Marlboro County, SC

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Know all men by these presents that whereas by virtue of an order issuing from the Court 
of Ordinary of Marlborough District directed to me William Pouncey, Sheriff of Said
district and commanding that on the first Monday in July next after the date thereof, I,
Sheriff as aforesaid Should Sell to the highest bidder on a credit of one third until the 
first of January next after the date thereof and the other two thirds on two equal -______
installments - all the land belonging to the ESTATE OF TOBIAS LUKE, deceased,
containing two hundred and sixty five acres situate in Said District bounded on lands of
JAMES COOK, JOHN M. DOBBIN AND DAVID DAVIS, the purchaser giving Bond
with good security and a mortgage of the premises if deemed necessary for the payment
of the purchase money.  NOW KNOW YE THAT I, in pursuance of the above order,
issuing and directed as aforesaid, On the first Monday in July in the year of our 
Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty seven at the Court House of said 
District did publicly expose to Sale the lands above mentioned, which said Lands were
struck off to JOSHUA DAVID at One Hundred and two dollars he being at that price the
highest bidder for the Same, In consideration of which Said Sum of money, for the 
payment of which the said David has given his Bond with Sufficient Security; 
I, William Pouncey, Sheriff as aforesaid, has granted, bargained, Sold and released
and I do by these presents, grant, bargain, sell & release unto the said JOSHUA DAVID,
his heirs and assigns forever the piece, parcel or tract of land above mentioned, with the
appurtenances and all the right, title and interest which the said Tobias Luke of right had
of in and to the same appurtenances unto the Said Joshua David, his heirs assigns 
forever as fully and absolutely as I the Said Wiliam Pouncey, Sheriff as aforesaid might,
could or ought to grant, bargain and sell the Same by virtue of the Statute in
 such case made and provided and of the order above mentioned.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I, the said William Pouncey have hereunto set my hand and 
seal the second day of July in the year of our Lord, One Thousand - Eight Hundred and
Twenty Seven.

							William Pouncey  (his seal)
							 Sheriff, M. D.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the 
presence of 

C. W. Dudley
Nathan B.Thomas


Personally appeared before me CHRISTOPHER W.  DUDLEY who made oath that he
was present and did see William Pouncey Sign, Seal and deliver the within instru;ment
of writingto Joshua David for the uses & purposes therein expressed and that himself
and NATHAN B. THOMAS in the presence of each other Signed their names as
Witnesses to the due execution thereof.

							C. W. Dudley
Sworn to before me the
29th day of August A.D.1827

R. Bristow, J.P.

Recorded 29th August 1827                Deed Book M, page 480

See Conveyances for Tobias Luke, ROBERT ALLISON 165 acres, Book G, pages
245-46-47.  R. GARRISON, 100 acres Book H, page 239.

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