary Wilds
4. Abel Edwards, Deacon	46. Sarah Edwards
5. William Terrell, Junr., Deacon	47. Elizabeth Terrel
6. Jenkyn David	48  Rachel David
7. William Terrel, Junr. Deacon	49. Anne Terrel
8. Thomas James	50. Sarah James
9. John Evans	51. Margaret Evans
10. John Evans	52. Elizabeth Evans
11. Josiah Evans	53. Mary Evans
12. Thomas Shirley	54. Martha Shirley
13. Edward Jones	55. Mary Jones
14. William Edwards	56. Catharine Edwards
15. Mackey McNott	57. Dinah-hcNott
16. Joshua Terrell	58. Mary Terrell
17. Daniel Sparks	59. Sarah Sparks
18. Aaron Pearson	60. Winifred Pearson
19. Moses Pearson	61. Rachel Pearson
20. John Edwards	62. Martha Edwards
21. Magnus Cargill	63. Sarah Cargill
22. John Hughes	64. Anne Hughes
23. John Pledger	65. Mary Andrews
24. Joseph Luke	66. Sarah Hewstess
25. John Geer	67. Anne Hewstess
26. John Wilds	68. Anne Cleary
27. David Roach	69. Anne Lide
28. James Crocker	70. Elizabeth Masser
29. John Williams	71. Sarah Lang
30. John Evans, Junr.	72. Mary Hollingsworth
31. John David	73. Elizabeth Simonson
32. William Lang	74. Elizabeth Counsel
33. Abel Evans	75. Elizabeth Flene 
34. William Jones	76. Martha Evans
35. Gresset Johnson	77. Sarah Wilds
36. Charles Lowther	78. Alice Lucas
37. James Rogers	79. Agnes Creele
38. Edwards Gillman	80. Rebecca James
39. Edwards Gillman	81. Ruth Askew
40. William Mason	82. Ruth Wright
41. Thomas Harry	83. Mary Evans
42.  Hudson	84. Mary Chambliss

20th	Died Mrs. Elizabeth Simonson; She was formerly the wife
	of the Revd. Mr. James, first Minister of this Church.

3rd	Anne Hargrove was baptized and received to Communion.

7th	Mahitabel Irby was received by letter from Cashaway

	This day Sarah Pledger, the wife of John Pledger, and
	Eddy Johnson the wife of Gressett Johnson were examined
	and baptized.
	Died Mrs. Sarah Wilds.
	At our monthly Meeting brother Thomas Shirley and
	Martha his wife, were dismissed to any Church of the
	same faith and order.

	Eddy Johnson was this day received as a member in full
	communion, having been baptized before.

	Agreed that Mrs. Winchester draw up a petition to the
	General Assembly in behalf of the Church, to obtain an
	act of Incorporation, according to the Constitution of this 

	At our monthly Meeting Benjamin James and Jane his wife brought a 
	letter from Cashaway Church, and were received as members of 

	Died Mrs. Sarah Winchester.

	Mr. John Geer died.
	Mr. Joseph Luke died.
	Mr. William Jones died.
25th	Mrs. Sarah Sparks died.

2nd	This day being Sunday Mary Cooper was examined, and baptized.

9th	Sunday-- Elizabeth Pledger was examined, and baptized.

	Sunday--Anne Stevens, Mary Evans, wife of John Evans,	
	Junr. and Mary and Elizabeth Walsh were examined and

4th	At our monthly meeting Mary Cooper, Elizabeth Pledger,	Anne 
	Stevens, Mary Evans, and Mary Elizabeth Walsh were received to 
	full communion, and signed the Covenant: having all been baptized 
	Walter Downes was received to his place again, making a 
	confession, and promising amendment for the future. Likewise 
	Charles Lowther who had long neglected his duty made great 
	satisfaction to the Church, came and took his place in an humble 
	manner; and signed the covenant, which he had never done before. 
	Also Walter Downes again signed the same. 

	Gideon Parish, Sarah Lack, Lydia Howel, Sarah Pearson, Zilpah 
	Walsh, Mary Wilds, Rhoda Booth, Martha Wilson, and Mary Cox were 
	admitted to the ordinance of baptism: all giving great 
	satisfaction: Glory to God.

	Sarah Lack, Lydia Howel, Sarah Pearson, Zilpah Walsh,
	Mary Wilds, Rhoda Booth, Martha Wilson, and Mary Cox,
	were received to full communion, and signed the Covenant.

	Josiah Pearce, and Mary Pearce his wife, Nancy Williamson,  
	Susannah Bingham, Elizabeth Hewson, Rebecca Scott, Mary 
	Griffiths, Sarah Foster, Tabitha Williamson, Phebe Pledger, 
	Sedona Upthegrove, Mary Hudson, Celia James, and Elizabeth Hodges 
	were examined and baptized.

	Sampson Thomas, Josiah Pearce, Mary Pearce, Nancy Williamson, 
	Susannah Bingham, Rebecca Scott, Elizabeth Hewson, Phebe Pledger, 
	Celia James and Sedona Upthegrove, were received to full 
	communion (all having been baptized before) and signed, the 
	Also the same day Welcome Hodges, Daniel McDaniel, Elizabeth 
	Luke, Elizabeth Thomas, Charity Hurd, Martha baptized 	McNott, 
	Mary Evans, Peggy Darby, and Celete Morgan were baptized.

	Daniel McDaniel, Robert White, Welcome Hodges, Sarah Foster, Mary 
	Hudson, Peggy Darby, Tabitha Williamson, Elizabeth Luke, Martha 
	McKnott, Charity Hurd, Elizabeth Hodges, Mary Evans, and Celete 
	Morgan, were admitted as members of the Church, and signed the 
	Covenant, having all been baptized.

