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Part Two: 1900 through May 1901

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


October 19, 1900

Married in Columbia on Oct. 10, 1900, Mr. Lewis M. COVINGTON of Hebron and Miss Hessie DENT, sister of Rev. T. M. DENT.

In Red Springs, NC on Oct. 10, 1900, Mr. W. P. ODOM married Miss Sallie E. RANDLES.

November 28, 1900

Died Nov. 26, 1900, Mrs. Jane KIRKWOOD, relict of the late Dr. KIRKWOOD. [also in
the Jan. 4, 1901 issue.]


January 4, 190l – Friday

Mrs. Jane KIRKWOOD died Nov. 26, 1900. She was born Oct. 13, 1832, and married Dr. KIRKWOOD of Charleston on Oct. 29, 1858.

Died Dec. 19, 1900, Mrs. Meta Brown EASTERLING, aged 22 years, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert BROWN. Leaves husband and 15-month old baby, father, mother, sister, and two brothers. Buried at family burying ground near Swett Swamp.

Little Jessie BREEDEN recently died. Member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Sunday School.

Died Dec. 29, 1900 at the home of his uncle, Mr. Sam PATE, Mr. O. S. PATE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Simeon PATE. He was 21 years, 11 months and 16 days old. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery.

Married Dec. 27, 1900, Mr. J. T. JONES and Miss Roberta McDANIEL, daughter of Mr. D. J. McDANIEL.

Married in Florence on Jan. 1, 1901, Mr. Earl C. MORRISON of Marlboro and Miss Elizabeth M. BOUNDS, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Silas BOUNDS.

January 11, 1901

Dr. Herman BAER of Charleston died Wednesday.

Husband of Mrs. Mollie E. PATE recently died.

Mr. John PONDS married Miss Annie Lee BROACH last week.

Mr. Gilman D. BARLOW of Dillon to marry Miss Ellena BREEDEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. BREEDEN of Bennettsville on the 16th inst.

Married Jan. 6, 1901, Mr. John W. WILSON of Clio and Miss Bessie DOARES of Robeson Co., NC.

Married in Sumter on Jan. 3, 1901, Mr. F. D. KNIGHT, formerly of Bennettsville and Miss Susan DARR, daughter of the late H. L. DARR of Sumter.

Married Jan. 6, 1901, Mr. Harvey WALDEN and Miss Mollie THOMPSON.

Died in Sumter, SC on Jan. 4, 1901, Mr. Ira WOODWARD. Buried in Hebron Cemetery.

Died Friday last [Jan. 4] from pneumonia, Mr. Samuel H. PATE, age about 44 years. Leaves wife, two children, and three brothers. Buried at Evergreen.

January 18, 1901

Rev. D. A. PATRICK died at Gaffney on Thursday. His remains were returned to Summerville. He had just married on Dec. 27, 1900.

Miss Lena BREEDEN married Mr. G. D. BARLOW on Wednesday.

Married Wednesday in Darlington, Mr. George W. DOUGLAS of Bennettsville and Miss Margaret ERVIN, daughter of Mr. E. M. ERVIN of Florence.

Mr. W. S. SMITH died Friday last. Native of Moore Co., NC. Buried at Ebenezer Church.

Mr. Jasper DRIGGERS died Wednesday. Buried at Hebron.

Hebron Cemetery Association Annual Report [Assembled here from three different issues – Jan. 18, Jan. 25, and Feb. 8, 1901.]

Tombstones placed during 1900: Miss Martha J. EDENS, Bennie WYNN, Mrs. Emily BRISTOW, Louisiana HODGE, Lilian and Pearl MEDLIN, Ellen C. COWARD, Walter COWARD, infant son of J. and Mrs. C. COVINGTON, Flossie Beatrice HUBBARD, Martha Ellen COVINGTON, Bridges COVINGTON, John A. McKINNON, Clara FIELDS, Robert Kinney WEATHERLY, Josie WEATHERLY, and Ella EDENS.

During 1900 the following children were buried at Hebron Cemetery:

Infant of Thomas O. and Emma SALMON, named Emma, died February 2.

Mary R., daughter of Richard and Orpha HINSON, born Dec. 21, 1898; died May 30, 1900.

Bridges, son of John L. and Lou COVINGTON, born April 27, 1897 and died June 9, 1900.

