Marlboro County, SC

Farmers' Gazette and Cheraw Advertizer
Extracts 1839-1842

by Victoria Proctor © 2001.

November 15, 1839 issue:

     Married in Brownsville on the 30th of October last, by Rev. N. Ware,
     Mr. W. H. CANNON, Jr. of Darlington District to Miss Ann M., daughter of
     Capt. Geo. HODGES.

February 14, 1840

     Died at the residence of Jesse BETHEA, Esq., of Marlboro District, S.C. 
     on the evening of the 22nd ultimo, Mr. Andrew MacKAY, son of Rev. Dan'l McKay,
     late of Richmond Co., N.C., now a resident of Mississippi.

March 13, 1840

     Died in Marlborough District, S.C. on Thursday evening last, George W. FORNISS,
     a highly respectable farmer of that district.

April 10, 1840

     Married in Marion District on the 5th of March, by Elder R. Napier,
     Mr. T. McDANIEL of Marlborough District, to Miss Mary MOODY of Marion District,

September 23, 1840

     Died lately in the State of Alabama, Mrs. IRBY, relict of the late
     Charles IRBY, of Marlborough District, S.C.

October 21, 1840

     Married in Winfield on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Thomas Cook,
     Col. W. G. FEAGIN to Mrs. Christian CAMPBELL, both of Marlborough District, 

November 4, 1840

     Died at Clio, Marlborough District, S.C. on Tuesday evening, 20th of
     October, Amanda, daughter of William and Anna Jane ROGERS, aged five and
     one-half years.

November 11, 1840

     Married in Bennettsville on the 29th October, Mr. James H. McQUEEN to
     Mrs. Maria COIT.

March 17, 1841

     Died near Clio, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Nancy McINTYRE, widow of Charles
     McIntyre, Esq., of Marlborough District, S.C.

July 12, 1842

     Died at his residence in Marlborough District, S.C., on the morning
     of the 6th inst., Mr. John MURDOCH, Senr., in the 83rd year of his age.

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