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Part Three: June 1901 - December 1902, The Marlboro Democrat

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


June 7, 1901

William Douglas, infant son of Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Sallie WOODLEY of Marion Co., SC was born July 16, 1900 and died May 28, 1901. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Little Douglas, infant son of Mr. Joseph T. and Mrs. Nellie COVINGTON, died last Sunday, June 2. Born June 10, 1900. Buried at Hebron.

Mrs. E. A. TURLINGTON was born Feb. 25, 1835 in Marlboro Co. and died in Bennettsville on April 26, 1901. Her maiden name was PEARSON. In 1853 she married Mr. Benjamin MOORE and had 3 sons – Edwin, Perry and Cary. Mr. Moore Died in 1875, and in 1878 she married Mr. Willis TURLINGTON.

Rev. Charles E. HODGIN married Miss Nettie Erma MURRAY of Greensboro, N.C. on June 5.

Died on Sunday last, Mrs. C. E. ELLERS. Her remains were taken to Concord, N.C.

The mother of Mrs. Thomas J. BREEDEN died Monday in Laurinburg.

Died June 1, Mrs. Sarah SINCLAIR, mother-in-law of W. L. STANTON, aged 72 years. Remains taken to St. Pauls, Robeson Co. for burial.

June 5, 1901, Julia, babe of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. I. ROGERS, died at the age of just over 9 months. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mrs. Arms BRISTOW, [black], died Friday. Buried in Wilmington.

June 14, 1901

Maj. Chas. S. HENEGAN, father of Wm. HENEGAN of Livingston, Alabama, died yesterday at the age of almost 68 years. Buried at Blenheim Cemetery.

Mr. Robert STANTON, 75-year old Confederate veteran of Hebron, died Wednesday.

Eight-month old child of Dr. MAYES died last Wednesday.

Julius Faison WATERS, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred WATERS of Raleigh, N.C., died at the home of his grandfather, Dr. J. A. FAISON, on Sunday. Buried in Raleight. His aunt is Miss Mary FAISON.

Mr. Alex C. McRAE to marry Miss Alice D. McLAURIN of Hasty, N.C. on June 19.

Rich McQUEEN, [black], died Thursday.

Capt. A. C. McFALL, formerly of Bennettsville, died Saturday in Charleston [?]. Buried in Darlington. Leaves wife and 4 children.

June 21, 1901

Mrs. Mollie BUNDY, wife of Noah BUNDY and youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. BARRINGTON, was born March 17, 1862, married Dec. 11, 1881, and died May 27, 1901. She was the mother of 8 children, 6 still living. Buried in Liles Cemetery.

Mrs. Sarah McLean SINCLAIR was born near Red Springs, N.C. on June 25, 1829. On Feb. 26, 1857, she married Mr. J. C. SINCLAIR of St. Pauls, N.C. They had seven children – 6 still living (one son died as he reached manhood.) Mr. Sinclair died in April 1896. She was the mother of Mrs. W. L. STANTON. Buried in St. Pauls.

Aunt Fannie COOK, [black], aged about 60, died Sunday. Buried at Spears Burying ground.

Miss Martha FEAGAN recently died. Member Tatum Baptist Church.

June 28, 1901

Mrs. Elizabeth HINSON, wife of Mr. William HINSON, was born March 28, 1828 and died June 20, 1901. She was the daughter of Rev. Richard and Mrs. Annie WELCH. She married Mr. Hinson on Aug. 12, 1853. Buried at Hebron Cemetery. Survived by husband [who is 83? years old,] and children.

Mr. Chas. ENGLISH, confederate veteran, died Saturday. Buried at Salem Church.

Vivian, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carey W. ODOM, died June 6, 1901 at the age of 7 months and a few days. Buried at Newtonville Cemetery.

Married June 23, Mr. John SHOEMAKER and Miss Carrie DAWKINS. Both of Adamsville.

July 5, 1901

Mrs. Martha E. COVINGTON, widow of Robert COVINGTON, died on Friday, June 28, at the age of 74 years. She was born near Tatum, the daughter of Eli and Mary THOMAS, and the granddaughter of Rev. Robert THOMAS. She was born Feb. 15, 1827. Buried at Hebron. [also in July 12 issue – On maternal side she was granddaughter of Mr. John H. HAMER, her maternal grandmother was Miss Ann COCHRAN, daughter of Thomas COCHRAN. She married Robert COVINGTON on Jan. 17, 1844. She raised four sons and three daughters (who all but one have families of their own.) (two of their offspring died in infancy.) Robert COVINGTON died Sept. 1900. One of her sons is Dr. R. B. COVINGTON.

Mrs. Almena Hill WATSON died in Latta on Saturday. She was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D. HILL.

