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Part Five: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE Oct 1899 - Sept 1900

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


October 5, 1899

Miss Lizzie THOMAS, daughter of Mr. J. H. THOMAS, married Mr. Monroe HILL last Wednesday.

Douglass, 16-mo. Old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. SMITH died Wednesday of last week.

Miss Nellie Carolina SULLIVAN to marry Mr. Hope Hull NEWTON, Jr. at Williamston on Oct. 11.

Mr. Harris ODOM died Tuesday.

Mr. Franklin SHELL, brother to Mrs. W. E. Martin of McColl, died last Sunday in Laurens.

Remains of the late Mrs. A. J. ROWE have been moved from the Methodist Churchyard and placed in the Rowe vault at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Matilda JONES, [black], died last Thursday.

Alex LONG died Saturday.

Married in Cheraw on Sept. 27, Dr. Frederick Sydney HODGES of Madison, Fl. and Miss Harriet Hodges EVANS of Marlboro County. Bride is the sister of Miss Alexina Wallace EVANS, and the second daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. EVANS. The groom was originally of Georgia.

October 12, 1899

Wade STANTON, son of Mr. H. H. STANTON, was born Sept. 5, 1880 and died Sept. 26, 1899. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery.

Mrs. Hester Ann TOWNSEND died Friday, Oct. 6. Born near Parnassus on August 7, 1821. She was the sister of Joel TOWNSEND and Ligah TOWNSEND. Married to Jabez N. TOWNSEND, mother of four children – one died in infancy and the other three survive her – John C., Ed, and Mrs. Andrew PIPKIN.

D. E. CONVERSE died at Spartanburg Wednesday. He was born in Vermont and spent his early years in Canada. He was the founder of Converse College.

October 19, 1899

Sumter – Yesterday, Col. J. M. KNIGHT, editor of the Sumter Herald, married Mrs. Lillie H. BROWN, also of Sumter.

Mr. WICKER, photographer of McColl, died from apoplexy Tuesday. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery. (brother lives in Moore Co.)

October 26, 1899

I. R. HARGROVE died Tuesday. He was 33 years old, unmarried, and from North Carolina. Cousin of Mr. D. T. HARGROVE of Clio. [from a Miami, Fl newspaper]

"John A. Calhoun has resigned as a member of the County Board of Education, he being a magistrate" and not legally able to hold two offices at the same time.

Mrs. Isom R. FAISON, of Faisons, N.C., died Sunday. She was about 65 years old.

November 9, 1899

On Nov. 6, "November Salesday", Mrs. Julia A. Bristow’s estate lands sold to A. L. CALHOUN, Sr. for $4,675.00.

Miss Marion SWETT to marry Mr. Willie Lee PEARSON.

November 16, 1899

On Thursday, Nov. 9, Nelson ROGERS, [black], was killed.

Five-month old infant child of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. WEBSTER died Nov. 5. Buried at Webster burying ground.

Lanie ALSTON, presented for bigamy. Wives: Eliza HART and Hester MILES.

Miss Carrie ROGERS married Mr. Nicholas FLETCHER at McColl on Wednesday.

Miss Sallie GALLOWAY died Monday morning. She was about 66 years of age. Buried at Parnassus.

Infant child of Mr. W. E. CALDWELL died in Sumter last Sunday. Buried in Gibson Cemetery in Gibson.

November 23, 1899

Mrs. Sallie A. LEGETTE died at her home in Marion Co. last Saturday. She was the daughter of A. Y. MOORE. Leaves husband and five children. Buried at Dothan Cemetery.

Mrs. Elizabeth MILLER, 86 years old, mother-in-law of Judge J. H. HUDSON, died last Monday. She was born in 1813 and raised by her grandfather, London HARWELL who was a soldier in Marion’s Brigade in the Revolutionary War. Buried at Evergreen.

Mr. Robert WRIGHT died at his home near Dunbar last week.

Miss Nellie MATHESON, daughter of Mr. A. J. MATHESON, married Dr. Chas. R. MAY on Wednesday of last week.

On Wednesday, Miss Marion SWETT married Mr. W. L. PEARSON of McColl.

Mrs. Sarah Pon HUDSON died at the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs, W. VA on Sept. 25. She was the former Miss MOUNTEASTLE, born in Amherst Co., VA on Jan. 14, 1808, and widow of Samuel HUDSON. Survived by son – Jno. D. HUDSON; and daughters – Mrs. Sarah Rose WILISIE and Mrs. WRIGHT. Buried at Riverview Cemetery.

Gibson WRIGHT was killed Friday.

November 30, 1899

Mr. Y. S. NEWTON died Tuesday.

