Marlboro County, SC

Eleanor Baker Deed to William Hickman 1789

Contributed by Bushy Hartman, 26 Oct 2002

Eleanor Baker Deed to William Hickman 1789
Marlborough District, SC
Conveyance Book AA, page 11

THIS WITNESSES maid the 2nd day of October in the year of our lord One
thousand seven hundred and Eighty Seven Between Ellenner Bacor [Baker] of
Cheraw destrict Marlburg County in the State of South Carolina of the one
part and William Hickman of the Same place the other part, Witnesseth that I
the sd Ellenor Bacor for and in Consideration of the sum of thirty pounds
Staeting [sterling] to her in hand paid before the Inseating [?] and
delivery of these presents by the Sd William Hickmon the receipt thereof the
sd Ellenor Bacor doth acnolidg [acknowledge] hath granted bargained Sold
aliened and inforced and confirmed and the sd Ellenor Bacor for herself &
her heirs Executors & administrators doth by these presents granted bargain,
Sell, alien and confirm to the Sd William Hickman his hairs and afsigns for
ever and Certain track or parcel of Land containing one hundred and fifty
acres Situated ling and bendeng Cheraw District and County aforesaid on the
Est side of the three Creaks the same being a tract of Land granted to the
Sd Ellenor Bacor by the right Honll Low William Multry by a grant bearing
date the seventh day of November, one thousand seven hundred and Eighty five
this track of land containing one hundred and fifty acres as aforSd and hath
such Shapes forms and marks as appears by a platt to the original Grant
annexed hereunto being had will more fully appear To have and to hold the
said one hundred and fifty acres of land together with all and Singular the
rights, titles premises improvements & appertunetys thereunto belonging unto
the sd William Hickmon his hairs & afsigns for ever and the Sd Ellenor Bacor
for her self her hairs and afsigns doth covinant promise and agree to and
with Sd William Hickman that the right and title of the for mentioned one
hundred and fifty acres of land and premises against all and every parson or
parsons what ever claiming or that shall hereafter may be this from or under
her the sd Ellenor Bacor She and they will warrant and by these presents for
ever defend against any and all parsons hereafter lain any claime thereunto
by and through us The Witness whereof the Sd Ellenor Bacor hath hereunto Set
her hand & affixed her Seal the day and year first above Written
Sin'd Sel'd and Delivered)
In the presents of us
George Trayweek             )                         Ellerner Baker (LS)
[signed w/signature]
Samuel Sparks                  )
Samuel (his x mark) Evers?) Received the day and year first within Written
of the within mentioned William Hickman the full consideration therein
mentioned I say received by me~

Ellenner Baker [signed w/signature]
                  Witness George Tayweek
 County         )     27th October 1789
	This day personally appeared before me Thomas Evans Esqr one of the
Justices for the Said County, Samuel Sparks and made oath on the holy
Evangelist of Almighty God, that he Saw the within named Eleanor Baker sign
and Seal the within Instrument and that he Saw the other Subscribing
Witnesses Set their names as such
Sworn before me this day
& date as above
T Evans
                    Recorded December the 10th 1789
[Misspellings from original.]

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