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Part Four: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE 5 Dec 1895 - 28 Sept 1899

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


December 5, 1895

Married at the Methodist Parsonage at McColl on Weds., Nov. 27, by Rev. J. S. BEASLEY, father of the bride, Miss Louise BEASLEY to H. Beason TATUM.

Miss Maggie WILLIS, daughter of Mr. Furman WILLIS, was married to Mr. Luther FLETCHER, near McColl on Weds., Nov. 27.

December 12, 1895

Charles LLOYD, [black], died in Chester on Friday.

Mr. E. R. MEARS was murdered on Aug. 9th.

G. W. ELLERBEE who once lived in Cheraw, until 1846, has been married 52 years. He married a Miss HOPKINS of Society Hill; both are still living and they have two sons.

Mr. C. L. KEY had married Miss Lou RUSH, daughter of Mr. Terrell RUSH [no date].

October 8, 1896

Last Saturday, Mr. Younger ADAMS died from a leap from a buggy at the age of 45 years. Leaves a widow and one married daughter. He was a member of Pine Grove Church, and was buried near his home.

April 6, 1899

On Sunday at the home of the bride’s parents below Blenheim, Miss Annie COXE married Mr. D. F. ATKINS of Bennettsville.

Mr. James M. HILL, brother of Mrs. C. W. (Anna) CROSLAND, died in the hospital at Santiago Barracks, Cuba on Feb. 1, 1899 of fever. Buried at Parnassus.

April 27, 1899

Miss Minnie EASTERLIN married Mr. Will BUNDY last Sunday in Brightsville. Both from McColl.

Miss Rachel TOWNSEND to marry Mr. Daniel G. SMITH this Wednesday at the Methodist Church.

Edith Beryl, 6-mo. Old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. HOWELL, died Friday of last week. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mrs. Charlotte G. TAYLOR, wife of Rev. Charles TAYLOR (deceased), was born in Marlboro Co. on May 20, 1828; the daughter of Rev. John GAMEWELL and Miss Delilah BOOTH. On Dec. 27, 1846 she married Rev. Taylor, a native of Boston, Mass. [born ca. 1819]. Rev. Taylor died in Courtland, AL in Feb. 1897. Mrs. Taylor is now in her 71st year.

D. L. McINTYRE, born Sept. 12, 1848, died Jan. 31, 1899. Member of Masonic Lodge.

May 4, 1899

Bennettsville, April 27 – Miss Rachel TOWNSEND married Mr. Daniel G. SMITH of Madison, Florida.

Little daughter of Mr. Alex CALHOUN, living near McColl, died last week. Her remains were interred at Red Bluff Cemetery.

Mr. Miles NORRON died at McColl last Saturday. Buried at Laurel Hill.

May 11, 1899

Miss Lelia HAMILTON and Mr. Joseph EMANUEL were married in Bennettsville on Weds. morning.

Mr. Frank L. SMITH died in Brightsville on Saturday of last week. Born Sept. 9, 1819. Mrs. Smith died about 10 years ago. Survived by daughter, Mrs. A. C. PEARSON. Buried at Smith burying ground.

Mrs. C. T. HAMER died near Tatum on Tuesday. Leaves husband and three little children. Buried at Hamer burying ground.

May 18, 1899

McColl – Mrs. J. J. GEORGE of Latta, aged 78, died Thursday.

Mr. J. W. FREEMAN died in Red Hill last Saturday at the age of 72 years and 2 days.

Leaves wife and five children (3 daughters/2 sons). Buried at Salem Church.

Mrs. Willie ODOM died at her home in Robeson Co. last Saturday. Buried at Newton Graveyard, Marboro Co.

New Orleans, LA, May 11 – Hon. William Porcher MILES, ex-mayor of Charleston, S.C., died today near Donaldsonville, LA at the age of 77. His wife was the forner Miss BERINE of Louisiana.

Albany, GA, May 10 – Frank W. McCARTHY, prominent [black], died at his home in this city last night.

May 25, 1899

Eunice, 4-year old daughter of Mr. Robt. GRAY of the Red Hill section, died last Saturday. Buried at Salem Cemetery.

Mrs. Hugh McINTYRE died Sunday. Born Feb. 16, 1868 near Bennettsville, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. McKINNON. In 1886 she married Mr. H. B. McINTYRE, who with two children (Annie – age 11 and a six-month old baby boy), survive her.

Infant child of Mr. George JONES died on Wednesday.

