Marlboro County, SC

DAWSON to BOYKIN, 1806 Contributed by Carol Boykin

Marlborough County, SC, Deeds & Conveyances, BK G. Pg 20-21

State of South Carolina
Know all men by these presents that I Daniel Dawson of Marlborough District
and State aforesaid planter in consideration of the sum of four hundred
Dollars to me paid by James Boykin of the District and State aforesaid planter, have
Granted, bargained, Sold & released and by these presents do Grant, bargain, Sell
and release unto the said James Boykin, all that tract of Land containing, Seventy two acres
Situate in Said District N.E. Side of Great Pee Dee river and on the Beaver dam Creek
Bounded by lines running N.E. 40. Charles Marines line N.W. and S.W. by William Adam's
land S.W. by Mills Boykins land S.E. by Thomas Cooks and hath such shapes form
and marks as a plat thereof to the original Grant annexed doth represent, and
was Granted to Joel Mattheny by his Excellency Charles Pinckney Esq. Governor SC(?)
bearing date the first day of January 1798. Also one hundred and forty acres-more or
less which was transfered to Isaac Linagar by Thomas Cook, and by Isaac Linagar to Shadrach
Stafford the first day of February 1800, and from Shadrach Stafford to
Daniel Dawson, and is laid out as followeth (Viz) beginning at a corner pine5.x of the
above mentioned tract there running S.W. 50 to the (?) of the Beaver Dam Creek to a cypress
corner marked Thence down with the various corner of the said Beaver Dam to a
corner Gum 3x thence N.E. 45. thirty poles to a corner, thence S.E. 45. 50. chains to a
corner pine 3x then NW. 45.50 chains to a corner pine 3x the beginning corner of the above
mentioned Seventy two acres it being part of a seat or tract of two hundred and fify
acres which was Granted to John Stubbs by His Excellency William Ball Esqr. Governor SC(?)
bearing date the first day of April 1774. the Same was transferred by Thomas Cook
to Isaac Linagar and by said Linagar to Shadrach Stafford by deed bearing date the
Sixth day of February 1800. the same including the plantation whereon I now live, the
said tract and part of tract containing in the whole two hundred and twelve acres (more or
less) Together with all and Singular the rights members Hereditaments and
appertainances to the said premises belonging or in anywise Incident or appertaining. To have
and to hold all and Singular the premisses before mentioned unto the said James Boykin
his Heirs and assigns forever and I do herby bind myself my Heirs Executors and
Administrators to warrant and forever Defend the same against myself and my heirs and against
all and every person or persons whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same
or any part thereof.
Witness my hand and seal this twentyfifth day of January in the year of
our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & six and in the thirtieth year of the
Independence of the United States of America.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered} his
In the presence of Elisha Hill} Daniel D. X Dawson (seal)
John Cook, Laml. Boykin } mark
State of South Carolina}Personally appeared Elisha Hill who being Duly Sworn
Marlborough District }saith on his oath that he was present and did see
Daniel Dawson sign, seal, and as his act and deed, deliver the withing instrument of
writing to James Boykin for the use and purposes therin mentioned, and that himself, John
Cook and Lamuel Boykin in presence of each other witnessed the Execution therof.
Sworn to & Signed before me}
this 1st day of Feby 1806 } Elisha Hill

Easterling J.P }
South Carolina }
Marlborough District } I William Easterling one of the Justices of the
Quorum for said District do hereby certify unto all whom it may concern, that Ann Dawson
the wife of the within named Daniel Dawson did this day appear before me, and upon being
privately and seperately examined by me, did declare, that she does freely,
voluntarily, and without any compulsion, dread or fear, of any person , or persons, whomsoever
renounce release, and forever relinquish unto the within named James Boykin, his heirs
and assigns all her interest and Estate and also all her right and claim of
Dower, of in, or
to all, and Singular the premises within mentioned and released.
Given under my hand and seal this first day of February
Anno Domini 1806}
Wm Easterling J.P.} Ann x Dawson
Recorded 12th Feby 1806

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