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Part Six: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE Oct 1900 - July 1902

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


October 18, 1900

E. W. BRISTOW died.

October 18, 1900

Sept. 3 in Robeson Co., Mrs. Kate STUBBS died. She had been married less than two years and is survived by husband, father and mother, two brothers and two sisters.

October 25, 1900

Washington, Oct. 22 - Hon. John SHERMAN died this morning at the age of 78.

Fourteen year old son of Dr. THURMOND of Cheraw died last Saturday.

J. R. HALE died last Saturday. Buried at Parnassus. Came from Cumberland Co., N.C. about 7 years ago.

Mrs. JACKSON died in Marion Co. yesterday. She was the mother of J. H. JACKSON.

Rev. T. Page RICAUD died in Durham, N.C. on Saturday. He was the father of T. P. RICAUD Jr. of Bennettsville.

Mr. IVY died Monday at the age of 80-plus years.

Preston PEARSON of Drake died last Sunday and was buried at Parnassus.

Henry, infant son of Dr. W. M. REEDY, died Tuesday a week ago. Buried at Hebron.

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. COVINGTON returned from their wedding trip.

Mrs. Alex QUICK died Monday, leaving three children, one only one week old.

Mr. Fitshugh McDONALD, hate of the county, died in Maxton on Monday, a week ago.

November 1, 1900

Mr. Robert GRAY died Friday night last. Buried at Brownsville Cemetery.

John HALE recently died [buried at Parnassus?]

Mr. Henry GALLOWAY of Dillon married Miss Annie BARRENTINE at the residence of Mr. John BARRENTINE on Tuesday.

Mrs. W. H. KELLY died last Sunday. Buried at Zion Church near Rockingham.

November 15, 1900

Miss Mary MOORE, granddaughter of Mrs. Phoebe MOORE, married Mr. Willie BREEDEN yesterday.

Sherman EVANS, colored, was killed Friday.

December 27, 1900

Jessie, 4-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. BREEDEN, died Dec. 21

Mrs. Robert ODOM died Friday. Buried at Pee Dee Cemetery.

Mrs. Elizabeth PEARSON, daughter of Dr. R. H. and Mary A. EASTERLING, was born Nov. 14, 1863 and died Dec. 16, 1900. Survived by husband, George W. PEARSON and a 7-year old son.

Andrew QUICK, Esq., brother of Enos QUICK, died Thursday morning at the age of 59 years. He was a Confederate veteran.

Miss Ada McLAURIN of Clio married Mr. Carl CHAMNESS on Dec. 25.

Mr. Ernest L. McCALL married Miss Maggie H. EDWARDS last Sunday. The groom is the son of George N. McCALL, and the bride is the sister of Dr. EDWARDS.

On Dec. 20, Lillian, oldest daughter of Mr. J. T. DONALDSON, married Mr. W. Z.

ROGERS, the only son of Mr. W. T. and Mrs. A. A. ROGERS. Bride’s uncle - Rev. John MANNING of Clio. Sister of the groom - Miss Marietta ROGERS.

Troy McNEILL died Monday

Miss Lucy CARTER married Mr. Robert L. PEARSON of Columbia on Monday last.

Mrs. Jane E. KIRKWOOD died Nov. 27, 1900.

Judge Thomas B. FRASER of Sumter died Dec. 12, at the age of 75 years. November 15, 1900

Miss Mary RAWLINSON of Bennettsville married Mr. John WELCH of Clio last night.

George FORE died of appendicitis on Nov. 8 in Marion Co. He was married to a sister of Rev. Rufus FORD.

June 6, 1901

Mrs. E. A. TURLINGTON was born Feb. 25, 1835 in Marlboro Co., and died April 26, 1901. Her maiden name was PEARSON. In 1853 she married Benjamin MOORE and they had three sons (Edwin, Percy and Corey.) Mr. Moore died in 1875, and in 1878 she married Mr. Willis TURLINGTON, who survives her.

