Marlboro County, SC

William H. & Sion WIGGINS Jr. to Sion WIGGINS Sr. 1831

Contributed by Ted Kaufman, 19 March 2000

NOTE: From his Will and minutes of the Salem Baptist Church, I believe that
this documents was in preparation to Sion Sr.'s marriage to the young
widow, Beady Ammons. also from church and census records, I believe that Sion
Jr.'s wife was Moriah Rabon.
--Ted Kaufman

Document of Delegated Power: William H. Wiggins & Sion Wiggins Jr.

South Carolina } Know all men by these presents that we William H. Wiggins and
Marlboro District } Sion Wiggins both of this State and District aforesaid for and in
consideration of certain donations made to us by our father of the same State and District have
delegated to our father for his lifetime all the lands that we are now possessed with to exercise
and enjoy all the priviledges that he may require over the same only as it regards the disposition or
sale of said lands and we hereby bind ourselves our heirs and assigns to never meddle or interrupt
any portion of the same that he our father may require so long as before stated only by the ____
and approbation of our father.

In witness whenof we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 24 day of October One Thousand
Eight Hundred and thirty one .

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of:

                                 William H. Wiggins
Duncan Carmicheal }                   His
Anderson Wilkins  }               Sion X Wiggins

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