	As also John Stinson who formerly belonged to a Church in North 

	Col. Thomas Lide, Ann Peggy Ayers, Sarah Downes and Feribe Lang 
	were baptized.

19th	Gideon Parish, Sarah Pledger (wife of John Pledger) and Mary 
	Griffiths were received into full Communion, and signed the 
	Covenant: having been baptized before.

	Col. Thomas Lide, Sarah Downes, Anne Peggy Ayer, and
	Feribe Lang were received to full Communion, and signed the 
	Covenant: having been baptized before.

	This day John Downes, Matthew Griffiths, Deborah Geer,
	Elizabeth Lide and Elizabeth Hicks were baptized.

	John Downs, Elizabeth Lide, Deborah Geer, Elizabeth
	Sutton, Anne Lowther, Elizabeth Thomas, Martha Pearce,
	Elizabeth Hicks, and Martha Lampley were admitted as 
	members, and signed the Covenant, having been baptized 

	William Hewson, William James & Sarah James his wife, Joseph 
	Mason and Elizabeth Mason his wife, John Stevens, Sarah Steward, 
	Sarah Evans, Hannah Kimbrough, Sarah Walden, Catharine Ross, 
	Sarah Stubbs, Mary Caun, Mary Anne Fitzgerald and Eddy Stinson 
	were examined and baptized.

	Likewise at the same time, were baptized Mingo (Servant of Mr. 
	Aaron David), Plato, Stephen, Darien, and Leannah servants of 
	Col. McIntosh.

3rd	At our monthly Meeting, William Hewson, William and Sarah James, 
	Joseph and Elizabeth Mason, Matthew Griffiths, John Stevens, 
	Sarah Steward, Sarah Evans, Hannah Kimbrough Sarah Waldens, 
	Catherine Ross, Sarah Stubbs, Mary Vaun, Mary Anne Fitzgerald, 
	and Eddy Stinson were received to the Communion, and signed the 
	Covenant, having been baptized before.

	The Church unanimously gave a Call to Mr. Winchester for another 
	year, which he accepts, with these qualifications that they 
	continue to be all agreed to a single person and not otherwise; 
	and also If he should not like it, he might be allowed to depart 
	at any time.

	Enoch Evan, Junr., Sarah Kolb, Isabel David, Eleanor Hewstess, 
	Rachel Groves, Elizabeth Luke, Lydia Evans, Celete Luke and Honor 
	Derby were baptized.-- as also two servants of Mrs. Martha Evans 
	viz, Isaac and Tilla.

13th	Enoch Evans, Junr. Sarah Kolb, Isabel David, Eleanor Hewstess, 
	Rachel Groves, Elizabeth Luke, Lydia Evans, and Celete Luke, were 
	received to full communion, and signed the Covenant; having been 
	baptized before.

	Anne Lampley and Anne Roach were examined and baptized.

	Joseph Pledger, Jeremiah Brown, John Chambliss, William Cherry, 
	Alexander Walden, Hall Hudson, Lydia Treeweeks, Mary Lide, and 
	Susannah Lampley were examined and baptized.

	Anne Lampley and Honor Darby were this day received to communion, 
	and signed the Covenant, having been baptized before.

	Comfort Pearson was received as a member of this
	Church: She was baptized In North Carolina, by the Revd
	Mr. Moore Junr.

	Jeremiah Brown, Joseph Pledger, John Chambliss, Alexander Walden, 
	William Cherry, Hall Hudson, Anne Roach, Eleanor Hudson, Lydia 
	Trewick's, Elizabeth Medford, Susannah Lampley, and Mary Lide 
	were received to Union and Communlon with the Church, and signed 
	the Covenant; having been baptized before. Thomas Ayer, Elizabeth 
	Raburn and Bibby Bruce were Baptized.

	As also Scipio, Sancho, Pompey, Dundd, Fanny, Cretia, and Nancy 
	(Servants of Col. McIntosh) and Boston and Mingo,(servants 
	of--Thomas Evans) Robert and Priss (servants of Abel Wilds), 
	Frank (serv. of William Ellerbe) Will (Serv. of Col Kershaw) and 
	Will (servant of John Wilds) and Ludlow (Serv. of Est. of Hart) 
	Jethro 	(serv. of Job Edwards) Hampton (Serv. of the widow Lide) 
	and Sue (Serv. of Charles Mason).

	Died Josiah Pearce.
	Monthly Meeting, Capt. Abel Kolb, Matthew Hewstess, John
	Hewstess, Agnes Hewstess (his wife) William Hewstess,
	James Hewstess, Henry Sparks, Burrell Huggins & Sarah
	Cherry were baptized.

Aug. 1st	

	Capt. Abel Kolb, Matthew Hewstess, John Hewstess, William
	Hewtess, James Hewtess, Thomas Ayer, Henry Sparks,
	Burrell Huggins, Agnes Hewstess, Sarah Cherry, Elizabeth
	Raburn, and Bibbe Bruce were received to union and communion with 
	the Church, and signed the Covenant, having been baptized before.

	This day, Michael Fitzgerald, Charles Mason, Shadrack Fuller, 
	Arnold Colvin, Owen Darby, Elizabeth Askins, Mary Huggins, Grace 
	Brown, Catherine McIver, Sarah Raburn, and Elizabeth Ayer were 
	examined and baptized. As also Sharper, Dick, Bosen, London, Sam, 
	George, Joe, and Toby, Rachel, Peggy, and Patty (Servants of 
	Col. Alexander McIntosh) Morris, Essex, and Joe (servants of 
	Capt. Jeremiah Brown) Ceasar and Jim (Svts. of Joshua Edwards) 
	Volentine (Svt. of Col. Kershaw) Sam (Svt of Capt. Abel Kolb), 
	Harry (Sevt of Charles Mason), 	Ned (Svt. of Beni. Williamson), 
	Chloe (Sevt. of John Wilds), Hannah (Sevt of Capt. Thos Ellerbe), 
	and Beck (Servant of Josiah James).

