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Part One: 1867 - 1899

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


October 25, 1867

Rev. Tracy R. WALSH died Oct. 20.

John P. PEABODY and Abner N. BRISTOW died during the past week.


January 24, 1883

Yesterday morning at the Pee Dee Church, Mr. C. T. EASTERLING married Mrs. Columbia McCALL.

Little Tommy, son of Mr. T. G. WALLACE died last Friday.

The eldest daughter of Judge COTHRAN died at Abbeville on January 8. She was the wife of Mr. J. Allen SMITH.

Died the 7th of January, Mrs. Martha A. POOLE. Survived by her daughters.

Mrs. C. M. McJUNKIN died yesterday from cancer. (Columbia Register – the 14th.

Mr. Mastin QUICK, father of Mrs. Allen S. GRANT and grandfather of Mr. Alex COWARD, died Thursday.

Rev. David DERRICK died in Columbia, Jan. 12. He was born in July, 1800.

Ex-Sheriff, Archibald CARMICHAEL, died at the residence of his son, Neil J. CARMICHAEL, Esq. Near Kentyre on Sunday, the 7th inst. At the age of 85 years.


February 25, 1885

Maj. Martin A. DELANY, colored, died at Wilberforce, Ohio recently.

Judge J. J. WRIGHT died in Charleston on the 18th inst.

Rev. John W. KELLY died at Orangeburg on 18th inst. He was about 60 years old and

Leaves a large family.

Died at his home near Clio on Friday last, Mr. James WOODLEY, aged about 84 years.

Raiford FLETCHER, Crawford EASTERLING, and Carrie Lee HAMILTON all recently died.

Mrs. Sarah COOK died Feb. 15, 1885 at the age of 75. In Jan. 1830 she married Col. William COOK.

The six-week old baby of Mr. James ODOM has died.

Dr. Samuel H. PRESSLY of Society Hill died on Wednesday last at the age of 68 years.

June 10, 1885

Maj. John K. NIERMSEE died in Columbia on the 7th inst.

Died near Bruton’s Fork Church on Weds. last, Mrs. KENDRICKS, aged about 65 years. Buried at Hubbard Graveyard.

Miss Julia JACKSON, youngest daughter of the late Stonewall JACKSON, married Mr. William E. CHRISTIAN of Richmond, VA on the 2nd.

Thomas J. FLETCHER, son of John S. and Anna FLETCHER, was born in Marlboro Co., S.C. on July 18, 1860 and died March 18, 1885. Survived by his widow.

February 2, 1887 – Wednesday

Rev. Wright WILSON of Clio was buried on Sunday last. Survived by sons, Revs. John S. WILSON and Alex J. WILSON. Rev. W. Wilson died at his home near Clio on Friday last at the age of 76 years.

February 9, 1887

Capt. J. Y. McFALL, clerk of the Court of Newberry Co., died on the 2nd inst. He was a soldier in the late War, and was about 60 years old. Survived by his widow and four children.

Prof. J. Willoughby READE, died in Norfolk, VA on January 26.

Mr. Bascomb COVINGTON has taken a wife.

Mr. W. H. GIBSON married Miss Alice NEWTON on the 3rd.

Mr. Laurence ENGLISH married Miss Sallie QUICK on the 3rd.

May 11, 1887

Orville T. CALHOUN, Esq. Of Abbeville, died in Columbia on May 2, 1887, aged 39


Mrs. Dr. TEMPLE of Clio died last night.

June 1, 1887

Gibson Station – Mr. William CHANCE died Wednesday 25th ult.

Died on Wednesday last, Mrs. Sue McCALL in her 70th year. Buried at Beaver Dam Church. She was the wife of Lock McCALL.

May 31 – Mrs. Annie WELCH, wife of the late Rev. Richard WELCH and only sister of Peter T. SMITH, died on Friday last and was buried at Hebron Cemetary on Saturday.

Died on Sunday the 29th, Mrs. Mary SMITH, wife of John P. SMITH, aged 65 years. Buried at Hebron on Monday.

Died on Saturday last, Mrs. Godwin BARRINGTON, aged 40 years. Buried at Barrington graveyard.

Mrs. Mary STUBBS, wife of the late Thos. A. STUBBS, died in Sumter. Buried at family burying ground in Brightsville. She was the sister of J. L. STUBBS.

Married on May 18, 1887, Mr. T. F. MASON of Florida and Miss Lizzie EDENS of Marlboro Co., S.C.

July 20, 1887

Mr. Phillip A. MOSES, an old resident of Charleston, died in Sumter on Monday.

H. N. EMLYN of Columbia died Monday.

On Monday, Mr. H. W. CARROLL received word from his mother in Magnolia, NC of the death of his father, Capt. James T. CARROLL on Saturday.

