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The Fuller Letter



Contributed by Esther Hogue
(Copy of original with Cleo Foster, believed to be written to Samual Fuller, Conecuh County, Ala. by his brother Shadrack from Marlboro County, SC. Cleo found the letter in the mid-1960's in a trunk that had belonged to Uncle Acie. I have added punctuation and changed some spelling to make the letter more clear. Esther Hogue, Nov. 15, 1989.)

State of South Carolina, Marlborough Dist.

Dear Brother, I received your letter April 30 which gave me great satisfaction
to hear from you all. I was walking the other day about this that you had sent
me no letter so long that you had forgotten us.

I was told that your post office was fifty miles off so I will try to inform you
as well as I can. We're all well thanks be to God for his mercies. Hoping these
few lines will find you all in the same state of health.

We have aplenty to live upon thanks to your father and my father fathers blessing.
We have learnt how to make our lands bring more than ever they did. I have made
about 15 hundred dollars more than my family expense in five years.

We have nine in family, five small children. I have but two sons, one is married,
the other is not. How I have got along I can only say that the Lord has blest me
in my last years. I need not to say any thing about what is past. Thank God for
the present.

The prospect of crops are sorry. We had a cold spring.

I now say that the (could be "famiels that you (?)) paste away. Cousin Clary and
family are living here with us. Uncle Noel and family and few others.

I must say we have a daughter, born May 16, 1841 which makes nine daughters.

I must bring my letter to a close by telling you my prospect of seeing you again
in this world but truste to meet in heaven where parting is no more. For that
is the surety of grace the cross for in 1812 I join the methid church. I no that
God, for Christ sake, has pardon my sins in June 1813.

Pray for me that I may hold out faithful. My wife conten for the same faith. I
pray the Lord to bless you and family. So no more at present. But remanes your
loven brother until death.

Thanks be to God we all well today June 5, 1841.

Shadrack Fuller

Trusten that you would send me another letter as soon as possible.

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