Preston Lafayette, son of Rev. P. L. KIRON, died in his sixth year.

Anna, daughter of James L. and Tommie Jane SPEARS, born July 21, 1899 and died August 12, 1900.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. MOODY, about 6 weeks old, died September 30, 1900.

Josie, child of Robert and Rebecca WEATHERLY, born May 24, 1900 and died October 4, 1900.

Henry Meely, son of Dr. W. J. and Jennie REEDY, born January 28, 1900 and died October 16, 1900.

Robert Dewey, son of Thomas and Janey FRASER, born Aug. 16, 1899 and died December 19, 1900.

During 1900 the following adults were buried at Hebron Cemetery:

Mrs. Martha A. MANNING, wife of James R. MANNING and daughter of Capt. Henry B. and Mrs. Jane COVINGTON, born Nov. 28, 1837 and died May 5, 1900. Her maternal grandfather, Mr. Simon SMITH, was one of the early settlers of Clio. She was the niece of Rev. William R. SMITH. She married Mr. Manning January 3, 1867.

Hiram WYNN, son of William and Nancy WYNN, was born in Fayetteville, NC about 1840 and died in Marlboro Co., May 20, 1900. Survived by wife, children and grandchildren.

Mrs. Sarah COVINGTON, wife of Mr. Henry COVINGTON, and daughter of Mr. Richard and Mrs. Mary SMITH, was born Dec. 19, 1844 and died June 27, 1900. She married Mr. Covington on Feb. 12, 1865, and is survived by her husband, one son and one daughter. She was born and raised in Adamsville.

William Presley WYNN, son of William and Martha WYNN, was born in 1876 and died August 11, 1900. He was married about 7 months before his death, to Miss Jessie PATRICK.

David BERRY, son of Nathan and Susan BERRY, was born in Marion Co. on April 22, 1858 and died in Tatum on October 1, 1900. He married on Feb. 13, 1879 to Miss Melissa McDONALD, who only lived a few years after their marriage. On June 21, 1882, he married Miss Arabella JOHNSON, who with seven children survives him.

Robert COVINGTON, was born Feb. 10, 1821, and died September 25, 1900 at the age of 79 years, 7 months and 4 days. He was the son of Thomas S. and Sarah COVINGTON. On his paternal side he was the great grandson of Rev. Robert THOMAS. On Jan. 17, 1844 he married Miss Martha THOMAS, the daughter of Eli THOMAS; she is granddaughter of the same Rev. Robert Thomas. On his maternal side he was grandson of James COOK. Robert C. was a confederate veteran and leaves a widow, four sons and three daughters.

January 25, 1901

Mr. Zack ROGERS married Miss Lillie DONALDSON on December 20, 1900.

Married Jan. 16, 1901, Mr. A. F. HILLIARD of Bennettsville and Miss Sallie IRBY, daughter of the late John B. IRBY.

Married Jan. 20, 1901, Mr. Robert F. SPEARS and Georgie Anna DAVID. Both of Hebron.

Married Jan. 20, 1901, Mr. John B. WEATHERFORD and Miss Mollie GIBBES.

Married at Clio on Jan. 23, 1901, Mr. Henry BENNETT and Miss Loretta HUESTESS, daughter of Joseph HUESTESS.

Died near Smyrna on Jan. 22, 1901, Mr. Robert E. TOWNSEND, aged 75 years. He is survived by ex-Judge C. P. TOWNSEND and Mrs. Laney TOWNSEND, who is now 99 years old. He is buried at Smyrna Church.

February 8, 1901

Married Jan. 30, 1901, Mr. Daniel L. SINCLAIR and Mrs. Annie A. BENNETT, the daughter of Mr. A. B. BRYANT.

February 15, 1901

Ira P. WOODWARD, son of James B. and Sarah A. WOODWARD, was born near Smithfield, NC on June 28, 1858 [?] and died in Sumter, SC on Jan. 4, 1901. Buried at Hebron. His father died Aug. 29, 1877 when Ira was 9 [?] years old. Ira’s mother died March 9, 1884.

Mr. Joel PARISH is ill. Rumor says he has rented his mill and fishery for this year.

Mr. Zachariah PARKER and Miss Mary MEDLIN were married on Feb. 6.