Died on Tuesday, July 19, Mr. Sidney A. Marshal, the last one of a family of four, three of whom died July 1886. Buried at Pinewood Cemetery.

Died on Saturday last, Mrs. Margaret ODOM, wife of Thomas Q. ODOM, aged about 45 years. Buried at Pee Dee Church.

On Thursday last, Mr. Henry B. EASTERLING drowned. He leaves a wife and five small children. Buried at family plot at Beauty Spot Cemetery. He was about 35 years old.

Died on the 16th, Mrs. Betsy LILES, widow of the late Holden LILES (who died 29 years ago,) and the mother of Messrs. Joseph R., James S., and Benjamin R. LILES. She was 80 years old and the daughter of Mr. James STUBBS. Funeral services were held at Bruton’s Fork Baptist Church.

Died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Bettie D. McLeod, in Red Hill, James N. ALFORD, aged about 18 years. Buried at family burying ground.

Mr. TOWNSEND who lost a child on Friday last, will bury his wife today. They were from Robeson, N.C.

Mrs. Mary Ann SALMONDS, WIFE OF Mr. T. O. SALMONDS, DIED ON Saturday. Buried at Hebron.

Little child of Mr. John G. HUBBARD died on Sunday last.

July 15, the little daughter and oldest child of Mr. Willie ODOM died of typhoid making 10 members of that family having died from typhoid in the last two years.

May 9, 1888

Mrs. Eliza HINSON died April 23, 1888 in her 67th year. She married Mr. Brinkly C. HINSON in 1861.

William E. COXE, Jr. recently died.

August 8, 1888

Married on July 22, 1888, Mr. James W. QUICK and Miss Mary DRIGGERS.

July 19, 1889

On May 20, 1888, Isaac LONG died.

On June 3, 1889, Albert GILLAM died.

George WELCH, colored, was born March 16, 1845 and died June 4, 1889. He married Miss Rachel MURDOCK, daughter of Rev. Thomas MURDOCK on November 25, 1868.

The fifteen-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Claude PATE died.

Married on the 14th inst. Mr. Charley ODOM and Miss Alice BENNETT of Hebron.

On July 11, 1889, Mary, 15-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. MOORE, died.

Mr. B. C. EVANS formerly of Cheraw was killed in Ft. Worth, TX on the 6th.

Ida PATRICK recently died.

James McDonald CONOLY recently died.

October 4, 1889

Gen. D. H. HILL of Confederate fame died in Charlotte, NC on the 24th.

Died Sept. 28, 1889, Mrs. Carolina J. GRAHAM, at the age of 75 years.

December 20, 1889

New Orleans, Dec. 11 – Jefferson DAVIS was buried today in Metaire Cemetery.

Mrs. Ann STUART, wife of John C. STUART, died Dec. 10 in Bartow, FL at the age of 69 years. She was the daughter of Daniel M. CROSLAND, and married Mr. Stuart in 1847.

Died in Charleston on Dec. 10, 1889, Mrs. Alice G. JOHNSON, aged 45, widow of Mr. A. G. JOHNSON; formerly of Marlboro Co. Buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

Married Dec. 17, Mr. T. K. ADAMS to Miss Annie Jane GIBSON, daughter of Mr. Raiford GIBSON.

Married December 8, Mr. W. P. WHITTINGTON and Miss Amelia BARRINGTON.

Mary F. SAWYER, of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" fame, died in Sterling, Mass. At the age of 88.

January 31, 1890

Married Jan. 15, Mr. Arch STUBBS of Robeson Co. and Mrs. Ella F. HUBBARD of Brightsville.

Mr. Younger T. HUCKABEE, age 81, died Jan. 23, 1890. He was the father of Mr. Charles HUCKABEE.

Edens – Mrs. N. Elizabeth EDENS, nee McRARREY, wife of Joseph A. EDENS, was born Jan. 24, 1844 near Rome, GA, and died Jan. 15, 1890 near Little Rock, SC. Survived by husband and 6 children (5 daughters/1 son). Buried at Salem Baptist Church.

Sim LOWREY, son of Steve LOWREY, was killed in Maxton on Saturday.

March 21, 1890

Died on the 13th, Mrs. Christian TURNER, wife of Jack TURNER. Buried at Shiloh Church.

Died in Hebron on March 14, 1890, Mrs. Sarah SPEARS, wife of Mr. Wm. SPEARS. Buried at family burying ground.

On Tuesday last, John Henry, 6-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper T. EASTERLING, died. Buried at Pinewood Cemetery.

Mr. C. H. SUBER of Newberry, SC died on the 12th inst.

April 11, 1890

Hattie, 18-month old daughter of J. P. SWETT, died. Buried on the 8th at the family burying ground.

Married April 2, Mr. J. M. SWANN and Miss Fannie LEWIS, daughter of W. S. LEWIS.