	Charles Mason, Owen Darby, Arnold Colvin, Shadrack Fuller, 
	Michael Fitzgerald, Mary Huggins, Catharine McIver, and Grace 
	Brown were received to union and Communion with the Church, and 
	signed the Covenant, having been baptized before.

Also Paul Baldy with Ann Baldy his wife, George Trawicks, Nancy 
Brown and Sarah Harry were examined & baptized.


	George Trawicks, Paul Baldy and Anne (his wife), Nancy
	Brown, Elizabeth Ayer, Sarah Harry and Sarah Raburn were.
	received to Union & Communion with the Church, and signed
	the Covenant; having been baptized before.

Also Capt. Tristram Thomas, John & Rebecca Hodges, Thomas & 
Elizabeth Evans, Joel & Martha McNott, Anne Evans, Mary 
	Wilson, Elizabeth Jarrel, Betsey Hicks, Anne Poland & Sarah 
Mumford were examined and baptized, together with 	the following 
servants; Tom, Carolina, Dereford, Friday, Chloe, Sally, Caty and 
Sylvia (Sevts of Col. McIntosh), 	Yock and Adamy (svts of Thos. 
Evans), Harry & Lucy (Svts 	of Magnus Cargill), Sharper & Lucy (of 
Josiah James), Dick	(to Abel Edwards, Harry belonging to Josiah 
James), Bill, to Jno. Wilds, Will to Est. of David Williams, 
Puff, be	longing to Martha Evans, Sawney belonging to Mrs. 
Hubbard, Jeffrey (to Charles Mason), Amey to Jno Hewstess, Hannah 
to Thos. Ayer., Sue, to Capt. Brown. 

This day died brother John Sutton

	Capt. Tristram Thomas, John & Rebecca Hodge, Thomas Evans, Junr. 
with Elizabeth (his wife); Joel & Martha McNott, and Anne Poland, 
were received to Union and Communion with the Church, and signed 
the Covenant: having been baptized before.

	William Luke and Josiah James were examined and baptized. This 
day the negroes were constituted into a Church by themselves.

	This day William Luke, Josiah James, Anne Evans, Elizabeth 
Jarrel, Betsey Hicks and Sarah Mumford were received to union and 
Communion with the Church and signed the Covenant, having been 
baptized before.

Anne Peggy Ayer, intending to reside in Charleston for some time 
received a Letter of Dismission from this Church to the 
Charleston Church.
	Mary Harper was baptized.

	Mary Harper was received to union and Communion with the
	Church, and signed the Covenant, having been baptized before.

Robert Hodges, Evander McIver, Jemina Bruce, Feribe Lang, wife of 
William Lang, and Mary Ivy were Baptized, also 	twenty six negroes 
who were at the same time received in	to fellowship, with the 
others in their Church, and 	signed the Covenant. Therefore their 
names are not expressed here.

	Robert Hodges, Evander McIver, Feribe Lang, and Mary Ivy were 
	received to union and Communion with the Church, & signed the 
	Covenant having been baptized.

	N.B. With the above Mr. Winchester concluded his record.
	It is thought that he left this church in the month of Septr. of 
	the present year. The following N.B. is in the hand writing of 
	Mr. Botsford who succeeded Mr. Winchester and will furnish some 
	evidence of the latter part of his life.

	N.B. A great many of those baptized by Mr. Winchester have been 
	excommunicated, both white and black; but the greater number of 
	blacks; many of the latter upon examination appeared to be very 
	Ignorant of the nature of true religion.

	Soon after Mr. Winchester left Pee Dee, he fell into error of 
	universal restoration, which he first published in Philadelphia, 
	where after baptizing a great many, he was the means of dividing 
	the Baptist Church in that city.

	N.B. Revd. Edmund Botsford late Pastor of a Church in Georgia, 
	being invited, visited this Church In October 1779 and preached 
	several sermons among us; The Church then requested that he would 
	come and settle at this place: accordingly he came with his 
	family In November, and continued with us, till the 1st of June 
	1780: at which time, on the approach of the British Troops; he
	left us, and went to Virginia. He returned to us again in 1782. 
	During a portion of Mr. Bots ford's absence, the Church was 
	supplied by the Revd. Joshua Lewis.

	At a Church Meeting-- having no minister of our own, we
	called to our assistance the Revd. Joshua Lewis, and the
	Revd. John Thomas.

	Appointed three deacons viz John David, Magnes Cargill &
	Thomas Lide.

	Sundry Members that have walked disorderly were sent to,
	and cited before the Church by different Messengers.

1st	Joseph Pledger appeared, and satisfied the Church relative to the 
crime of which he was accused. 	Mary Evans (widow) was called on; 
She gave satisfaction 	to the Church and is restored to her place.
	Mary Walsh was called on, She also gave satisfaction & was 
restored. Celete Luke the same.

	The Church met for business. Mr. Botsford was received
	into this Church, and a call presented to him to take the
	charge of the same, which Call, he accepted.