Dr. HAMER of McColl to marry Miss RAMSEY of North Carolina on June 14.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. SPEARS died last Saturday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Miss Annie BREEDEN to marry Prof. E. E. CRAVEN on June 14.

Last Thurs. at Blenheim, Capt. W. W. WANNAMAKER, late of the 2nd S. C. Regiment, married Miss H. Lyall MATHESON, oldest daughter of A. J. MATHESON. Performed by Rev. WANNAMAKER, father of the groom.

William ADAMS, (father of Mr. Robertson C. ADAMS who died a few years ago at 80 plus years), came with his widowed mother to Marlboro Co. from Richmond Co., N.C. he being only 19 years old at the time. William Adams was married 4 times and it is for him that Adamsville is called. Robertson, whose mother’s maiden name was BULLARD, was the oldest of Williams’s second set of children. Robertson was born Aug. 17, 1813. William Adams died June 18, 1860, nearly 100 years old and the father of 14 children. Robertson married in 1835 to Miss Elizabeth FLETCHER; of their 11 children, 8 are still living. Robertson had three sons in the Civil War – John ADAMS (killed at Richmond, VA.), William ADAMS and Joshua ADAMS. Mrs. Elizabeth "Aunt Betsy" ADAMS, widow of Robertson C. Adams, died May 23, 1899. She was the daughter of Joshua and Nancy FLETCHER, sister of John S. FLETCHER. She was born Dec. 13, 1813, and married Mr. Adams Sept 17, 1835. She is buried at Fletcher Cemetery beside her husband.

Percy, little son of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. ODOM, died Monday. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery.

E. W. BRISTOW – New 10# boy at his house.

Columbia, S.C., June 2 – Gov. William Hazelden ELLERBE died at his home in Marion Co. today. Leaves wife and several children.

Mr. J. N. MARTIN of Newberry died Wednesday.

Greenwood – 18-mo. Old child of Mr. John H. CLEGG died Wednesday. Child’s mother died about 10 days ago.

June 22, 1899

Father of Mr. W. R. CROSLAND died in Aiken last Wednesday. Deceased was the brother to Mr. T. L. CROSLAND and father to Mrs. J. N. WEATHERLY, and Messrs. W. R. and J. G. CROSLAND.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ned PATTERSON – a boy.

Miss Annie May ADAMS to Marry Mr. Theodore BREEDEN on June 28.

Mr. D. HAMER married in Monroe, N.C. last Wednesday.

Little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. ADAMS died Tuesday.

Married Wednesday, Mr. E. E. CRAVEN and Miss Annie BREEDEN.

July 6, 1899

Mrs. J. C. McKENZIE died last Thursday. Survived by husband.

Mrs. MUDD, wife of Barber MUDD, died Tuesday. Survived by husband and small child.

Infant child of Mr. John GRAHAM died Saturday.

Miss Eleanor EMANUEL to marry Hr. Charles Eugene EXUM on July 12.

Win. PARSONS of Lenoir, N.C. was killed in train accident at Bethel.

Miss Effie JOHNSON who lived near Gibson, died on Monday at the age of 100 years. Buried at family burying ground near Mr. Tristum Quick’s place.

Married June 28, Miss Reba STUBBS and C. E. SPANN. Bride is the daughter of C. E. STUBBS of Sumter.

Married last Sunday, Miss Hattie PATE of Richmond Co. and Mr. Charlie THROWER of Robeson Co.

Miss Annie May ADAMS, daughter of Mr. Robert ADAMS, married Mr. Theodore BREEDEN.

July 20, 1899

Uncle Jesse ALSOBROOKS, born near Mars Bluff, Marion Co. in 1814; died July 9, 1899 at the age of 85. His father died soon after his birth, leaving a widow, two sons and two daughters Uncle Jesse was the youngest. Jesse’s wife, the former Lizzie FAEGAN, died over a year ago. Survived by son, Ed. J. ALSSOBROOKS.

Bessie, infant child of Mr. and Mr. John A. BROWN, died in Florence last week.

August 3, 1899

Ella, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs Jeff D. EDENS, died Saturday.

Mrs. Sephrona SWEAT of Tatum, died Tuesday from the effects of a gunshot wound that she received in the spring.

Mr. J. J. BLAND, of Elloree in Orangeburg Co., married Miss Cora Little SHULAR, also of Elloree, on Tuesday.

