Marlboro County, SC

George Tillery deed to Edmond Hodges 1803

Transcribed by Bushy Hartman

George Tillery deed to Edmond Hodges
Marlborough District, SC  1803
Conveyance Book FF, pages 178, 179

		KNOW all men by these, that I George Tillery of the State afore said and
District of Marlborough in Consideration of one Hundred and Ten Dollars to
me paid by Edmond Hodges of the District of Marlborough and State aforesaid,
HAVE GREANTED bargained, Sold, and released and by these presents, do Grant,
bargain, Sell, and Release unto the said Edmond Hodges, all that Tract or
parcel of Land Containing fifty (acres) the same being more or less, it
being part of a Tract of one Hundred and fifty (acres) Originally Granted to
John Frazier by Deed bearing date  the Nineteenth day of June in year one
thousand Seven Hundred and seventy two lying and being on both sides of
Muddy Creek, bounded on the upper side by Peter Hubbard's Land, on the South
side by John Fraizer Lands on the East by Josiah Buschleys? lands, and on
the west by Samuel Sparks land, and Descended from John Fraizer Senior to
John Fraizer Junior, by Heir ___, and from John Fraizer Junr to John Bridges
and from said John Bridges to Peter Hubbard ( from Peter Hubbard to George
Tillery, by Deeds bearing date the third day of December, one Thousand Seven
Hundred and Eighty Sixth TOGETHER with all and singular the Rights Members
Hereditaments and Appurtenances, to the Said premises belonging or in any
wise Incident or appertaining to have and to hold all and Singular the
premises Before Mentioned, unto the Said Edmond Hodges, His Heirs and
afsigns forever and I do hereby bind myself, my Heirs Executors and
Administrators to warrant and forever defend all and Singular the Said
premises unto the said Edmond Hodges, his Heirs and afsigns, against myself
& my Heirs, and against every person Whomsoever lawfully Claiming or to
claim, the same or any part thereof.  WITNESS My hand and Seal this Twenty
fifth day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and
three and in the Twenty fifth year of America Independence
Signed Sealed and Delivered
In the presence of
Solomon McCall 				George Tillery (LS) [signed w/signature]
      J. Hodges
		Received the day & year first within written of the within named Edmond
Hodges, the full consideration Money that is therein Mentioned
George Tillery [signed w/signature]
Solo McCall [last "o" raised]
J. Hodges

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