Marlboro County, SC

Alice Bodiford Deed to Children 1806

Transcribed and contributed by Carol Boykin, 29 Nov 97

Marlborough County, SC Deeds & Conveyances Book G, pg 20

Know all men by these Presents that I Alice Bodiford of South Carolina Marlborough District do freely Give & Grant unto my Dearly beloved children (that is with me, at this time) all my affex, that is to say to my son James Two Cows & six Geese,
Likewise to my daughter Rebekah one Heifer that is two year old, Likewise to my son Vinson(?) one Cow, Likewise to my son Jesse one Heifer that is one year old-Likewise to my son Silas one Heifer that is two year old and one Bed & Bedstead. The rest of my shousehold furniture I Equally divide betwixt Rebekdah, Vinson(?), Jesse, and Silas.

Witness my hand & seal this first day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & six.

Test. Danl. Evans    }
         her                                          her
Elizabeth X Thornwell}                          Alice  X Bodiford (seal)
        mark                                         mark

State of South Carolina} Personally appeared before me John Winfields
Marlborough District     } Clerk of the court of Common Pleas for Marlborough District
Mrs Elizabeth Thornwell, who being duly sworn made oath that she was present
and did see the within named Aley Bodiford sign, seal and as her act & did deliver the
within instrument of writing for the use & purposes therin mentioned & also saw
Daniel Evans sign his name as another witness at the same time.

Sworn & Signed before me}              her
the 25th day Jany 1806     }Elizabeth X Thornwell
Jno Winfields C.C.P.      }             mark
                Recorded 27th Jany 1806

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