Died June 1, Mrs. Sarah SINCLAIR, mother-in-law of W. L. STANTON, at the age of 72 years. Buried in Cemetery at St. Pauls, Robeson Co., N.C.

Mrs. Cenith E. ELLER died.

Julia, 9-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. I. ROGERS, died Wednesday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

January 16, 1902

Married Jan. 12, Fred QUICK to Miss Lillie KERNDON.

Married Jan. 12, Edwards ADAMS to Miss Mary BARRINGTON.

Capt. Frank WILLIAMS died Monday. Believed to have a wife and children in Ohio.

Dr. RICHARDS of Liberty Hill, son of Rev. J. G. RICHARDS of Blenheim, died Sunday.

Married Jan. 5, David NORTON to Miss Sallie LEGETT of Scotland Co., N.C.

January 23, 1902

N. N. BARRENTINE was buried at Hebron Cemetery last Thursday. James H. Barrentine was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joanna BARRENTINE and was born Sept. 14, 1870, and died Jan. 8, 1902. On Feb. 18, 1893, he married Mrs. Annie Ha----- [looks like there were three children] Annie, an infant daughter, died March 10, 1896. Survived by wife, two children, father an mother, brother – Dr. BARRENTINE of Society Hill; and two sisters – Mrs. Henry GALLOWAY and Mrs. Jessie TATUM.

Jan. 12, 1902, the annual memorial service was held at Hebron Cemetery.

"During 1901 ….. the following tombstones have been placed….."

March 10, 1896 – Annie, infant daughter of J. H. and Annie BARRENTINE

May 8, 1888, Esterlenia, daughter of Richard and Oepha HINSON

May 30, 1900 – Mary R., daughter of Richard and Oepha HINSON

July 19, 1897 – Coke SMITH, infant son of Rev. T. L. and Mary E. BELVIN

May 5, 1900 – Mrs. Martha A. MANNING, wife of James R. MANNING

Jan. 4, 1901 – Ira P. WOODWARD, son of James B. and Sarah A. WOODWARD

Jan. 29, 1898 – Nellie, Infant daughter of Charlie A. and Sallie WOODLEY

Sept. 27, 1899 – Douglas Buzard, infant son of W. C. and Bessie SMITH

July 31, 1900 – Preston LaFayette, son of Rev. P. L. and L. L. KIRTON

Oct. 16, 1900 – henry Meelea, infant son of Dr. W. J. and Jessie REEDY.

At the graves of Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Covington

Sept. 29th – Anna Clara, daughter of H. W. and Ida BOAHN

At the graves of infant sons of H. W. and Ida BOAHN

"During 1901, following children and infants were buried at Hebron:"

Herbert Wright, son of Willie B. and Jannie SALMON, born Oct. 25, died Feb. 15, 1901.

Rufus Elbert, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucy CARTER, born July 1901, died may 23, 1901

William Douglas, infant son of Mr. Charlie A. and Mrs. Sallie WOODLEY, Born July 16, 1900, died May 29, 1901.

Douglas, infant son of Mr. Joseph T. and Mrs. Nellie COVINGTON, born June 10, 1900, Died June 2, 1901.

Henrietta, infant daughter of Mr. Asa S. and Mrs. Henrietta EDENS, born Feb. 2, 1900, died Aug. 1, 1901.

An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Rebecca WOODLEY, born Oct. 13, 1901.

Marguerite, daughter of Dr. R. B. COVINGTON, born Aug. 7, 1895, died Sept. 4, 1901.

Rubie A., infant of Rev. T. M. and Mrs. T. J. DENT, died Nov. 22, 1901.

"During 1901, following adults were buried at Hebron:"

Mrs. Elizabeth HINSON, wife of Mr. William HINSON, and daughter of Rev. Richard and Mrs. Annie WELCH. Born march 28, 1828, died June 20, 1901. Her mother’s maiden name was Annie SMITH. She married Mr. Hinson Aug. 12, 1863 – he survives her.

