Skye Hotel Bennettsville, SC

Since the Skye hotel burned in Jan. 1905, this picture had to have been taken before that. I do not know when the streets were paved. That would be another way to date it. Electric poles are up, and I do know they got electricity by 1899, so that gives us some timeframe 1899-1904. To the left is where Main St. would run and where my grandfather's jewelry store was. You can just see to the left of the hotel's doors, where a round wooden clock hangs in front of his store, which was about two businesses away. To the right is Marlboro St. which intersects with Main. This whole area burned down, including my grandfather's store. He moved his business around to Marlboro St. and renovated the Main St. business and rented it out later.

Contributed by Joanne Harley, 24 Sept 2001

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