	Application being made, for those members residing at and near 
the Cheraw Hill to be constituted into a distinct 	Church: 
Appointed Edmund Botsford, Abel Edwards, and as 	many of the 
members as can conveniently attend, to meet 	Mr. Lewis and those 
members on Saturday next, at the Hill, 	to confer with them, and 
If it should appear for the 	Glory of God, for them to be 
constituted into a distinct 	Church, Mr. Botsford to assist in 
the Constitution. 	Revd. Joshua Lewis applied to the Church, for 
the loan of 	part of the Church's Library. The request was 
granted: 	Deacon Edwards was desired to take an account of the 
books lent, and a receipt for them.
	The Church according to appointment, and brethren Botsford and 
reported that, they with the Revd. 	Messrs. Mulkey and Lewis, and 
some others of the members, 	did meet on Saturday last Jany. 12 at 
the Cheraw Hill, with those members residing at an near the same, 
and 	after some consultation, assisted in constituting them into a 
church: and signed a Letter of Dismission in the name of this 
Church for the following persons George Hicks, Thomas Lide, and 
James Coker.

	Elizabeth Walsh appeared and gave satisfaction to the Church
	Messengers were sent to Daniel McDaniel, John Pledger, Rhod 
Booth, Rebecca Scott, Sarah Stubbs, Welcome Hodges 	and Sarah 
Lang. Concluded to deal with any Member who has been guilty of 
	plundering. Gideon Parish was accused of plundering, he confessed 
it & promised to make restoration.

	No Church Meeting on account of high water.

	The Church met and proceeded to business as follows
Gideon Parish was dismissed to the Church at Cheraw Hill.
	Welcome Hodges gave satisfaction. Daniel Sparks, Tristram Thomas 
and Owen Darby who were accused of dis	orderly walking appeared 
and gave the Church satisfaction

Whereas our late beloved Pastor the Revd. Mr. Winchester, in the 
year 1779, baptized a number of negroes, and constituted them 
into a distinct Church, and Whereas, they have no officer in the 
Church, and as our present Pastor does not think it duty to take 
the superintendency of 	both Churches: and as we believe there are 
many of them truly pious we are desirous they should enjoy the 
privileges of saints; we therefore desire brother Botsford to 
invite such of them as he might Judge were pious to join this 
Church. Accordingly the negroes were informed 	of the intention of 
the Church, and applied for admission upon which the Church 
requested brethren Botsford, John Evans, Josiah Evans, John 
Wilds, Evander McIver, Enoch Evans, John David, and Abel Edwards 
to examine them, in order for their admission Into the Church. 
They were examined and 46 received.
	N.B. Several more of them have been received since.

The Church requested Edmund Botsford and Deacon Edward	to favour 
them, with a catalogue of the Books belonging to the Church and 
to examine how many are missing.

	The following persons living more convenient to the Cheraw
	Church at the Hill, petitioned for Dismission, and accordingly 
were dismissed viz.- Elizabeth Hicks, 	Mahetabel Irby, Hall 
Hudson, Eleanor Hudson, Elizabeth 	Flanagan, Joseph Pledger, Sarah 
Hewstess, and Elizabeth Medford.

	Mr. Botsford and Deacon Edwards reported that on examining the 
Church Books there are 12 volumes wanting of the 	Catalogue given 
by the Revd. Nicholas Bedgegood. 	Revd. Edmund Botsford applied to 
the Church for the loan of the books, belonging to the Church, 
now in the hands of the widow Wilds. The same was granted and Mr. 
Botsford desired to give a receipt.

	The covenant read. Messrs. Botsford & James were appointed to 
visit Rebecca Scott; Mr. James to visit Ed	ward Gilman; Mr. Downes 
to visit Rebecca Stubbs, and Mr. 	Botsford to visit Stinson- 
Terrel, to cite the above to meet the church, and give 
satisfaction for offenses committed.

	Messrs. Terrel and Stinson appeared, and gave the Church 

	Mrs. Anne Brown was received into the Church by Letter from 
	Charleston Church.

	The Church Covenant read. Whereas Rebecca Scott and Sarah Stubb 
	appear to be incorrigible, concluded to excommunicate them the 
	next Lord's day publicly. Accordingly, they were excommunicated 
	Lord's day Septr. 8th.

	The Church appointed Edmund Botsford, William Terrel, John Evans, 
	Thomas Evans, Tristram Thomas, Moses Pearson, and Evander McIver 
	delegates to represent them in the Association, which by 
	appointment is to meet here next month.

	Brother Thomas was requested to speak to Owen Darby, Joseph Mason 
	and Mr. Stephens. 

	Sister Mary Cooper was dismissed to any Church of the same faith 
	& order.

	The Church Covenant was read: Messengers were sent to Mary 

	Brother Matthew Griffin died-- Abel Evans died.

 	Mary Goodwin died.

	Church Covenant was read. Mary Hudson was excommunicated.

	Alice Lucas died.

	Church met: and Jemima Bruce received: She had been baptized by 
	Mr. Winchester, but not received Into the Church before.

July	Church met as usual- Covenant was read

11th	Brother John Wilds died.

	The Church met, and proceeded to business as follows. Concluded 
	to insert the names of the members present at Church Meetings for 
	the future. -Concluded that our Minister have the privilege to 
	invite any Ministers to preach in our place of worship of other 
	denominations of principles, agreeably to our confession of 
	faith: and who 	has good credentials: and none but such. Neither 
	shall any Member introduce any Minister for the purpose of 
	preaching among us, knowing him to hold principles contrary to 
	our confession of faith. 

	Concluded to have a Monthly Meeting on the 2nd Lord's day after 
	next Monthly Meeting. Twenty Members were present at this 
	Meeting. It is necessary to copy the names, as they can be seen 
	by referr to the original.

	Obedlah Hudson died. (18th) Anne Baldee died.
	The Church met, and appointed Edmund Botsford, Thomas Evans, 
	Junr. and Evander McIver Messengers to the Association.

1st	Died Sarah James. (4th) Sarah Evans died.

