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Click to view full size The State, Jan. 25, 1942
Hodges Home in Marlboro
Landmark of Hospitality;
Falls Gallantly to Flames

by Mrs. Allen Hatch of Blenheim

In writing of the tragic loss of the colonial home of the Hodges family in Brownsville, Mrs. Hatch provides both a description of the beautiful architectural elements of the house, lost forever, and an historical look at John HODGES and his descendants, one of Marlboro County's earliest settlers.

This article, scanned and generously contributed by Anna Feagin , 3 May 2004, is truly a treasure for Hodges researchers.  To view the newspaper clipping, click on the image at left above.  The final paragraphs, not completely shown on the image file, read:

"The sills were of long leaf heart pine, 16 inches square and 36 feet long, mortised and pegged together. The 27 foot columns, 30 inches in diameter were also of pine heart, hand turned by slave labor and so perfect in workmanship that they varied less than one thirty second of an inch. The furniture had been handed down for generations and was of inestimable value, both from a material and a sentimental view. On the grounds were 17 varieties of trees, the most interesting being a sparkle berry, probably the largest in the state.

While there are still a number of old homes left in SC, none were more lovingly cared for than this. Eras have come and gone, but even in modern times it retained the spirit and atmosphere of the Old South. When one entered its doors, peace, serenity, and contentment, all the lovely intangibles well nigh lost to this generation seemed real and manifest.

So the old house died by violence, we might say. Like a soldier marching into battle, it literally died standing up, never collapsing, but falling piece by piece with the columns, until the very last, standing like sentinels, etched against a background of flame, watching and, with dignity, awaiting their end."

Photograph of HODGES home prior to fire


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