July 12, 1901 – Friday

News of the death of Mr. T. LILES, mayor of Cheraw, was received Saturday.

Miss Rosa FREEMAN, age 20 from Bladenboro, N. C., died Tuesday. Her remains were returned to Bladenboro for burial.

Henry BROWN, [black], was killed on the 2nd.

Dink RANSOM died in Adamsville on Thursday last.

July 19, 1901

Mrs. Martha RAINWATERS, daughter of the late Henry SMITH, died on the 12th. Leaves husband, one child, one sister and two brothers. Her mother and father and a sister are already deceased. [also July 26 issue]

Mr. W. H. SAWYER mrried Miss Stella LANE in Marion Co. on July 3, 1901.

Mr. Agustine EDDINGS married Miss Pautha JOYNES last Sunday.

Mr. Fairley BARRINGTON, son of Mr. Robert BARRINGTON, died July 12.

July 26, 1901

Mrs. M. RAINWATERS, 24 years old, was buried at Oak Grove Church.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. ROWE died on Saturday. Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Miss Maude ROGERS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. S. ROGERS, died July 21 at the age of 18 years. Buried at family burying ground in Brownsville.

August 2, 1901

Mr. H. F. WILLOUGBY died on Thursday last. Leaves wife and three children. Remains taken to N.C. for burial.

Elma, little son of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. BARRETT, died Saturday. Buried at Evergreen.

Archie MILLER, son of Mr. P. A. MILLER of Adamsville, died Tuesday. Buried at Smyrna Church.

August 2, 1901

Archie MILLER, son of Mr. P. A. MILLER of Adamsville, died Tuesday. Buried at Smyrna Church.

Miss Sallie E. McKINNON of Tatum died July 21. Buried at Red Bluff.

Died July 28, Mr. James R. MANNING, age 63. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

August 16, 1901

John Benjamin HAMILTON, Jr. son of J. B. and Fannie Lee HAMILTON, was born on Sept. 10, 1900 and died August 8, 1901. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetary.

Ruth PARISH, 10-month old twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. PARISH, died last Thursday. Buried at fmily burying ground.

Married August 10, 1901, Mr. U. S. KELLY and Miss Lillie SWETT.

Married August 10, 1901, Mr. J. T. GRANT and Miss Gerdie OWENS.

James R. MANNING [near illegible, but appears to be..] son of Mr. M. and Mrs. Mary MANNING, was born June 5, 1838 and died July 28, 1901. On Jan. 3rd, 1867 married Miss Martha A. COVINGTON, daughter of Capt. Henry B. and Mrs. Jane COVINGTON. He was a Confederate veteran and the brother of Rev. John MANNING, and the father of Mrs. Jennie REEDY.

August 30, 1901 – Friday

Mr. A. L. CALHOUN, Jr. and bride are back from Buffalo.

Mrs. Ellen BRUCE died at Parnassus.

Body of Pvt. Henry C. WATSON, killed in explosion in Kansas last week, was brought home to Sellers.

Mrs. Eleanor MALLORY, daughter of Chief Justice McIVER, died in Cheraw on Saturday.

Mr. A. M. KITTRELL of Florence married Miss Lottie POWE in Cheraw on 21st inst.

Mrs. Robert USSERY, formerly of Rockingham, died here last Friday. Buried at McLucas Cemetery. Leaves husband and seven small children.

Married on August 14, Mr. Frank BENNETTE and Miss Alma SMITH.

September 6, 1901

Mr. James CHAVIS, 70 years old, was buried on the 29th at Ebenezer Church. He was a Confederate veteran – Co. D 26 S.C. Vols.

Little baby of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. T. QUICK died last Friday. Buried at family burying ground.

Mrs. Coy BAKER died Thursday last. Remains taken to Rockingham for burial.

Mrs. Eliza VINING, age 71 of Red Hill, died Friday last. Buried at Salem Cemetery.

September 13, 1901

Marguerite, 6-year old daughter of Dr. R. B. and Mrs. Naamah COVINGTON was born August 7, 1895 and died September 4, 190l. Buried at Hebron.

Married September 11, 1901, Mr. Will JONES and Miss Lucy MOORE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs T. C. Moore.

September 20, 1901

One-week old baby of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. DEES of Parnassus died.

Little Norma, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. QUICK of McColl, died on the 16th. Buried at Quick Cemetery.

Mr. J. M. HAYES died last Saturday. Buried at Mineral Springs Baptist Church.

Mrs. Wilmer SPEARS, wife of Mr. W. Brantley SPEARS of Hebron, died Tuesday. Leaves only one sister – Mrs. Bedford CARTER, the last of Mr. Andrew W. QUICK’s family. Buried at Spears Cemetery.