Dead - Mrs. Flora A. McKENZIE

August 10, 1899

Mrs. Edna E. LELAND died last Sunday at the age of 32 years. Leaves one son and one daughter. She was the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. EASTERLING She married about 7 years ago to Mr. C. H. LELAND of McClellanville near Charleston, who died about two years ago. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Mrs. Sallie BROWN died near Gibson on Tuesday. She was 98 years old on this past 4th of March.

Little son of Hugh McINTYRE died Tuesday at the age of 7 months

August 10, 1899

George, 3-year old son of Mrs. C. W. CREIGHTON, died last Saturday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Miss Mary JENNINGS married Prof. Hiram W. GLASGOW of Texas on Wednesday.

Herbert S. ELLERBE, 30 years old and the youngest brother of the late Gov. ELLERBEE died Thursday. Also the brother of Mrs. C. N. ROGERS.

August 17, 1899

Nelson CHAVIS died Saturday.

Mrs. John HARPER died Friday.

McColl — the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. James BREDEN was buried at Beaver Dam. Cemetery on Monday. Age - 3 weeks.

Mr. Charlton W. JOHN died from consumption last Thursday. Leaves a wife and three children. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery. August 24, 1S99

Infant son of Mr. Y. T. DAVIS died Friday.

Miss Lillie WILLIS died near McColl of typhoid fever on Friday, Aug. 18. She was born April 14, 1876, the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eli WILLIS. Leaves not and father, and sisters and brothers: Misses Alice and Stella WILLIS and Mrs. B. PIPKlN; and Messrs. J. E., Jas.. and Allen WILLIS. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery.

Olive McMASTER, 5-1/2 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McMASTER, died Saturday.

Fayetteville, NC, Aug. 19 – Mr. E. M. WADDILL died yesterday; aged about 62 years. Confederate Veteran. Nephew of the late John WADDILL.

September 7, 1899

Mrs. Caroline COTTINGINGHAM died in Hebron section last Tuesday. Leaves a large family.

Mr. W. A. CROSLAND, brother of Mr. T. L. CROSLAND, died Tuesday in Bartow, Florida.

T. H. BETHEA died early in the year 1899.

Mr. Jack MELTON died in Fayetteville last week. Remains returned and buried in Cheraw.

Latta - 4-mo. old son of Dr. R. A. BASS was accidentally shot and killed. September 14, 1899.

Miss Harriet Hodges EVANS, daughter of Hon. And Mrs. W. D. EVANS, to marry Dr. Frederick Sidney HODGES on Sept. 27.

Mrs. Sarah WEBSTER, aged about 80 years, died Sunday.

Mrs. H. T. EDENS of Sumter died last Friday. Former Miss Fannie A. SPEARS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. N. and Mary A. SPEARS. Leaves husband and five small children. Buried at Spears Cemtery.

September 21, 1899

Charlton Wilson JOHN, Oct. 5, 1869 — Aug. 10, 1899 (age - 29 years, 10 months and

5 days) The only son of David Spears and Mary Susan Sampson JOHN. He married Miss

Mary Belle McCORMICK in Maxton, N.C. on Aug. 27, 1891 - they had children (2 boys/2 girls — the oldest, little Bettie died in 1893.) Buried beside little Bettie at

Evergreen Cemetery.

Mrs. Susan SPEARS died Friday at the home of her son, J. A. SPEARS. Leaves several sons and daughters. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. John K. BREEDEN were married in New York a few days ago.

Last week, Gibson John TAYLOR was shot and killed.

W. J. STEWART, colored barber, died last Friday. Buried in Wilmington.

Mr. Alexander CROSLAND died in Bartow, Fl. on Sept. 5. Buried beside his sister

and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John C. STUART. He was born in Marlboro Co. on

Dec. 1, 1826. Confederate veteran - Co. G. 8th Reg. S.C. Vol. In 1862 he married

Miss Annie E. DUDLEY. Of eleven children, he is survived by seven ( Mrs. A. B. FERGUSON, Mrs. W. 0. JORDAN, and Miss Anna CROSLAND (these 3 of Bartow, Fl.,) and, David F. of Atlanta, GA; Wm. A. Jr. of Gaffney, S.C.; Mrs. R. M. MURPHEE of Midville, GA; and Mrs. R. E. FRIERSON of Calhoun Falls, S. C.

September 28, 1899

Mr. Wade STANTON of Tatum died Tues., Sept. 25. He was the son of Handy STANTON, and was only 18 years old. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery.

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