6th	The Church met for business. Covenant was read. Messengers were 
	sent to Eddy Stinson, George Trawicks, and Magnus Cargill. 
	Sixteen Members were present at this Meeting.

	Thomas Evans Senr. died. (18th) Mary Evans wife of Josiah Evans 

	The Church Met for business. 19 members were present.

	Died Celete Goodwin.

	The Church met for business: Twenty-five members were present. 
	Elizabeth Gennens late Raburn, who had been guilty of disorderly 
	conduct, confessed her fault, as also Eddy Stinson who was guilty 
	of the same crime, but 	were desired to desist from Communion, 
	till the Church were better satisfied of their repentance. Daniel 
	McDaniel was excommunicated.

	Tristram Thomas /was/ desired to acquaint 0. Darby that unless he 
	appeared and gave the Church satisfaction, he would be 
	excommunicated next month. 

	Enoch Evans son of Thomas E., was baptized also Moses, belonging 
	to Genl. McIntosh's Estate. Prince, servant of 	Thos. Powe, Esq., 
	Hannah, servant of Dan'l Sparks, Maria belonging to Mrs. Kolb.

	John Edmunson was received by experience, and Esther Brown by 
	letter from Catfish.

	The Church met. 20 members were present. Mrs. Trawicks, wife of 
	George T., gave an account of her conversion- was accepted.

	The Church concluded that persons guilty of the following crimes 
	viz Murder, Adultery, theft, Swearing or drunkenness, should be 
	summoned to appear at the next Church meeting, after they had be 
	accused to the Church, and If such did not appear, or send a 
	reasonable excuse for their non-appearance, and give satisfaction 
	of their repentance, they should be excommunicated.

	Mrs. Sloane, and Elizabeth Walsh were sent to and desired to show 
	cause, why they should not be excommunicated, they both having 
	been guilty of disorderly conduct. 

	Members present at this meeting 19. Mrs. Sloan appeared
	& gave satisfaction. Elizabeth Walsh, not being able to
	attend, by Information of her Mother, here case postponed
	Celia Evans gave an account of the work of Grace on her soul- 
	Owen Darby having been guilty of drunkenness several times, and 
as he appeared to continue In the practice of 	that vice: and as 
he has not made his appearance though 	often cited, concluded to 
excommunicated, and he was, accordingly.

	Penr. Traweeks, Hanibel a free man, Bob belonging to the estate 
of Abel Wilds, and Pey belonging to the Est. of 	Col. Kolb were 

Paul Baldee died.
	The Church met for business as usual. 28 members were present. 
The Covenant was read. Bro. Shadrack Fuller 	was dismissed. Eddy 
Stinson gave satisfaction. Bro. 	John David was sent to Elizabeth 
Walsh to know the reason 	of her not appearing as desired.

	This day Communion. Celia Evans, Bona Svt. Of Evander McIver, 
Betty, Svt. of M. Cargill, and Bob were baptized who together 
with those baptized before, were received into the Church. 

Died Mary Hollingsworth.

	Church met: 22 members were present. Covenant was read.
	Elizabeth Walsh's case laid over.
	Pete Kolb was baptized.
	Died William Terrell
	John Edmundson and Rebecca his wife, were dismissed to any church 
of the same faith and order.
	Joshua Terrel died.
	Church met. Elizabeth Walsh's case laid over.
	Brethren 	Edmund Botsford, Aaron Pearson and Evander McIver were 
appointed delegates to the Association in Charleston, which by 
appointment is to be held on Monday after the 	4th Lord's day in 
this month.

	Twenty Members were present at this Meeting.

	Twenty-Two members met for business. William Cherry and Sarah his 
wife were dismissed to Cashaway Church. Died William James. 
Whereas Elizabeth Walsh has not appeared, 	to show cause, why she 
should not be excommunicated; and 	as it appears by information 
from one of the members that 	she has not a proper regard for her 
crime, concluded to 	excommunicate her: which was done 
	Died Walter Downes (27th) John Hughes died.

	Church met for business. Sixteen Members were present.
	Nothing was transacted worthy of record.

	Mary Winds died.
	Died Edward Jones.

Members present at this Meeting seventeen. Messrs. 	Abel Edwards, 
John David and Evander McIver were ap	pointed a Committee to 
revise the Church Covenant, 	which appears to the Church to be 
deficient in some things. 	

Whereas Information was given to the Church that Mary 	Walsh has 
entered herself a Scholar in a dancing School, 	Messrs. John Evans 
and John David were appointed to request her to appear and answer 
for the same. 

	Moses Pearson and his wife were dismissed to Cashaway Church.

	Mr. Botsford Application being made our Pastor visited the 
Charles	ton Church in February, March, and a part of April. That 
visit to 	being now destitute of a Pastor: he remained eight weeks 
in which time he baptized Eleven persons. At his return, 
Charleston	 the church in Charleston sent a letter of thanks to 
this church.

	John Stinson departed this life.

	Twenty Members were present at this Meeting. The Messengers sent 
to Mary Walsh reported, that she did not 	choose to appear, and 
desired that her name might be e	rased from the Church covenant, 
She was therefore ex	communicated. Concluded to meet on Saturday 
18th inst.

	Met according to appointment. The Committee appointed to revise 
	the Church covenant reported. The covenant was 	presented, and 
	after some alterations were adopted unanimously. Concluded to set 
	apart Saturday 2nd July as a day of solemn prayer to God for his 
	blessing on this Church, and for signing the covenant. [Copy of 
	Church Covenant written, very long document.]

	N.B. The Church was Incorporated as per Act of Assembly 1785.