Mr. J. W. GUINN married Miss Ada Norton Last Sunday.

Mr. W. P. RACHELS married Miss Rennie FARMER recently.

Little child of Mr. and Mrs. William BARRINGTON has died.

Mr. C. B. MILLIKIN married Miss Rosa DAWKINS of Hamlet at Brightsville.

Mrs. John C. TOWNSEND died Saturday of last week. Leaves husband and a few days old child. Buried at Parnassus.

Mrs. MILLER died on Nov. 20. She was married in 1836 and was the mother of 9 children (5 daughters/4 sons.) Her first child was born in 1838, the last was born in 1854. Had 9 children, 72 grandchildren and 45 great grandchildren. (one of her daughters did not marry.) Survived by 100 of the descendants.

Mrs. Nancy D. WEBSTER, 86 years old, died on Monday. Leaves one son – George M. WEBSTER, and two daughters and a number of grandchildren. Buried at Webster burying ground.

Mollie Ethel (age 1 year, 2 mos., and 13 days,) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher TOWNSEND, died Nov. 21.

Remains of the late Phillip MILLER removed from the Baptist Churchyard and placed in Evergreen Cemetery beside Mrs. MILLER who died last week.

On Wednesday of last week, Mrs. Etta GIBSON married Mr. Walker SWETT.

Dec. 7, 1899

Willie PERSELL married Miss Alma PEARSON last Sunday.

Infant daughter of Mr. TEAGUE of N. Carolina was buried at Boykin last Friday.

Mr. Joe BROWN, brother of Editor BROWN, died last Saturday. Buried at Evergreen.

December 21, 1899

Lillie Bell WILLIAMS, [black] girl, died last week.

Miss Rebecca ODOM to marry Mr. Will NICHOLSON of N. C. next Sunday.

Dr. James HENAGAN, son of Major C. S. HENAGAN, died Sunday in Epps, Alabama. Leaves wife and one child.

Mary MACK, young [black] girl, drowned last Thursday.


January 4, 1900

Mr. Paul ROGERS married Miss Anna DRAKE on Dec. 21.

Dr. STOCKTON married Miss Carrie ROGERS on Dec. 21.

George HOOD married Miss Jessie COTTINGHAM during Christmas holidays, and then moved to N.C. to live.

Mr. Will SALMONS married Miss Janie WRIGHT.

Dr. R. E. COXE of Red Hill died Tuesday. Buried at Parnassus beside other family members.

Mrs. Maggie BARRINGTON has died.

Marion – On Dec. 20 at Gibson, N.C., Mr. W. D. JOHNSON Jr. married Mrs. Elizabeth GIBSON. Mrs. Gibson belongs to the Newton family of Marlboro County.

Mose BETHEA was killed in Latta on Dec. 26.

January 11, 1900

Mr. Spurgeon COVINGTON married Miss Ella BENNETT last Sunday.

Mr. William NICHOLSON married Miss Rebecca ODOM on Dec. 24.

Miss Laura COOK, recently in Columbia, married Mr. CRAMER of Alabama.

Miss Maggie A. COLE to marry Mr. A. J. DAVID this Thursday.

January 18, 1900

Little child of Mr. and Mrs. Archie PEELE died.

Mrs. KOLLOCK, widow of the late Dr. KOLLOCK of Cheraw, died last Saturday.

On Jan. 10, 1900, Mr. and Mrs. A. O’TUEL celebrated their silver wedding anniversary.

W. H. BURNS was shot and killed on Monday.

January 25, 1900

Miss Carrie RUSHETT married Mr. H. L. WILLIKIN on Jan. 21. Both of Richmond Co.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. BRIGHT have 7 children living and one dead. Charlie and John are in Alabama, one daughter is in Georgia, one daughter in N.C., and three at home (Misses Annie and Pearl, and Mr. Lawrence BRIGHT.)

Mr. Duncan McDUFFIE was murdered on Saturday last.

Frank M. FLETCHER died on Jan. 7.

February 1, 1900

Married at her father’s residence in Red Springs, N.C. on Jan. 24, Miss Mary Bell SMITH to Mr. S. J. SALMON of Clio.

Mr. Charlie TERRY died in Wilmington on Monday. He was the brother of Mr. Raiford TERRY.

February 8, 1900

Emma, aged 20 mos., daughter of Mr. T. O. and Mrs. Emma SALMON, died Feb. 2. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Mr. Henry BRYANT married Miss Annie Bell COOK. Both of Robeson Co.

Mr. Alex C. CROLEY married Miss Della HUGGINS last Thursday.