Mary, age 14 years and 7 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. ADCOCK, died Sept. 11. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Meta, little daughter of Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Tillie BRIGMAN, died Sept. 12. Buried at Quick grave yard.

Mr. Dave PRIM married Miss Lola ROBERTS on Wednesday.

September 27, 1901

Died Saturday last, Mr. J. L. HAILEY. Leaves husband and large family of children. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Child of Mr. and Mrs. Dargan STANTON died. Buried at McLucas Cemetery yesterday.

James WILLIAMS, [black], died Saturday at the age of 87 years, 5 months and 7 days.

Buried at Dry Branch. He was brother-in-law of James BRUTUS.

October 4, 1901

Died Friday last, Mr. Alex PATRICK. Buried in Brownsville.

Married Sept. 30 in Cheraw, Mr. Hamer MOORE and Miss Anna GRANT.

October 18, 1901

Mrs. Mary WOODLEY, widow of Mr. John C. WOODLEY, was born Aug. 15, 1828 and died October 5, 1901. She was the daughter of Mr. Daniel and Mary JOHN, also niece of Messrs. James and David SPEARS, Mrs. Mathew HUESTESS, Mrs. TOWNSEND, and others. She married Mr. Woodley Feb. 20, 1851 and had ten children, (two sons and one daughter already deceased), 3 sons and 4 daughters survive her. Buried at Hebron.

Miss Rosa Olivia DANTZLER, eldest daughter of the late Rev. D. Z. and Mrs. Fannie Cook DANTZLER, married Mr. Malcom McPherson LANDER in Orangeburg on Oct. 10. The groom is the son of Dr. Samuel LANDER. They are to live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Annie Belle, 5-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. TART, died Oct. 9.

Died in Darlington on Oct. 16, Mrs. Minnie Suder BROWN, relict of the late Thos. J. BROWN.

October 25, 1901

Almeta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. BRIGMAN, was born march 21, 1892 and died Sept. 13, 1901.

Died Oct. 18, Alice Pearl, 9-year old daughter of Mr. J. T. and Mrs. Nana STANTON. Buried in Beulah Cemetery.

November 1, 1901

Mrs. Jessie WYNN, widow of Mr. Wm. P. WYNN, died Oct. 26, 1901 at the age of 19. She was the daughter of Mr. Alec PATRICK who died about a month ago. Her husband died August 11, 1900. She leaves a 9-month old child. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Married on Wednesday, Mr. J. A. B. LEGETT of Marion Co., and Miss Lizzie Pearl MOORE, daughter of Mr. A. Y. MOORE.

Joseph JACKSON, son of the late J. R. JACKSON of Red Hill, died last Thursday. He was 17 years old. Buried at Salem Cemetery.

November 15, 1901

Mr. George TURBEVILLE of Florence died Wednesday of last week.

Married on Sunday, Mr. Willie GRANT and Miss ---rrie LEWIS.

Mr. Sam COWARD married Miss Mary Clark one day last week.

Married Nov. 14, Mr. Hugh L. McCOLL and Miss Gabrielle DRAKE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. DRAKE.

November 22, 1901

Infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. PATRICK died Sunday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Died Nov. 19, Capt. Benjamin A. -------ers, age 64 years [sheriff]. Buried at family burying ground at Brownsville.

November 29, 1901

Rubie A., daughter of Rev. T. M. and Mrs. T. J. DENT, died Nov. 22, 1901. Born October 25, 1901. Buried at Hebron.

December 13, 1901

Miss Louise GREEN married Mr. Frances Drake ROGERS on Tuesday. The groom is the brother of Fred ROGERS. The bride is the daughter of Sheriff Capt. J. B. GREEN and the sister of Miss Lucy GREEN.

Mr. George W. FREEMAN married Miss Gertrude TART, daughter of Mr. J. P. TART of Red Hill on Wednesday.

December 20, 1901

Mrs. Amanda RAINWATERS of Roberdel, wife of Mr. G. M. RAINWATERS, died last Friday at the age of 60 years. Leaves husband, two sons and two daughters. She was a niece of Rev. N. L. SWETT. Buried at Eastside Cemetery. ["Rockingham Ango-Saxon" Dec. 14]

John HARLEE, [black], died Saturday. Buried at Bunker Hill Cemetery with Masonic honors.

Died Dec. 13, 1901, Mr. John Benjamin HAMILTON at the age of 32 years. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

December 27, 1901

Married in Greenwood Dec. 24, Mr. A. H. WOODLE of Bennettsville and Miss Eulah

HUGHEY, daughter of Dr. HUGHEY of Greenwood.