	After prayer, Sermon &c, we proceeded to sign the covenant. About 
	52 members signed it. Several were absent, and it was concluded 
	that at the next monthly /meeting/ those who are absent be 
	requested to sign It.
	(Copy of typewritten 1918 Church Covenant followed.]

	After reading the covenant those who had not before, signed their 
	names. Jesse Evans and Rachel Evans were examination for baptism, 
	and received. Rebecca Hodges was dismissed to Cashaway Church. 

	Jesse & Rachel Evans were baptized.
	At this Church Meeting brethren Tristram Thomas and E. Botsford 
	were appointed delegates to attend the Association at the High 
	Hills of Santee. N.B. This day a demand was made of the legacies 
	left the Church by Thomas and Josiah James.

	Departed this life, Mrs. Sarah Wilds, daughter of Mr. James 

	Church Meeting Members present Edmund Botsford, Abel Edwards, 
	John David, &ct. The following brethren were chosen Trustees for 
	the Church Viz Edmund Botsford, Abel Edwards, John David, Enoch 
	Evans, Evander McIver, 	Thomas Evans, Josiah Evans, Enoch Evans, 
	Jr., Jesse Evans and Abel Goodwin. Any Three of the above to 
	transact business. Abel Edwards chosen acting Trustee. Several 
	brethren were desired to speak to some of the members who had 
	acted disorderly.

	Church Meeting. Present nineteen members. John Stephens and 
	Charles Mason were excommunicated. Bro. Tristram Thomas and wife, 
	John Williams and L. Bingham were dismissed by Letter.

	Church meeting. Present sixteen members- The following persons 
	were excommunicated:

	Church meeting. Present Ten members. John David and Evander 
	McIver were appointed to settle with Josiah Evans and Thomas 
	Evans for monies left to the Church by Josiah Evans and Thomas 
	James. Evander McIver was desired to assist the Deacons.

	Church Meeting- Nothing to record.

	Church Meeting- no record.

	Church Meeting- Concluded that agreeably to the Word of GOD it is 
	not right that one member should sue another

	Church Meeting. Requested Thomas Evans to have the Titles of Land 
	given by Mr. Kolb proven and recorded: and Edmund Botsford to 
	speak to Revd. Mr. Lewis respecting the Books borrowed of our 
	Church Meeting. John David and Evander McIver who were 
	appointed to settle with Josiah Evans and Thomas Evans. 
	Reported as follows- amount of legacy left to the Church by 
	Thomas James In the month of February 1780 was 100 L Currency, 
	when depreciated according to Law is 6/9 Sterling. The amount 
	left by Josiah James was 10,000 L Currency, when depreciated is 
	28 L Sterling.

	Church meeting. Alexander Walden and wife dismissed by letter. 
	Appointed a day of Fasting, and prayer for a revival of religion.
	Church Meeting. Welcome Hodge was excommunicated.
	N.B. From the commencement of 1786 concluded to record in this 
	Book only such things as are deemed necessary to be kept on 
	record, out of the Minutes taken at each Church meeting.
	Appointed our brethren, Edmund Botsford, Josiah Evans, & 
	Thomas Evans messengers to the Association.
	Died Arnold Colvin.
	Died Nancy Gilman.
	Church Meeting. Betsy Raburn excommunicated for Adultery.
	Two Negroes were examined for baptism.
	Church Meeting. Appointed Messrs. Abel Edwards, Abel Goodwin, 
	Enoch Evans, and Evander McIver to enquire of Capt. Dewitt the 
	boundary of the Land on which the Meeting-House stands, and to 
	report the next meeting. Comfort Hinley was dismissed.

	Church Meeting

	Church Meeting.
	Church Meeting.

	Church met. Agreed that a Bond given by Thomas Evans for the sum 
	of the legacy left this Church by Josiah James deceased, shall be 
	considered as a fund for the Church, not to be used for any 
	purpose for a year to come. Abel Edwards, John David, M. McNott, 
	Enoch Evans, and Evander McIver are appointed a committee to 
	adopt a plan for the repair of the meeting House, and enclosing 
	the grave yard, and place the same before the Church at their 
	next meeting.

	The Church met. The committee above mentioned reported that it 
	will be necessary to have new Sills, and the House raised on 
	pillars of brick, and a new Pulpit: To 	have the stairs of the 
	Gallery removed, and a Shed the length of the House-feet wide for 
	the use of the Negroes 	and a good board and post fence around the 
	burying ground.	 All of which they suppose will amount to 120 L 

	Daniel Sparks was dismissed. 

	Deacon Edwards 	was requested to procure a small Trunk to deposit 
	the papers in, which belong to the Church.

	Church met. Messrs Botsford, Edwards and McIver were chosen to 
	represent the Church in the Association.

	Church met. N.B. A great revival this year. Thirty were baptized.

	Church Met. Agreed to adopt the plan proposed by the 
	Association for raising a fund, to support young men in their 
	preparation for the ministry- The following Brethren were 
	appointed a committee to hear the experience of Negroes; and to 
	settle any matters among them viz Edmund Botsford, Abel Edwards, 
	John David, Enoch Evans,Senr., Thomas Evans, Enoch Evans, Junr., 
	and Evander McIver. 

Monday next a day of prayer. Mary Cochran was dismissed.

	Monday next a day of prayer.

	Monday a day of prayer.

	Church met. John Bennet was dismissed.

2nd	Church met. A charity sermon to be preached.

	The Committee appointed to wait on Capt. Dewitt reported that 
	they had settled the business. Brother Botsford was requested to 
	cite Charles Lide to appear & answer the accusation charged 
	against him.