Married April 3, Mr. Charles P. HODGES and Miss Josie BREEDEN, eldest daughter of Mr. J. L. BREEDEN, Esq.

April 25, 1890

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hayes McDUFFIE, aged 69 years two months and 14 days, died April 18, 1890. She was born in Marion Co. and was the widow of Angus McDUFFIE who died in Marlboro Co. in 1880 at the age of 80. She was the sister of Eben and Dwight HAYES; and the mother of Mr. Angus F. McDUFFIE. She leaves four sons and one daughter. Buried at Salem Church.

Died on Sunday last, Mrs. James CULLY. Buried at Brownsville Baptist Church.

July 11, 1890

Tommie GILCHREST, adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellerbe POWERS, died on Sunday. Buried beside his "angel mother" in the Wallace graveyard in Brightsville.

July 18, 1890

Died on Wednesday, Miss Fannie, eldest daughter of Mr. A. D. HINSON.

Died at Red Hill on Sunday, little Sue, 10-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. EDENS. Buried at Spears graveyard.

Died in Hebron on July 14, 1890, Mrs. Ellen SPEARS, wife of Mr. Robert SPEARS, aged about 33. She was the daughter of Rev. L. M. HAMER. Buried in family graveyard.

Willie Jennings, aged 15 months and 3 days, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ATKINS, died Tuesday last. Buried at Pinewood Cemetery.

August 15, 1890

Married on the 10th, Mr. John IVEY of Marion and Miss Nannie McKINNON of Hebron.

Miss Carrie HERRING recently died. Member Dunbar Sabbath School.

September 19, 1890

Married Tuesday, Mr. Phillip EMANUEL and Miss Annie Belle HAMILTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. HAMILTON.

Jos. B. HEUSTESS is brother-in-law of D. A. CALHOUN.

Harmon Fletcher, son of Eli T. and Lizzie COVINGTON, was born Feb. 16, 1877 and died August 22, 1890.

November 7, 1890 – Friday

Owen JACKSON recently died. Member of Order of Masonry and M.E. Church South.

Married in Fayetteville on the 23rd ult, Mr. Herbert McKAY and Miss Sallie WIDDIFIELD, daughter of the late Wm. M. WIDDIFIELD.

Mr. D. C. LYTCH of Laurinburg was accidentally killed on Friday.

Mr. W. P. COVINGTON married Mrs. Mollie GARRETT at Rockingham on Wednesday.


August 10, 1892 – Wednesday

Mrs. Joel ALLEN was buried in Marion on Tuesday.

Died on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1892, Mr. Robert H. ODOM, aged 58 years. Buried at Pee Dee Cemetery.

Estalena, second daughter of the late Angus and Mrs. Maggie McDONALD, was born April 27, 1875 and died July 14, 1892. She was the granddaughter of Allen EDENS. Buried at McColl Cemetery.

October 26, 1892

Hebron – Mr. Euclid EVERETT has died.

November 9, 1892

Married on Tuesday, Nov. 1, Prof. J. M. KNIGHT and Miss M. T. GUERRY.

Married Nov. 1, Mr. G. W. PEARSON and Miss Bettie EASTERLING, daughter of Dr. H. R. EASTERLING.


January 4, 1893

Married at Beauty Spot Church on Dec. 25, 1892, Mr. Frank [?] HEUSTESS to Miss

Brenda __________.

March 22, 1893

Infant child of Rev. and Mrs. J. W. ARIAIL died. Buried at Parnassus Cemetery on Saturday.

Mr. Philip PARKER was born Nov. 14, 1810 in Adamsville Township, and died March 13, 1893 at the age of 83 years. Survived by large family, wife and sisters.

September 6, 1893

Mr. Frank B. ROGERS died on Monday at the age of 39 years. Leaves wife and one child. Buried at Blenheim Cemetery.

Died on Monday last, Mr. D. E. COXE, age 67 years.

Died this morning, Mrs. Ann E. BRISTOW, mother of A. J., A. A., and L. T. Bristow, and of Mrs. WYATT and Miss Sallie BRISTOW. She was 75 years old. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Married August 31, 1893, David BUTLER and Betsy LEVINER.

J. E. HARRALL recently died. Member of Knights of Pythias.


February 20, 1895

Rev. R. W. BARNWELL’s father-in-law recently died.

Mr. Willie C. STUBBS to marry Miss Lucy LILES [?} on Feb. 27.

Notice to Creditors – Estate of John A. SWEAT, deceased, v.s. Rebecca SWEAT.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. BASINGER died Saturday last.

Died Sunday, Mr. Joel HALL, age 89 years.

April 17, 1895

Rev. David W. SEALE died in Williamsburg Co. on the 6th. Buried at St. Lukes Church, Sumter Co.