Little babe of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. CROSLAND of Red Hill died. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery on Wednesday.

Mr. Colin BRIGMAN, aged 35 years, died on Thursday last. He was from Smithville and was the son of the late Moses BRIGMAN. He leaves a wife and three children. Buried at Prospect Church.

February 22, 1901

Died February 20, 1901, Mrs. Austin HARRIS. Survived by husband.

Mr. Chesley HYATT, age 40, died Feb. 14, 1901. Buried at Salem Church. Survived by widow.

Mr. J. S. LeGETT, still living, was born Feb. 16, 1823.

Herbert Wright, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Willie SALMONS, died at the age of 3 months. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Mr. Hannibal STANTON married Miss Lily HUESTESS.

Clio, Feb. 19 – Mr. W. Godfrey STANTON died. He was 72 last June, and was a Confederate veteran. Leaves widow and nine children. [also in March 1, 1901 issue]

March 1, 1901

W. G. STANTON was the son of Handy STANTON and his mother was Miss HUBBARD – the daughter of John HUBBARD. W. G. married Miss Annie BREEDEN, daughter of Capt. Aaron BREEDEN and had many children and grandchildren. Buried at McLucas Cemetery.

Married on Sunday, Mr. Doc. THOMPSON and Miss Martha POLSTON.

Mr. C. A. POWELL died Feb. 25, 1901. Buried at Salem Church.

Mrs. Thomas BRIGMAN died Tuesday. Buried at Antioch Church.

March 8, 1901

Little Beatty, eldest child of W. B. JENNINGS, died March 3, 1901; between 7 and 8 years old.

Dr. MARTIN died Wednesday. Remains taken to Laurens for burial.

Pat, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Boyce FRASER, died Wednesday at the age of 5 months and three days. Pat was second one of the twins. Buried at Evergreen.

Jerry POLSTON, still living, was born in Marlboro Co. in February 1789. He was first married to Nancy GANDY from Chesterfield Co. Married twice and the father of 19 children. (two of his sons are Chas. POLSTON aged 72 and Jerry, Jr. aged 65.)

Beulah Mirea, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McDANIEL of Dillon, died March 2, 1901 at the age of 3 months and 7 days. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery in McColl.

Only child of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. SPEARS died March 4. Buried at Spears Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. HUGGINS buried an infant at Parnassus last week.

Mr. Thompson ALLEN, still living, is between 85 and 90 years old.

Married March 3, Mr. J. R. PATRICK and Miss Walena TOWNSEND, daughter of Mr. W. S. TOWNSEND.

Married February 27, Mr. Berry BULLARD and Miss Bonnie SPEARS, daughter of Mrs. Wm. WEBSTER.

March 15, 1901

Capt. W. F. KINNEY was born Feb. 14, 1840 and died march 8, 1901. Buried at Parnassus on Sunday. [also March 29 issue]

Mr. Silas SPEARS married Miss Lily PATE on Sunday.

Little Maitland Pearl, infant daughter of Mr. H. B. and Mrs. Wilmer SPEARS, died March 4 at the age of 9 months and 17 days. Buried at Spears Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Silas BOUNDS and Mr. C. B. BRISTOW of Florence attended the funeral of their sister, Miss Jane BRISTOW, on Monday. She died March 10. She was the eldest daughter of the late Mrs. Eliza BRISTOW and was in her 68th year. She leaves one brother and six sisters: C. D. BRISTOW, Mrs. Silas BOUNDS, Mrs. J. C. HARDEN, Mrs. S. F. POWERS, Mirs. Ira BOUNDS, Miss Emily BRISTOW [other names illegible]. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mrs. TAYLOR, mother of John and George TAYLOR, died Friday in Darlington.

Dave MURDOCK, colored, was killed in Richmond Co. on the 28th of February.

March 22, 1901

Miss Emma A. McCULLY of Washington City was here Saturday to attend the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Eliza CROSLAND. Mrs. Crosland died March 15. Leaves husband, children and three sisters – Mrs. Mary T. CANNON, and Misses Emma A. and Ella W. McCULLY. Buried at Oak Ridge.

Mr. Thomas BREEDEN, father of Miss Mollie BREEDEN, died last Monday.

