Marlboro County, SC

Contributed by Harriett Grace, 16 June 2000


Transcribed by Harriett Grace from photocopy made at Marlboro courthouse in 
Bennetsville, S. C.

This deed of bargain and sale made this 4th day of March one thousand seven 
hundred and ninety four between James Cook and Wilson Conner both planters of 
Marlboro County in the state of South Carolina, shewith that the said James Cook 
for and in the consideration of sum of 30 pounds sterling to him in hand paid by 
the said Wilson Conner at the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt which is 
hereby acknowledged hath given granted bargained and sold by present doth give 
grant bargain and sell unto the said Wilson Conner his heirs and assigns forever 
certain piece or parcel of land containing seventy-six acres it being part of a 
tract of land containing 250 acres situated on the N. E. side of Great P. D. River 
which was granted to Silas Herringdine 1767 and by his son Thos. H. was conveyed 
to the said James Cook 1786 by the said. James Cook is hereby conveyed unto the 
said Wilson Conner and the aforesaid sold and bargained part is lying on the 
S. W. end of the said 250 acre tract beginning at the marked pine on the road 
just by where said Conner now lives and running partly a north north course 
fifty-five yards to the lightwood stake then running partly a west wave with 
the marked trees 83 yards then turning and running a S. W. course 80 yards to 
a corner pine then turning and running a north course to a small marked ash by 
the fence side then turning and running an east course with said fence 140 yards 
to a cross fence then turning and running north course with said fence right across 
tract of lands as to contain 76 acres and the revision and revisions remainder 
rents issues and profits thereof with all the improvements thereon to have and to 
hold the aforesaid 76 acres land with the appertainences unto the said Wilson Conner 
his heirs and assigns forever and the said James Cook for himself and for his heirs, 
executors and administrators shall warrant and by these presents forever defend the 
rights and title of the aforesaid 76 acres of land against all persons lawfully 
claiming the same in witness whereof the said James Cook hereunto sets his hand 
and affixed his seal the day and year first above written. 

                                           James Cook (Seal)
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
in the presence of us
John Cook
David Gray
Jonathan Cottingham
                                                              Recorded 6 May, 1794

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