Robert MILLER, colored, died Christmas in Florida. Leaves wife and several children.

December 4, 1895

Mrs. Elizabeth TURNER, wife of Mr. Aaron TURNER, aged 56, died Saturday last. Buried at Quick graveyard.

Married Nov. 27, 1895, Miss Louise BEASLEY, daughter of Rev. J. S. BEASLEY, and Mr. H. T. TATUM.

Married Nov. 27, Miss Maggie WILLIS, daughter of Mr. Furman WILLIS, to Mr. Luther FLETCHER.

Married Nov. 24, Mr. Frank O. CARTER and Miss Maude PEELE.


January 8, 1896

Miss Louis KINNEY recently died. Member Woman’s Missionary Society.

Married Jan. 7, 1896, Mr. Alfred Baldwin HAMER and Miss Mary Agnes PRICE.

Married in Wilmore, KY on Dec. 22, 1895, Mr. Thomas E. BRIDGES of Florida and Miss Mary Lee GREEN of Sumter, SC.

Died Saturday last, little Jessie, 5-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. BARRINGTON and granddaughter of Mrs. Fannie SPEARS. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

February 19, 1896

Died Friday last, Mr. R. W. HAYES.

Mrs. M. ADAMS, nee WEATHERLY, wife of Jesse ADAMS, died in Darlington on the 10th. Leaves husband and five children.

Mr. Clarence HUBBARD of Hebron to marry Miss Mary HEUSTESS, daughter of Joseph B. HEUSTESS, tonight.

Mr. Reid CHILDRESS of Greenville Co. to marry Miss Carrie May COTTINGHAM tomorrow.

June 24, 1896

Died in Greenwood, SC on Sunday last, Mr. S. C. TURNER.

Infant babe of Mr. O. W. PALMER died at the home of its grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.

D. J. STONE, on Tuesday.

W. H. KIRKWOOD to marry Miss Sallie ADAMS, daughter of Mr. T. M. ADAMS, in Gibson Station, NC on July 2.


February 10, 1897

James Rowland, infant son of James A. and Mattie DAVID, died a few days ago. Buried at Quick’s cemetery.

Mr. James C. HAMER, formerly of Marlboro Co., died in Robeson Co. (his residence for the last 15 years) on Sunday last. His remains were returned to Marlboro and he was buried in family burying ground near Tatum.

Died in Richland Co. on 5th ultimo, Mrs. John A. REESE, formerly of Bennettsville. She was the former Miss Mary Jane DAVID, daughter of the late James DAVID.

Jeff Townsend, colored, was killed Christmas Eve, 1895.

March 10, 1897

Mr. Brooks HAMER and Miss Walker BENNETT, daughter of Mr. John Bennett, were married March 4, 1897.

March 1, 1897, Mr. Walter W. BROWN married Miss Josie HARDEN. The groom is the brother of Mrs. Jasper EASTERLING.

December 8, 1897

Miss Lucinda DAY of Springfield, Mass., died Thursday at age of 87. She was born Nov. 5, 1810, the oldest daughter of Aaron DAY. She was the eldest of 6 children.

Miss Annie J. ODOM married Mr. Orlendo STANTON last Wednesday. She was the daughter of Mr. P. T. ODOM.

Married Dec. 5, 1897, Mr. Tilden LEE of Hebron and Miss Elise ADAMS, daughter of Mr. Jesse B. ADAMS.

Married Wednesday last, Capt. P. G. ALSTON and Mrs. Lucy E. ROPER of Tatum.


October 18, 1899

Mrs. John PEGUES died last Thursday. Buried at New Hope Church.

Mrs. John W. SWETT died last Thursday. Buried at Ebenezer Church by Rev. N. L. SWETT.

Married Oct. 15, 1899, Mr. W. A. DANIEL and Miss Ida DEATON of Richmond Co., NC.

Mrs. Caroline USHER died Oct. 16, 1899 at age of 76. Leaves five children (3 sons/2 daughters.)

November 22, 1899

Miss Sallie GALLOWAY died Nov. 13 at the age of 63. Buried at Parnassus.

Married Nov. 8, 1899, Mr. Nicholas FLETCHER and Miss Carrie ROGERS.

Died on Thursday last, Mr. Robert L. WRIGHT, son of the late James C. WRIGHT. Buried in family grave yard.

Died Saturday, Mrs. Shelah Moore LeGETTE, wife of Mr. J. B. LeGETTE of Marion Co., and daughter of Mr. A. Y. MOORE. Leaves husband and five children.

Mrs. Elizabeth MILLER died at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. J. B. ADAMS, on Nov. 20, at the age of 87 years. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Died Nov. 18, 1899, Grace, 5-month old daughter of Mr. John C. and Mollie USHER. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.


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