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Marlboro County, SC
The War Between the States

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Entered service in April 1861.

JOHN W. HENAGAN, major 8th Regiment, promoted colonel; killed in battle
D.M.D. MCLEOD, captain, promoted major 8th Regiment May 1862, wounded Gettysburg, 
  died July 1863
FRANK MANNING, captain, promoted from 2d sergeant to lieutenant 1862; captain 1862, 
  wounded and lost an arm Maryland Heights; alive
B.A. ROGERS captain; promoted from ranks to lieutenant, 1862; captain, 1864; 
  wounded Gettysburg and Deep Bottom, alive
F. SARIUS MCQUEEN, 1st lieutenant; promoted to captain in regular service in 1861; dead
JOHN D. MCLUCAS, 1st lieutenant, promoted from ranks to lieutenant 1862; alive
GEORGE R. HEARSEY, 2d lieutenant; resigned June 1861; dead
WM. T. ROGERS, 2d lieutenant; promoted lieutenant May 1862; wounded at Gettysburg and 
  Fredericksburg, dead
JOHN A. PETERKIN, 3d lieutenant, died of disease in Virginia
JAS. M. ALFORD, 3d lieutenant; promoted lieutenant 1861; resigned 1861; dead
JOHN J. MCQUAGE, 1st sergeant; promoted regimental color bearer 1861; alive
JOHN W. SMITH, 1st sergeant; detached service Winder hospital; alive
M.M. ALFORD, 1st sergeant; wounded Knoxville, captured and died in prison.
HUGH B. MCCALL, 1st sergeant; wounded at Maryland Heights, captured and died
ELI WILLIS, 1st sergeant; severely wounded Cold Harbor; alive
FRANK MCRAE, sergeant, wounded Cedar Mountain; died in Virginia
HUGH MCLUCAS, 2d sergeant; wounded Gettysburg, 1863 and died
CAMERON MCKINNON, 2d sergeant; living
JOHN GUNTER, 3d sergeant; wounded Knoxville; alive
JOHN C. CALHOUN, 3d sergeant; dead
LAUCHLIN A . MCLAURIN, 4th Sergeant; died since war
CRAWFORD MCCALL, 1st corporal; killed Gettysburg July 1863
NATHAN T. ALFORD, 2d corporal; wounded Wilderness; alive
DANIEL HARGROVE, 3d corporal; wounded Gettysburg 1863; living
JOSEPH D. BRUCE, 4th corporal; living


1. Allen, Elmore, discharged 1861; living
2. Barrington, Harris, discharged 1861; died since war
3. Bruce, Thomas, dead
4. Beverly, W.R. discharged 1861; dead
5. Cottingham, Chas. Died at home 1861
6. Crowley, Robt. C., discharged 1862; dead
7. Cope, Thomas, discharged 1862; living
8. Covington, Eli T. joined company 1865; living
9. Curtin, ?, dead
10. Clark , Joseph, dead
11. Crowley, Wm., substitute for C.M.McRae; dead
12. Covington, Jas. T., discharged 1861; living
13. Drake, Ancil, died Warrenton, Virginia, during war
14. Davis, Columbus, died in prison, Camp Chase
15. Driggers, Robt. S. discharged in 1861, dead
16. DuPree, Thos. J., discharged 1861; dead
17. English, Wm., died disease, Culpeper, Virginia
18. Edens, Joseph, living
19. Edens, Thos. H., killed Bean Station, Virginia
20. Emanuel, James M., dead
21. Easterling, Lewis R., joined company 1865; living
22. Easterling, David, joined company, 1865; living
23. Freeman, L. D., substituted for Thos. Bruce
24. Freeman, Benj. Discharged 1861; dead
25. Fletcher, W.R., living
26. Guzzard, John W., died Rome Georgia, 1863
27. Graham, E., died Culpeper, Virginia 1863
28. Grooms, E., died Culpeper, Virginia 1861
29. Hargroves, James, transferred to quartermaster department 1861; dead
30. Harril, Tristram, wounded Chattanooga; living
31. Haitchcock, Thos. Wounded Chattanooga, dead
32. Hays, J.J., captured Gettysburg, living
33. Hays, Robt. W., living
34. Haskew, John W. wounded Gettysburg; dead.
35. Huckabe, John, captured, living
36. Hodge, T.C. living
37. Ivy, H.W., discharged 1862; living
38. Ivy, Levi, wounded Malvern Hill; living
39. Jones, John C. discharged 1861; dead
40. Jones, Martin, lost arm first Manassas, discharged ; dead
41. Jacobs, Robt.,  Substitute T. Edens; dead
42. Jackson, John C., died in prison, Camp Chase
43. Jacobs, J. Frost, living
44. John, Daniel C. transferred to cavalry; living
45. Kirby, H.
46. McCall, Cameron, died Warrenton, Virginia
47. McCall, Alex, wounded Sharpsburg; living
48. McRae, A.D. died in 1862
49. McRae, John D. discharged 1862; dead
50. McRae, Jno. C. wounded Maryland Heights; died of disease, Virginia
51. McDaniel, Jas. R. died disease Knoxville
52. McLucas, Archie, died at home 1863
53. McLaurin, John f., living
54. McLeod, Murdock, discharged 1861; dead
55. McPherson, Malcom, killed Gettysburg 1863
56. McPherson, Angus, killed Gettysburg 1863
57. Matheson, Hugh died in 1861
58. Manship, John, joined company 1864, died 1864
59. Rogers, Frank A. living
60. Rascoe, Daniel, died Virginia 1861
61. Smith, W.D.
62. Stubbs, Lucius, died Richmond, Virginia, 1861; body buried Bennettsville Baptist Church
63. Sport, George, discharged 1861
64. Sarris, A.L., died in Gordonsville, Virginia
65. Stantion, A.A., substitute Levy Ivy; dead
66. Webster, W.R. wounded Seven Pines, Virginia; dead
67. Williams, Lazarus, wounded first Manassas; discharged 1861; living
68. Woodley, Alex, died disease, Culpeper, Virginia
69. Weatherly, A.W., wounded Malvern Hill; living

Killed in battle:	7
Wounded:		22
Captured:		6
Died in Prison		3
Discharged		14
Unknown		        3
Died of Disease 
   During War		21
Dead			29
Alive			33

The data above was extracted and contributed by Barbara Cope Svetlick, volunteer extraordinaire, August 1998.


A History of Marlboro County, South Carolina by J.A.W. Thomas
Reprint sponsored by the Marlborough Historical Society
Gateway Press, Inc.
Baltimore 1989
Originally published Atlanta, 1897
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 73-181859
International Standard Book Number 0-8063-7985-5

The notations after each man is  his status when the book was written in the late 1890s.  
The book was published posthumously in 1897.

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