Marlboro County, SC

Cheraw Gazette
Extracts 1835-1838

by Victoria Proctor, © 2001.

November 17, 1835 issue (Vol. I, No. 1):
     Died at his residence in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on the 13th ult., 
     Mr. Samuel B. PEGUES, formerly of this state, aged 46 years

     Married in Greenville, N.C. on Thursday evening, the 22nd October last, by
     the Rev. Robert Napier, Col. John A. POUNCY, of Marlboro, S.C., to
     Miss Pamelia Armstrong, of that place.

February 23, 1836 issue:

     Died in Mobile, Alabama, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Ann McCOLLUM,
     consort of Mr. Peter McCOLLUM, late of Bennettsville, S.C.

June 14, 1836 issue:

     Married in Marlborough District, on the 6th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Covington,
     Mr. J. T. Hinson of this town to Miss Mary Ann CARELOSS.

June 28, 1836

     Married at her residence in Marlboro on the 23rd inst., by the 
     Rev. Mr. Martin, Doctor Washington Boothe of Laurence County, Alabama,
     to Mrs. Maria B. MOFFITT.

August 23, 1836

     Married on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. A. Marshall,
     T. C. Evans, Esq., of this town, to Miss Eliza [CAMPBELL], daughter of
     the Hon. R. B. CAMPBELL, of Marlboro.

September 20, 1836

     Died in Marlborough District, on Sunday the 11th inst., Lucy, second daughter
     of Charles COTTINGHAM Sen.

October 4, 1836

     Died at her father's residence in Marlborough District, on the morning of
     26th ult., after an illness of 12 days, Miss Katherine McRAE, daughter of
     Rev. Charles McRAE, in the 35th year of her age

October 25, 1836

     Died in Marlborough District, S.C. on the 6th inst., Mrs. Flora NICHOLSON,
     wife of Malcolm NICHOLSON, Esq., in the 66th year of her age

November 15, 1836

     Died on the 25th of October at the house of Nathan B. THOMAS, near
     Bennettsville, Marlborough District, S.C., Mrs. Elizabeth PEARCE, in the
     69th year of her age...a member of the Baptist church for more than 20 years.

November 22, 1836

     Died on the 12th inst. at his residence in Marlborough District, 
     Col. Benjamin ROGERS, aged 73 years ... a patriot and soldier in the
     Revolutionary War ... left a wife and a large family of children.

January 24, 1837

     Married at Woodstock, Marlborough District, S.C., on Thursday the 9th inst.,
     by the Rev. A. McQueen, Wm. CROSLAND, M.D., of Bennettsville, to
     Miss Eliza J., daughter of Major James POUNCEY.

August 9, 1837

     Died at Niagara, N.Y., on the 25th ult., David G. COIT, Esq., of Marlboro

August 23, 1837

     Married on Wednesday the 9th inst., by the Rev. Robert Napier,
     Capt. A. H. DAVID of Marlborough to Miss Ann E. Hinds of Darlington

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