Charles G. TERRY was buried yesterday in Wilmington. Survived by brothers: Mr. Raiford TERRY, Mr. F. S. TERRY, Mr. Harvey TERRY, and Mr. E. E. TERRY.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James GRAHAM on Feb. 3 – a 10 lb. Son. Baby’s grandfather – Mr. T. G. WALLACE.

Mrs. Marion STRAUSS, mother of Simon STRAUSS, died in Germany on Jan. 25.

February 15, 1900

Born to Mr. and Mrs. James R. O’NEILL – a boy.

Mr. A. J. HALL, Confederate veteran, died a few days ago.

Miss Jennie RICHARDS to marry Mr. Edgar HUNTER this week.

February 22, 1900

Mr. James BARRENTINE, son of Mr. Goodwin BARRENTINE, died Monday of pneumonia. Buried in family burying ground.

Mr. Clarence WILLIAMS and Miss Maydie LUNCE, of N. C., were married Sunday.

Mr. Tom E. HASELDEN died Feb. 17 at the age of 33, and unmarried. Buried in family cemetery in Marion County.

Amos CARTER died Wednesday. His remains were returned to Fayetteville for burial.

Feb. 16, Mr. and Mrs. McALLISTER, former residents of Marlboro, celebrated their silver wedding anniversary.

Miss Martha BUTLER married Mr. Hilton QUICK last Sunday.

Little child of Mr. and Mrs. Ebbie HUBBARD died last Thursday. Buried at Hubbard Cemetery.

March 1, 1900

Harry BRIGMAN was killed last Friday.

Mr. Edgar HUNTER married Miss Jeanie RICHARDS on Feb. 14 in Blenheim. Rev. J. G. RICHARDS – father of the bride, and Rev. Chas. RICHARDS – brother of the bride.

March 8, 1900

Mr. Robert A. DOUGLAS died March 1, 1900. He was over 66 years old and had married twice. First to the daughter of Capt. John TERRELL, and second to Miss Lizzie GOHAGEN of Kentucky. Survived by widow, four grown sons and one grown daughter. His parents came from Scotland.

March 15, 1900

Mrs. Lucie N. ODOM died last Friday. Buried at Newton graveyard.

Mr. Jake NEWBY married Miss Rosa CALLICOTTE of Rocky Mount, last Wednesday in N.C.

Miss Clara BOUNDS to marry Mr. BILLUPS of Clarendon Co. on Thursday.

Miss Bettie A. ODOM married King FREEMAN, of Hamlet, N.C., last Sunday at Antioch Church.

Blackville, Mar. 8 – B. R. CARROLL was fatally shot today. Leaves wife & two children.

Rev. J. R. LITTLE of Bingham died last Friday from heart failure.

March 29, 1900

Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. ODOM was buried at Newtonville Cemetery on the 18th.

Mr. John TURNER, brother-in-law of Dr. John C. KILGO, died last night in Weford, S.C. Leaves wife and one child.

Mr. HAMILTON married Miss Susie KELLY on Sunday.

Mrs. Elizabeth EASTERLING died Monday at the age of 72 years. Buried in Hamer burying ground. (mother of Mrs. Ebbie FLETCHER)

On Monday, March 12, Cassie BOAN was killed near Jefferson, Chesterfield County.

Last Sunday, Mr. Andrew PARHAM married Miss Della ODOM.

May 31, 1900

Mrs. Clara David MILLER was born Sept. 6, 1871, and died May 8, 1900. On Dec. 23, 1896 she married Mr. Loudwin MILLER. Survived by husband and two sons (the youngest only 6-1/2 months old.) She was the daughter of Mr. J. H. DAVID of Marlboro.

Joseph David MILLER, infant son of A. L. MILLER, died Wednesday.

June 14, 1900

Mr. Sam P. STUTTS of McColl died last Friday.

Miss Rowena SAMPSON to marry Mr. A. L. ORRELL on June 20.

Capt. W. H. STEED of upper Marion died last Wednesday. Buried at the Murchison Cemetery. He came from N.C. before the War and settled near Donoho. After the War he married Mrs. McDOUGAL, sister of the late John D. MURCHISON. Leaves two daughters: Mrs. John F. EVERETT and Mrs. Dr. STACKHOUSE.

J. T. HUNTER died last Thursday night. He was a native of Marion Co., and married Miss Costa JONES of Marion. She and 6 children survive him. Buried at Holy Rood Cemetery at Blenheim.

Married June 10, Mr. Benjamin DIGGS and Miss Willie KELLY.

Dr. J. C. McKENZIE married Miss Janie SINCLAIR on May 30.

August 2, 1900

Mr. Gilchrist TATUM married Miss Ola MOORE on Monday week.