Mrs. Martha E. COVINGTON, widow of Robert COVINGTON, daughter of Eli and Mrs. Mary Hamer THOMAS, borne Feb. 10, 1827, died June 28, 1901. Her husband died about nine months before her, they had been married for over 56 years – married Jan. 17, 1844. Survived by four sons and three daughters.

James R. MANNING, son of Melea and Mrs. Mary MANNING, born June 5, 1839, died July 28, 1901. He was one of then children (8 sons/2 daughters) and is survived by three brothers and one sister. He was a Confederate veteran. On Jan. 3, 1867 he married his second wife, Miss Martha A. COVINGTON, daughter of Capt. Henry B. and Mrs. Jane COVINGTON. Mrs. Manning died on May 5, 1900.

Mrs. Mary WOODLY, widow of John c. WOODLY and a daughter of Daniel and Mrs. Mary JONES, was born Aug. 15, 1828 and died Oct. 5, 1901. She married Mr. Woodkly on Feb. 20, 1851, they had ten children (two sons and a daughter already deceased.) Survived by three sons and four daughters.

Mrs. Jessie WYNN, widow of William Presley WYNN, and a daughter of Alexander PATRICK, was born Feb. 14, 1882, and died Oct. 26, 1901, not quite 20 years old. Her husband died about 14 months ago. Her father died about one month ago. Leaves one child. Buried beside her husband.

January 30, 1902

R. H. KEELS married Miss Janie HEUSTESS on Jan. 16. The bride is the youngest daughter of R. F. HEUSTESS.

Walter McCORMAC married Miss Ida PARHAM on Wednesday of last week.

Miss May HAMER married Mr. HARDIN of Chester last Thursday.

Feb. 6, 1902

Helen, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary ADAMS, age 2 years and 8 mos., died Dec. 26, 1901.

Mr. Maston E. COWARD and Miss Cora Camilla RUSCOE were married Feb. 22, 1881. Mrs. Coward was born in Wadesboro, N.C. on Dec. 8, 1861 and died Jan. 31, 1902 in Bennettsville, S.C. (Mr. Coward is a native of Smithville Township, Marlboro Co.) Mrs. Coward was the mother of five sons and five daughters 9nine survive her.) Buried at New Hope Cemetery, near Kollack beside her child.

Married Feb. 2, Milton PEELE and Miss Atlanta ODOM.

William Dalrymple JOHNSON was born in Robeson Co., N.C. on Sept. 9, 1813. His mother was Miss DALRYMPLE. Both of his parents were of Scottish descent. In 1851, he married Miss Sarah Elizabeth McCALL of Darlington, S.C. He was a Confederate veteran – Co. F, 21st Reg. S.C. Vol. Died Jan. 15, 1902.

Mr. Salem ROWE died last night.

February 13, 1902

Charlie O’TUEL, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’TUEL, died last Thursday. He was born May 9, 1899 and died Jan. 30, 1902.

Dr. Howard JENNINGS, oldest son of the late Dr. Julius JENNINGS, has died in Texas.

February 27, 1902

Mrs. Flora E. ADAMS was born Nov. 22, 1846 and married Mr. Joshua D. ADAMS, a son of Robinson ADAMS, on Feb. 18, 1868. She died Sept. 10, 1901. She was a daughter of Peter HUBBARD, one of 15 children (8 daughters/7 sons.) She was the mother of 5 children (4 daughters/one son – one son and one daughter already deceased.) Buried at Fletcher Cemetery.

Peter Nelson HAMER, son of Dr. Peter L. and Mrs. Annie HAMER was born at Clio, Dec. 3, 1881, and died in Columbia on Feb. 12, 1902. (His father died May 23, 1889, leaving a wife, three sons and a daughter.) Peter N. was the second of four children. His brother is J. Allen HAMER. Peter N. is buried at Hebron Cemetery.

