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Jeff Dudley wrote me a wonderful email about the history of this house. Here is an excerpt from that email

This house was built for my great, great grandfather's brother on West Main St.(then known as Darlington St.),Bennettsville, S.C., in 1860. It may have been the last antebellum house built in Bennettsville before the Seccession of S.C. The house was built for Colonel Christopher William Dudley, a prominent attorney and State Representative, and at about that time, a U.S. Customs Agent. Sadly this house burned in 1929.

I have a copy of a letter written by Col. C.W. Dudley, to his daughter in Greenville, detailing the local atrocities committed during the occupation by Sherman. This house was occupied by one of Sherman's Corp or Divisional Generals and staff. Sherman allegely stayed in the Courthouse and General Blair stayed in the "Jennings-Brown House".  The letter mentioned is in the D.A.R.'s "Recollections and Remembrences", South Carolina edition. There are other photos of the house available for viewing at the Marlboro Historical Museum.

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