Marlboro County, SC

Moses PARKER Sr. to Jesse AMMONS 1824

Transcribed by Bonnie Freeman, 21 March 2000

Marlboro County Deed Book M page 345

Received December 23, 1824 of Mr. MOSES PARKER Senior five head of cattle, which I do hereby promise bind & oblige myself my heirs Executors, Administrators, & assigns to receive from the said MOSES PARKER Senior in full of all my right title Interest or claim of my Mother ELIZABETH AMMONS, formerly ELIZABETH PARKER, daughter of the said MOSES PARKER, which she would have been entitled to of or from this Estate.


Wm. Bristow
John Donaldson


Personally came before me John Donaldson Esq who made oath that he was present and did see JESSE AMMONS sign & acknowledge the within instrument to MOSES PARKER for the uses and purposes therein mentioned and that himself and Wm. Bristow in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution thereof.

John Donaldson

Sworn to before me this 6th March 1826
Jo .... David
H. Jefferies

Recorded 6th March 1826

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