William PIERCE died Thursday of last week. Buried at Parnassus.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DOORS died Saturday at the age of only 4 days.

Miss Annie Roberta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. GIBSON, to marry Mr. Thomas Jackson ADAMS on March 12.

Willie HOGANS married Miss Annie CALDER of Adamsville.

Reuben BUTLER married Miss Victoria McNEILL of Adamsville.

March 6, 1902

Andrew J. BROWN of Scotland Co., 78 years old, died a few days ago.

Carrie Lee CANNON, niece of Miss Emma A. McCULLY, married Mr. Robert Graham JOHNSTON on Feb. 26, 1902 in Washington, D.C. Miss Cannon’s brother, Harry CANNON, died here Saturday, and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery. He leaves a young wife and one child.

Milton J. HEUSTESS, son of John D. HEUSTESS, was buried Tuesday at Judson Church. He was 21 years old.

John WITHERSPOON died in Society Hill last Thursday at the age of 84 years.

Luther H. COX married Miss Luelle DRAUGHON on Sunday. She is the daughter of Robert DRAUGHON, and was in the 8th grade.

March 13, 1902

Miss Berta GIBSON, daughter of F. B. GIBSON, married Thos. J. ADAMS in Gibson, N.C. yesterday.

March 20, 1902

Mrs. Mary CHAVIS, wife of Jim CHAVIS, and daughter of John and Mollie BRIGMAN, died Wednesday, Feb. 26. Buried in family burying ground. Survived by eight children and one sister. She was about 87 years old.

March 27, 1902

Miss Ethel LEWIS married Mr. BASKINS on Sunday.

J. McDONALD, Esq., aged 82, was buried at Carolina Church on March 24.

Mr. R. S. McLUCAS was buried at McLucas Cemetery on March 24.

Rufus MEDLIN and Miss Belle CLARK were married recently.

April 3, 1902

William B. ELLEN was born June 14, 1833 and died March 2, 1902. He was a Confederate veteran – Co. B., 24th S.C.

Last Tuesday, Miss Mary Edwina DAVID married Joseph Walter SHERRILL. The groom is from Nashville, N.C.[?]

Mrs. Lewis R. EASTERLING died Tuesday. She was the daughter of the late Lewis HAMER and the sister of John P. and Chas T. HAMER. She is survived by her husband and a large family.

April 10, 1902

Dr. and Mrs. J. A. FAISON announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Mary Sprunt FAISON to Fred A. ROGERS.

Last Sunday Mr. Duncan McCOLL married Miss Nora WEBSTER.

Capt. Robert P. CROSLAND, brother of Judge T. L. CROSLAND, died at Mt. Olive, Miss. On March 8 at the age of 67. He was raised in Red Hill and went to Miss. in 1856. He married a Miss PATTERSON. (Two of his daughters are – Mrs. SMITH and Miss Anna CROSLAND, both of Terry, Miss.) Buried at Terry, Mississippi.

April 17, 1902

Columbia, April 11 – Gen. Wade HAMPTON died this morning. He was 84 years old last week. Born in Columbia, S.C. in 1818, the son and grandson of men of the same name. He married twice, first to Margaret – youngest daughter of Gen. Francis PRESTON, and second to a daughter of Senator McDUFFIE.

Miss Carrie INGRAM was recently married to J. F. BOWE of Society Hill.

W. M. HOOD, formerly of this section, died recently in North Carolina.

Rufus MEDLIN recently married Miss Belle CLARK.

Rockingham, April 4 – Mr. A. M. PITTMAN was found dead this morning. He was about 50 years old and had a large family.

April 24, 1902

Last Sunday, Jonathan COTTINGHAM died at his home in Robeson Co. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

Rev. L. M. HAMER died on Tuesday at the age of 78. Buried at Hebron[?]