Married Dec. 22, mr. Charlie B. CLARK of Hebron and Miss Drucilla BUNDY.

Married Dec. 25, Mr. William GIBSON of Gibson, N.C. and Miss Josie LILES, daughter of Mr. J. R. LILES.

Married Dec. 25, Mr. Cary QUICK and Mrs. Maggie QUICK.

Married Dec. 25, Mr. Dan CLARK of Hebron and Miss Gaynor SALMONS of Clio.

Married Dec. 18, Mr. J. W. JACKSON and Miss Katie McDONALD.

Rev. M. L. BANKS died in St. Matthews, Orangeburg, on Dec. 17.

Died in Chesterfield Co. on the 5th, Miss Nancy CALDER, age 85, former resident of Brightsville.

Mr. James T. WITTAKER of Parnassus died. Buried on Thursday.


April 25, 1902

Jack ELLERBE, [black], was killed yesterday in Society Hill.

Theo McNEIL of Sumter Co., age 19, died in Florence on Monday.

Mr. Jonathan COTTINGHAM, age71, died in Robeson Co. on Monday last. He was a native of Marlboro Co. Leaves 3 sons and 2 daughters. Buried in Hebron Cemetery.

Died in Smithville on Monday, Samuel JACOBS, age 75. Confederate veteran.

Rev. Lewis M. HAMER, died Tuesday in Hebron at the age of 78 years. Buried at Hebron.

Married on Wednesday, Mr. H. Brantly SPEARS of Hebron and Mrs. Lucy BRUTON, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. NEWTON.

June 20, 1902

Mr. Henry HATCHER and Miss Ella GRANT were married on the 8th inst.

Married June 15, 1902, Mr. Walter NORTON and Mrs. Mollie CALDER. Both of Hebron.

August 1, 1902

On Weds., July 23, Mr. Jesse PROCTOR married Miss Cora McCOLL, daughter of Mrs. Hugh D. McCOLL. Both from Marion.

Died July 28, Veda May, infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. Henry WEBSTER, age 1 year.

September 5, 1902

On Monday, Aug. 25, 1902, Miss Martha BEVILL died. Born at Society Hill in 1837.

Niece of Miss Martha BEVILL. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse CAPEL died last Friday. Buried at Evergreen.

September 19, 1902

Died at Clio, Sept. 15, Joseph Charley, age 1 year, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mordicai FRASER.

Died on Thursday, 4-year old son (Samuel) of Mrs. S. C. WEST, and grandson of Dr. and Mrs. J. L. JORDAN. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mr. Isaac PIPKIN died on Sunday of Typhoid fever. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

September 26, 1902

Died in Hebron on Sept. 18, Mr. John G. HUBBARD. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Married last Sunday, Mr. Luther BUNDY to Miss Daisy BUNDY.

Married Sunday last, Mr. George GIBSON and Miss Annie WILLIAMSON.

Married Sept. 21, Mr. J. P. RAMSEY and Miss Mary McDONALD, both of Richmond Co.

Married Sept. 21, Mr. H. D. SKIPPER of Scotland Co. and Miss Mary F. PEELE of Richmond Co.

Charles LOCKNEY of Laurinburg, N.C. was killed recently.

October 24, 1902

Married Oct. 22 at Maxton, Mr. A. A. ROGERS of Bennettsville and Miss Clarkie P. SMITH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. SMITH of Maxton.

Dr. J. C. MOORE married Miss Maggie TATUM at McColl on Wednesday.

Dr. Walter C. HEMMINGWAY of Rome, Williamsburg Co., married Miss Pauline BAKER, daughter of Rev. W. B. BAKER of Brightsville on the 15th at Gibson.

December 19, 1902

Evander H. STANTON was born Sept. 18, 1823 in Brightsville and died Nov. 20, 1902. He was the eldest son of Thomas and Sabrah STANTON. Married Dec. 27, 1849 to Martha McDANIEL who died 14 years ago. They had 7 children (3 sons/4 daughters). Six children are still living, one daughter having already died.

Mr. James T. WHITTAKER of Parnassus married Mrs. McDUFFIE of Robeson Co. on the 10th.

Mr. W. T. McKAY of Bennettsville to marry a young lady of Memphis, Tenn. on the 21st.

Mr. Frank CROSLAND married Miss Martin in Baltimore on the 10th.

Married Dec. 14, Mr. Jesse HERNDON and Miss Mattie ADAMS.

Mr. A. P. BULLARD to marry Miss Sallie BULLARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. BULLARD on Dec. 24.

Married Dec. 17, Mr. Willie ROGERS and Miss Sallie DRAKE, daughter of Hon. J. N. DRAKE of Red Hill.


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