Marlboro County, South Carolina
World War I


(Partial listing)

Name Birth Date Race Birth Place DRAFT CENTER
City/County, State
Adams, Alfred Merritt 11 Jul 1896WNewtonville SCMarlboro SC
C.J. Adams 22 Jul 1893WMarlboro Co. SCMarlboro SC
Adams, Carl Vester 15 Sep 1877Wworks Hamlet NCMarlboro SC
Adams, Charley 6 Mar 1876WMarlboro SC 
Adams, Claude Jeptha 22 Jul 1893WMarlboro SCMarlboro SC
Adams, Eddie Franklin 7 Jan 1881W Marlboro SC
Adams, Emrie Olen 27 Sep 1892WBentonville SCMarlboro SC
Adams, Frank Feb 1891WMcColl SCMarlboro SC
Adams, Frederick F. 19 Oct 1888WMarlboro Co. SCMarlboro SC
Gilbert Carlisle Adams 9 Jan 1895Wnear McColl SCMarlboro SC
Adams, Grover 9 May 1899W Marlboro SC
Adams, Henry Laurin 27 Jul 1879W Marlboro SC
Henry Miller Adams 20 Nov 1889WBennettsville SCMarlboro SC
Jesse Adams 28 Feb 1891WJohns Station NCMarlboro SC
Jesse Adams 26 Mar 1874W Marlboro SC
Jim W. Adams 13 Jul 1897WAdamsville SCMarlboro SC
John Adams 29 Jul 1886Wnear McColl SCMarlboro SC
John Henry Adams 22 Jun 1881WMarlboro SC 
John Jordan Adams 15 May 1876WMarlboro SC 
John Thomas Adams 8 Jan 1885Wworks in Charleston SCMarlboro SC
Adams, Luther D. 12 Oct 1874Wlives in Gibson NCMarlboro SC
Adams, Marvin William 15 Sep 1878WMarlboro SC 
Adams, Nelse 19 Nov 1880WMarlboro SC 
Adams, Sidney Corbett 22 Jun 1898WMarlboro Co. SCScotland NC
Adams, Tom Clyde 4 Jul 1891WGibson NCMarlboro SC
William Clyde Adams 31 Mar 1884W Marlboro SC
Adams, William King 28 Aug 1891WMarlboro Co. SCScotland NC
Adams, Willie 28 Jun 1890WMarlboro Co. SCDillon SC
William Peary Adams 18 Sep 1888WAdamsville SCMarlboro SC
Gibson, Nelson Willis 14 Nov 1879Wrelative lives Marlboro Co. SCAlachua FL

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