On March 21, 1902, Sara WILKS, wife of J. R. WILKS, died at Judson, S.C. Survived by husband and children. She was the daughter of John EASTERLING, her mother was Clara BAGGETT – sister of Mrs. BREEDEN (the mother of Capt. P. L., Joseph and Thos. BREEDEN.) She was born Oct. 26, 1828 and married Mr. John R. WILKS on Aug. 31, 1843.

May 1, 1902

Mrs. Nancy Ann LEGARE of Bethlehem died last Sunday. Buried at Bethlehem Church.

Brantley SPEARS of Harmony married Mrs. Lucy A. BRUTON, (daughter of Ira L.P. NEWTON,) last Wednesday.

H. L. CALHOUN, Jr. married Miss Bessie BRYANT (both of Judson) on Sunday.

Luther CURRIER of Clio married Miss Lena Hunter HAILEY of Laurel Hill, N.C. yesterday.

Capt. W. F. KINNEY died on March 8, 1901.

Sam JACOBS of Smithville died Tuesday.

Mrs. Katie EASTERLING, wife of L. R. EASTERLING, died April 1. Buried at family cemetery. She was the daughter of the late Philip M. HAMER.

May 8, 1902

Infant of J. M. HODGES buried at Brownsville last week. Died May 2.

Ethel, 3-year old daughter of Judge Milton McLAURIN, died last Friday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mary SPRUNT to marry Fred A. ROGERS on May 21. [believe Mary is a Faison]

John McBride BARRENTINE was born in Brightsville on March 2, 1878 and died April--- He was an only son.

Bennettsville land transfers – Simon STRAUSS to Elizabeth M. McCormac, lot $400.

"Quite a pleasant ripple was caused in our little town on Sunday at 2 o’clock by the marriage of Miss Tennessee CALHOUN to Hon. W. J. THOMAS, formerly of Hampton Co., now a lawyer of Beaufort Co. A beauty in high merit in usefulness, second to no one in popularity, it is not surprising that Hampton county’s representative should aspire to govern "Tennessee"….."

May 15, 1902

Miss Grace JORDAN married Tracy W. McCOLLUM of Sumter yesterday. The groom is the son of John H. McCOLLUM and the brother of Angus McCOLLUM. The bride is the daughter of J. L. JORDAN.

Mrs. Mary BETHEA, aged 93, lives with her son, Mr. B. F. MOORE, grandson W. D. MOORE, great-granddaughter, Mrs. Mary BREEDEN; great-great grandson Phelix BREEDEN (B. F. is not the father of W.D. Moore, but takes the place of Thos. Moore, W. D.’s father, who died several years ago.) [article contains a picture]

May 22, 1902

Miss Alice, daughter of Mrs. S. D. JOHNSON, married Benjamin D. TOWNSEND, on Tuesday. The bride is the oldest daughter of the late Hannibal P. JOHNSON, and the groom is the oldest son of Judge C. P. TOWNSEND.

ROGERS-FAISON marriage took place.

William R. GRAHAM of Red Hill died this morning. Buried at Salem Church.

June 12, 1902

Greensboro, June 7 – Miss Alice CUTCHIN of Whittaker’s and Will Greene of Bennettsville were married here today.

Darlington, June 5 – L. H. GILMORE died yesterday. He was about 45 years old and formerly of Marlboro Co. Probably never married.

Parnassus, June 10 – Aubrey ALLEN died one day last week.

Miss Carrie KENNEDY, sister of Mrs. Maggie BRISTOW and Miss Mollie KENNEDY, to marry Wade HUBBARD in Fayetteville on Tuesday.

Mrs. Susan A. DRAKE, nee PETERKIN, died yesterday at the age of 72 (from Society Hill.) She was the sister-in-law of Mrs. Drake ROGERS. She was the second wife of the late Maj. Z. A. DRAKE, and the stepmother of Z. J., W. B., J. N., and J. A. DRAKE, and Mrs. A. A. ROGERS, and the sister of Mrs. C. D. EASTERLING. Buried at Drake Cemetery in Blenheim.