March 29, 1901

Capt. W. F. KINNEY was the son of Mr. William and Mrs. Pheriba KINNEY. He was born Feb. 14, 1840, and died March 8, 190l. He married when he was about 30 years old to Annie TOWNSEND, the daughter of Mr. Light TOWNSEND.

Miss Carolee BREEDEN, daughter of the late Thos. Troy BREEDEN whose death was mentioned last week, died on Sunday at the age of 19.

Mrs. George McCOWN of Darlington was killed Monday.

Married March 27, Mr. Harry POWELL of Camden and Miss Marion WALLACE, oldest daughter of Mr. T. G. WALLACE.

April 5, 1901

Mr. George MILES died March 24. Buried at Brownsville.

Mr. Peter BREEDEN, son of the late Thomas Troy BREEDEN, died on Friday, aged about 23 years old. Buried at Smyrna Cemetery.

April 12, 1901

W. MAYNER, about 50 years old, died last week. – Columbia

Mrs. MORRISON, mother of Mr. A. McL. MORRISON of Maxton, died on Friday.

Married April 11, Mr. L. M. HOWERTON of Columbia to Miss Mary Wilma MOORE, the daughter of Mr. B. D. MOORE.

April 19, 1901

Mrs. Ella HARRIS recently died.

Mrs. Younger HUCKABEE was buried Wednesday at Smyrna Church.

Mr. James Turner BALDWIN, brother of Mr. W. J. BALDWIN, died Tuesday at the age of 36. Survived by widow, 3 children and brother.

April 26, 1901

Mr. N. J. THOMPSON married Mrs. M. M. LONG on Sunday.

Mr. Steve SHELTON of Richmond, VA married Miss Carrie MATHESON in Blenheim on Saturday.

Mr. Light TOWNSEND married Miss Bessie McLeod on Tuesday.

Married April 22, Mr. Oscar ROGERS and Miss Mary NICHOLSON, both of Richmond Co., N.C.

Mr. James FRASER died Sunday. Leaves wife and three children.

Died at the residence of Mr. J. B. TOWNSEND on Tuesday, Miss Lanie TOWNSEND. Buried at Smyrna Cemetery.

Mr. Daniel TERRY, brother of Mr. Raiford TERRY, died Wednesday. His remains were taken to Rockingham for burial.

May 3, 1901

April 29, little Howard Spears, infant son of Mr. D. P. and Martha McQUAGE of Hebron died. He was born May 8, 1900. Buried in Spears Cemetery.

Died in Robeson Co., April 29, Mr. Thomas HASKEW, aged 81 years, 2 months and 26 days. He was formerly of Brownsville. Buried at Smyrna graveyard in Robeson Co. His only son was Mr. James A. HASKEW of Brightsville.

Mrs. Bettie TURLINGTON, wife of Mr. Willis TURLINGTON, DIED Friday at the age of 66 years. She was the mother of B. E. MOORE, C. A. MOORE and P. B. MOORE. [also June 7 issue] Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Little George, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. FRASER, aged 7 months, died Thursday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

The five STANTON brothers: Evander, Henry of Mississippi, Peter who never married, A. A. "Sandy" STANTON [fifth brother’s name is illegible}….

May 10, 1901

Married on Sunday, Mr. W. P. PARKER and Miss Julia GOODWIN.

Died on Sunday, Mr. Joab BROWN, aged 90 years. Native of Chatham Co. and Richmond Co. Buried at Shiloh grave yard.

May 17, 1901

Mrs. Thomas S. SMITH died May 1. Buried at Grove Church.

Married May 15, Mr.______ W. HONEYCUTT and Miss Ella ________.

Mr. James MUMPHREY of McColl died Friday.

On Sunday last, Mr. Patrick GOBLE married Miss Minnie DRIGGERS.

May 31, 1901

Mrs. Leon BASS, former Miss Beulah McCALL, died in Dillon on Monday. Buried at Dudley Cemetery in Blenheim.

Mrs. Noah BUNDY died Monday. [also June 21 issue]

Rufust Elbert, infant son of Mr. William and Mrs. Lucy CARTER, was born July 10, 1900 and died May 23, 1901. Buried at Hebron.

Married on Sunday, Mr. Calvin FREEMAN and Miss Amanda PERKINS

Married on Sunday, Mr. Warren MOORE and Miss Daisy STANLEY.

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