	Church met. Charles Lide, was excommunicated. This had been a 
	very promising youth. Abel Edwards, Enoch Evans, & Evander McIver 
	were requested to lease a piece of Land of Mr. Benjamin Kolb 
	Admr. of the Estate of Col. Kolb.

	Church met: Appointed Messrs. A. Edwards, J. David, Thomas Evans, 
	Enoch Evans, Jur., Enoch Evans, Senr., and convenes at 
	Edmunds Botsford to represent the Church In the Association to be 
	held here.

	Church met. Monday next a day of prayer.

	Church met. no record.
	Church met. no record.

17th	Agreed to raise Three pounds towards printing Mr. Holcombes 
	sermon preached at Association.

	Church met. The price fixed for the Seats, are as follows- The 
	Two front Seats at L 5 each. The next at L 4.10 S. The back ones 
	at L 3. Mr. Winchester's at L 6.

	Church met, No Record.

	Church met, No Record.
	Church met, No Record.
	Church met, No Record.
Church met: Appointed Messrs. Botsford, McIver, Vining	to 
represent the Church in the Association at Coosawhatchle, 
Botsford one of the Committee as he was last year.

	Church met. Ell Burdo & his wife Eve were dismissed. Moses a 
	negro excommunild. Monday a meeting for Prayer.

	Church met. No record made.

	When Mr. Winchester left this Church there were 220 white persons 
	members: which was In September 1779. At this state of	time there 
	are but 48 of those left In the Church. The rest are dead, 
	dismissed, excommunicated or gone to other parts.

	Several members were written to.

	Church met. No record made. Revd. John Gano visited us this 

	Church met. No record made.

	Church met. No record made.

	Abel Goodwin was excommunicated, Enoch Evans, Junr. & Joseph Cook 
	were appointed to represent us in the Association, to meet at the 
	High Hills.

	Abel Edwards died. 5th May 1777 chosen Deacon. He was he was much 
	esteemed in life & his death much lamented.

	In Novr. our pastor extremely ill.

	The Church met. A committee was appointed to inquire in
	to the case of Mary Ann Baker, and report to the Church.


	Church Meeting. Evander McIver was this day chosen Deacon. 
	Evander McIver, and Enoch Evans, Junr. were ap	pointed to settle 
	with Mrs. Wilson, and the Executors of Josiah Evans, the Legacies 
	left to the Church by Doctor James P. Wilson and Josiah Evans. 
	The Executors of Abel Edwards were requested to procure a Bond 
	and Security of John McIntosh for the sum of L 110 in his hands 
	left to the Church by Abel Edwards. Enoch Evans, Junr. was 
	requested to assist the Deacons In their office.

	Church meeting: Deacon John David and Enoch Evans, Junr. were 
	appointed to request of the Revd. Joshua Lewis, either to return 
	the books loaned him by the Church or to pay for them.

5th	Church meeting: no record.

	Robert Parsley was received by letter; from the Church on Deep 
	Church Meeting: Deacons David & McIver and Enoch Evans Junr. were 
	requested to meet a committee from the Church 	at Cheraw Hill 
	respecting the books loaned the Rev'd. Mr. Lewis.

	Church Meeting: Some members were written to: and some were 
	appointed to wait on others &c.

	No Meeting: There being a Fresh In the River.
5th	The Church met: no record made.

	Church met: The Church unanimously agreed to receive a Bond of 
	Messrs. Drury Robertson & Morgan Brown, for one Hundred pounds 
	sterling: the Legacy of Abel Edwards. 	The following is a copy of 
	the receipt given by the Church for the same.

	Recd. this 4th October 1794 of Mrs. Sarah Edwards, Exr. & Edward 
	Edwards & Evander McIver Exrs. of the Est. of the late Abel 
	Edwards a Bond for L 100 on Drury Robertson & Morgan Brown recd. 
	by us as full satisfaction, for the legacy left by the said Abel 
	Edwards, to the Incorporate Baptist Church at Welsh Neck, Pee 
	Dee. Done at our Church meeting, 4th Octr. 1794 and ordered by 
	the Church to be signed for & in behalf of the whole church 
	Edmund Botsford, John David, Enoch Evans, Senr. Trustees for said 

	Appointed E. Botsford, Deacon McIver, & Jno. Killingsworth to the 

4th	Abel Goodwin for Immorality & apostacy.

	Enoch Evans, Junr. died.

	Church meeting: Some members were sent to. Martin Dewitt was 
	appointed to assist Evander McIver in settling the legacies left 
	to the Church.

		The Church: No record made.

	The Church met. Mary Ann Baker was excommunicated for marrying a 
man whose wife was living. The Church a	greed to loan brother 
Botsford L 100 Sterling for one 	year and give him the interest 
due on the Church's funds, 	John David, Thomas Evans, Macky McNott 
& Evander McIver 	are appointed a Committee to settle this 

		The Church met: John Williams was dismissed.

	The Church met: Barbara Judity was dismissed. Concluded to have 
prayer meetings on the days, the Church meets for 	business.
Appointed E. Botsford, John David & Evr. McIver to represent the 
Church in the Association: E. Botsford to be 	on the Gen'l 

 	The Church met: Agnes Creel was dismissed

		The Church met: Rachel David was excommunicated.

 	Caty Botsford died.

	 	The Church met: Several members were sent to.

7th 	Sealy Evans died.

		The Church met: Nothing to record.

	The Church met: Several members appeared & gave satisfaction. 
Bro. Botsford informed the Church, that he should give up the 
pastoral charge of the Church, at the close of this year.

