Marlboro County, SC

PATE, Thorogood 1807 Marriage to Frances BRIGHT Marlboro Probate Records Joanne Harley
PEGUES, B.F. Dec 13, 1836 Marriage to Miss Mary Irby

by the Rev. A. W. Marshall

SC Advocate Brenda Wagner
PEGUES, Christopher B. 1811 Marriage to Elizor N. Evans Marlboro Probate Records Joanne Harley
PEGUES, James December 24, 1807 Marriage to Mary Godfrey Marlborough District Estate Records, p. 176
Fran Weatherby
PEGUES, R.R. Nov 23, 1859 to Miss Nannie J. Gillespie Cheraw Gazette Brenda Wagner
PIPKIN, E.C. CAPT May 13, 1857 Marriage to Nannie Covington do/ John C. Covington Southern Baptist
Issue of September 8, 1857page 73
Brenda Wagner
PLEDGER, Elizabeth Feb. 8, 1797 Marriage license issued for Charles STROTHER and Elizabeth PLEDGER to Rev. Joshua Lewis Marlboro Probate Records Victoria Proctor
PLEDGER, William Henry July 12, 1802 Marriage license issued for William Henry PLEDGER and Sarah STROTHER to Rev. Joshua Lewis Marlboro Probate Records Victoria Proctor
POUNCEY, Eliza J. 19 Jan 1837 Married at Woodstock, Marlboro' District, S.C., on Thursday, the 19th inst., by the Rev. A. McQueen, Wm. CROSLAND, M.D. of Bennettsville, to Miss Eliza J., daughter of Major James Pouncey Cheraw Gazette newspaper (January 24, 1837 issue Victoria Proctor
POUNCY, Col. John A. 22 Oct 1835 In Greenville, N.C. on Thursday evening, the 22d October last, by the Rev. Robert Napier, Col. John A. Pouncy, of Marlboro', S.C., to Miss Pamelia ARMSTRONG, of that place. Cheraw Gazette newspaper (Nov. 17, 1835 issue) Victoria Proctor
POWERS, Nicholas GILLESPIE, Sarah Feb 6, 1788 Marriage license issued for POWERS and Sarah GILLESPIE to Rev. Joshua Lewis. Marlboro Probate Records Victoria Proctor


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