Aaron T. MANSHIP was born in Marlboro Feb. 11, 1855 and died July 21, 1900. On Sept. 3, 1873 he married Miss Mary NORTHAM. Survived by widow and 8 children. (e was the grandson of Charles MANSHIP.)

Bessie Orrell LIDE, married three months ago to Mr. Ezra LIDE of Darlington, has died at the age of 19 years.

Ellen Rebecca PEARSON was born in 1834 in Marlboro Co. and died June 29 at the age of 66. She was the daughter of William PEARSON. She had married twice, first to Mr. Harris R. THOMAS in 1851 and had three children (W. L., C. P., and Mamie – wife of G. W. MILLER.) After Mr. Thomas died, she married Mr. G. W. BENNETT.

August 23, 1900

Daniel A. ODOM died last Sunday.

Robert C. EASTERLING died last Monday. He was the brother of C. D. EASTERLING and Dr. Harris EASTERLING. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter PATE – a boy.

J. P. GIBSON, Jr. was five years old on Aug. 17.

Mr. Winnie COPE, mother of Thos. COPE and E. COPE, of Red Springs, N.C. died Aug. 14. Buried at Ebenezar.

Mrs. Kate McLEOD died Saturday. Buried at Parnassus. She was the mother of D. McD., D. McLEOD, and Mrs. W. Z. DONALDSON.

Only child of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. CARABO, Jr. died August 4.

On Monday, Mrs. JONES of Hebron, mother of J. K. JONES, died.

September 6, 1900

Luke STUBBS married Miss Annie GORDAN on August 29. Both of Adamsville.

William T. HALL died last Saturday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Robt. H. HOOD of Brownsville died Monday. Buried at Brownsville.

H. King ODOM died in Brightsville yesterday. Buried at Odom Cemetery.

Mr. Dan Mosby McCALL to marry Miss Hattie DeBerry DIGGS in Richmond Co. on Sept. 12. The groom is the son of Mr. Wellington McCALL of Marlboro Co., and the bride is the daughter of Mr. Joseph DIGGS from near Rockingham.

[in response to an article in the Constitution, Atlanta, GA of April 9th by Will J. Galloway] Baron Von POELNITZ came near Pee Dee Swamp around 1790. He had first settled in N.Y. in 1781. His children – Charles, Edwin, Bruno, and Lizzie – all moved to Alabama in 1833. Charles POELNITZ married Miss PENY of Fairfield Co. Baron Von Poelnitz was from Prussia, Germany.

September 13, 1900

Arch McRAE, [black], died Monday.

Jesse McNAIR died Monday.

At Laurens, S.C. yesterday, Miss Lalla MARTIN of Laurens married Mr. Sim McLAURIN of McColl.

Born to J. B. HAMILTON – J. B. Jr.

James ATKINSON married Miss Hattie DABBS on Sunday.

Died at Epes, Alabama on the 5th, Mrs. Kate HENEGAN, widow of Dr. D. HENEGAN.

Douglas, 13-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. B. D. MOORE died Sept. 9. Buried at Smyrna Cemetery.

September 20, 1900

Miss Bessie FREEMAN, eldest daughter of Mr. H. B. FREEMAN, married Dr. Robt. L. REAVES of Marion on Sept. 19.

On Sunday last, Mr. Arthur DAMPIER married Miss Mary EASTERLING.

Mrs. C. A. AMMONS died.

On Sept. 3, 1900, Mrs. Katie STUBBS died. She was the wife of Mr. W. D. STUBBS of Maxton, N.C. and a daughter of Mr. A. H. RASCOE of Red Hill, N.C. Buried at Smyrna Pres. Church near Hasty.

Died Sept. 18, Allie Nora, 16-month old daughter of Mr. W. W. BUNDY. Buried in Liles Cemetery in Brightsville.

Miss Lena, eldest daughter of W. T. and Annie EDENS, died on Aug. 25 in Sumter Co.

at the age of 17 years. Buried in Sumter Cemetery.

September 27, 1900

Howard ALLEN, brother of C. B. ALLEN, was murdered in Columbia last Sunday.

Mr. Robert COVINGTON died Sept. 25. He was one of five sons of Dr. Robert COVINGTON. Survived by his brother, Mr. Joel COVINGTON and widow. He was 82 years old, and the father of C. F. COVINGTON. Buried at Hebron.

Fred Sinclair, little son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. STANTON, died Sept. 4, 1900. He had been born Dec. 14, 1899.

J. H. SWANN died Sept. 17. Born in Macklenburg Co., N.C. and came to Marlboro in 1866. He was 87 years old.

John C. TOWNSEND died.

Mr. Ebbie KELLEY married Miss Lithia BOGGEN last Sunday. The groom is the son of Mr. W. H. KELLEY of Rockingham, N.C.

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