	Macky McNot, Martin Dewitt & Joseph Jones appointed Trustees in 
the place of those who are dead. Evr. McIver 	appointed Acting 
Trustee. Agreed to give Mr. Botsford 	the Interest due the Churchs 

	Church met: Elizabeth Mason was dismissed. Thomas Evans was 
14th	Church met: Thomas Mason was excommunicated.
	Church met: Ordered that Mr. Botsford deliver the 	Church's Books 
to Evander McIver.
	Church met: The following persons were dismissed: viz Mr. 
Botsford Edmund Botsford, Aaron Pearson, & his wife, Burrell &c 
dismissed 	Huggins & his wife, John Killingsworth & his wife,
	Joseph Lister & his wife, & William Beasley & his wife.
	Church met: Jno Dridges & wife dismissed; Concluded to write to 
several gentlemen in the ministry for their 	assistance, while we 
remain destitute of a pastor. There 	are at this time only 31 
members of the Church. The 	others dead, dismissed &c.

	Edmund Botsford was born In Old England Novr. 1st 1745;
	Arrived in Charleston 28th Janry. 1766; baptized March 14th 1773; 
married Susannah Nunn July 20th 1773 came to 	this place Octr. 
1779; went to Virginia June 1st 1780, 	returned Decr. 11th 1781. 
Took the charge of this Church 	Janry.5th 1782 married Caty Evans, 
May 3rd 1791. He baptized 	92 persons who joined this Church, & 
several in Charles	ton & elsewhere since his residence on this 
place, 	Jany. 1797, members 63 whites, 64 blacks = 127. 16 
baptized in 1796.

	What follows, is in the handwriting of the late venerable Deacon 
	Evander McIver. 

	At a Church meeting- it being Saturday- the following members 
	were present viz: John David, Samuel Evans, Martin Dewitt, Enoch 
	Evans, Joseph Jones, & Evr. McIver. Bro. John Williams' case 
	being considered, It is agreed 	that the brethren on the 
	South-west side of the River, contribute to the relief of his 

	Saturday. Church met: present John David, Enoch Evans,
	Samuel Evans, Evander McIver & Martin Dewitt, Revd. This day 20 
	minutes of the last Charleston Association.

	Church met. present, John David, Mackey McNott, Martin
	Dewitt, Josiah David, Evander McIver, Enoch Evans, Sam	Evans, 
	William Lang & John Williams. 

	Also present with us, Revd. David Lilly, to whom we had 
	previously written, desiring that he would visit us: who at our 
	request, consents to be with us, this day and tomorrow two weeks.

	The Church met and with us Revd. Evan Pugh. Appointed Brethren 
	Samuel Evans, Evander McIver, and Martin Dewitt to apply to the 
	Revd. David Cooper of Jeffries Creek, for a part of his time, to 
	preach to us statedly.

	The Church met. Revd. David Cooper attended: and agrees to attend 
	us monthly, each second Saturday and Sunday in the Month. As a 
	compensation for which, we agree to make him up what we can 
	conveniently, by subscription.

	Communion Tomorrow.

	No Church Meeting.

	Second Sunday Mr. Cooper baptized Phebe servant of Alexr. 
	McIntosh, Esqr. Also Allen Winney svts of J. McIver.

	Church met: nothing to record.

	The 4th Sunday in this month, Revd. Mr. Cooper baptized Raney & 
	Dellla svts, of D.R. Williams.

	The 4th Sunday Frace, Svt. of W.R. Williams, & Amy & Marsh, svts. 
	of the Estate of Joshua Edwards, were baptized 

	Bill a negro man, being charged with adultery & not giving 
	satisfaction was excommunicated.

	Church met: Revd. David Lilly was with us, and agrees to remain 
	the ensuing week. Concluded to hold a prayer meeting on Tuesday 
	next,. according to the appointment of the Association.

	Church met: Present with us, Revd. David Lilly, who agrees to 
	take the pastoral Charge of the Church during this year. Resolved 
	to continue to subscribe for 18 mos. of the Baptist Register also 
	Resolved that a subscription be raised to build a Meeting House 
	on Society Hill. The Church agrees to board bro. Lilly & his 
	family till the end of the year, or while expedient.

	Brother David Lilly having removed his family; presented his 
	Letter of Dismission, and was received as a member of this 
	Church, and invited to take the pastoral charge there of which he 
	accepts during the present year.

	Church met: The minutes of a meeting of the subscribers for 
	building a Meeting House on Society Hill, were presented, read, 
	and ordered to be filed with the Records of the Church. Agreed to 
	examine the List of Church members. The Church agreed to loan. 
	1OO L Sterling due by Mr. Robertson to the Church to Bro. Evander 
	McIver; whose Obligation with Security to be taken & executed 
	this day.

	Church met. Requested bro. Lilly to write to Mrs. Anne	Goodwin of 
	Georgetown respecting a Letter of Dismission. 	Recd. of bro. E. 
	McIver his Bond for the above mentioned 100 L, and his note for 
	14 L which is delivered to the care of Bro. John David. The 
	Titles for Two acres of Land of Capt. Williams Dewitt, on Society 
	Hill, to the Church are now in the care of Bro. E. McIver, who is 
	requested to have them proven and recorded. Church concluded to 
	have preaching at the next meeting so as to give those members an 
	opportunity to sign the Church Covenant, who have not yet done 

	Church met: nothing to record.

	Church met: Resolved that bro._Lilly be requested to preach a 
	charity sermon, the Third Sunday in this month 	and that a 
	collection be made afterwards, In support of the Funds of the 

	No Church meeting on account of unpleasant weather. From this 
	period to July 1803, there is no Record of any meeting, The 
	presumption is, that the Records have been lost. We Must 
	therefore pass over in ignorance a long period of useful and 
	interesting matter. It will be perceived however, that during 
	this time the Revd. Mr. Lilly 	Supplied the Church, at least 
	occasionally If not constantly.

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