June 19, 1902

Blenheim, June 18 – E. M. SWETT married Lila BREWER on Sunday.

Lydia HUNSUCKER was born in Montgomery Co., N.C. on June 15, 1823 and died in this county on May 28, 1902 at the age of 78 years, 11 months, and 13 days. She was the widow of the late martin HUNSUCKER. Her maiden name was ALLEN. She was the grandmother of Mrs. R. J. PATTERSON. Buried at family cemetery at Boykin Church.

Thompson W. ALLEN died June 16, 1902.

Mrs. Annie V. ELIXSON was the daughter of Philip W. and Dorcas ODOM, her mother being the daughter of Martin COVINGTON, and a niece of H. H. NEWTON. She was 27 years old, married to J. B. ELIXSON of Cheraw and died in Aberdeen, Miss. Survived by husband and three children (son-5 years old, son-21 months old, and a daughter only 3 days old.) Buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Aberdeen. She was the sister of Miss Minnie ODOM.

June 26, 1902

Sumter, June 12 – Rev. Henry H. COVINGTON married Miss Marie, eldest daughter of Col. R. D. LEE, last night.

June 14 – Henry HATCHER married Ella GRANT last Sunday.

Walter NORTON married Mrs. Mollie Calder last Sunday.

July 3, 1902

Mrs. Ed MASON of Gibson died last Thursday. Buried in family burying ground.

Miss Rebecca CARNES, age 14, died Saturday. Buried in Cheraw.

Mrs. D. D. PARISH died near Ebenezar Tuesday. Buried at family burying ground.

Mrs. Mary BREARLY, wife of Rev. H. M. BREARLY, was buried at Blenheim on July 2, 1902. She was the former Miss ROGERS.

July 10, 1902

George DRAKE, [black], died in Palatka, Florida. Buried here. The son of George DRAKE.

Arch. D. GRAY of Marlboro Co. joined the Mormon Church.

Jeremiah POLSON was born July 2, 1789 and died July 4, 1902 at the age of 113 years, and two days. One of his children, Chas. POLSON, s about 80 years old. Buried at Haskew Cemetery.

Pearce GALLOWAY died July 7, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. GALLOWAY. He was 20 years old. Buried at Parnassus.

Miss Elizabeth SMITH died last Saturday. Buried at Smith burying ground. She was the daughter of the late Herbert SMITH and the sister of Mrs. S. J. ADAMS. Miss Smith was about 80 years old.

July 17, 1902

Last Saturday, Mr. KEIFF married Miss KELLY.

Phoebe Ann SMITH, [black,] was killed last Saturday.

Jas. R. NAPIER, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. NAPIER, died July 7 in Savannah, GA, at the age of 22 years. Survived by mother and father, three brothers and three sisters. Buried at Bethlehem Cemetery.

Mary, 9-month old child of J. B. PIPKIN, died at the home of her grandfather, Eli WILLIS[?] on Tuesday.

July 24, 1902

Cheraw, July 19 – J. H. "Bought" BENNETT died Thursday.

Mrs. L. H. ENGLISH died recently.

At Dillon on Tuesday, Rev. J. A. MASON of Gibson married Miss Leona WATSON of Dillon. The bride is the sister of B. Lane WATSON.

Mrs. COLE, mother of Mrs. A. J. BRISTOW, died last night at Rockingham.

Martha, 2-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles MANNING, died on July 8. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

July 31, 1902

First settler at Red Springs was Sailor Hector McNEILL who came around the first of the last century. He was succeeded by his son – William McNEILL and his grandson – Red Hector McNEILL.

Dr. J. C. McMILLAN who married Miss Janie MOORE of Bennettsville, is a leading physician in Red Springs.

M. A. HURT, father of Mrs. W. A. ATKINS, died in Statesville, N.C. last week.

Willis TURLINGTON married Mrs. Willie MONROE on July 13.

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