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Part Seven: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE August 1902 - Sept 1903

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


August 7, 1902

Miss Clariss BRISTOW died July 22. Buried at Beauty Spot.

Vida, year-old child of Henry WEBSTER, died Monday, July 29. Buried at Webster Cemetery.

Miss Ruth BURROUGHS of Conway drowned Tuesday.

W. S. SWETT, son of Rev. N. L. SWETT, died in Richland Co. last Sunday.

Walter WICKER married Miss Janie OUTLAW yesterday.

Caroline FAIRLEY was buried at the colored cemetery on Friday. She is survived by her husband, Murdock FAIRLEY.

Mrs. M. J. ATKINSON died near Red Springs on Aug 4 at the age of 87.

Mrs. W. K. BETHEA died Sunday. Survived by husband and eleven children.

August 14, 1902

Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clark died last Sunday. Buried at Brownsville Cemetery.

Mr. W. P. GRAY and Miss Mattie COXE were married last Sunday.

Mrs. Sallie ENGLISH died July 11, 1902. She was born Oct. 1, 1861, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harris ODOM. She first married Mr. Whiteford QUICK and had two children. Second, she married on Feb. 3, 1887, Mr. Lawrence ENGLISH and they had three children. Buried at Wallace Cemetery.

Mr. W. Phress GRAY married Miss Mattie, daughter of Mr. K. COXE last Sunday.

Wilson O’CONNER died in Dillon on Sunday. Buried at Spears Cemetery. He was a Confederate veteran; and married Miss Ann SPEARS, daughter of Lewis SPEARS.

August 21, 1902

Mrs. Maggie WEBSTER, wife of Henry WEBSTER, died Tuesday. She was the sister of Mr. S. J. PEARSON. Buried at Webster Cemetery.

John G. HUBBARD, March 9, 1842 – Sept. 18, 1902

Buried in 1902:

Thomas Boyd, son of Thomas F. and Mrs. BOAHN of Red Springs. Sept. 12, 1901 – June 13, 1902.

Ellen, wife of Jonathan WOODLEY was born Feb. 6, 1841 and died Jan. 25, 1902. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis SPEARS; married first to John A. COVINGTON (the son of the late Col. John COVINGTON) who lived only a few years after their marriage and then died in the War. They had three sons – one died in infancy and two still living: J. H. and J. L. COVINGTON. Early in 1868 she married Mr. Woodley. They had 6 children (5 sons/1 daughter.)

Jonathan COTTINGHAM, second child and first son of Charles and Nancy McDaniel COTTINGHAM, was born Aug. 8, 1831 in Marlboro Co. and died April 20, 1902 in Robeson Co., N.C. He was married to Miss Caroline COTTINGHAM, daughter of Wilson COTTINGHAM. She died Sept. 5, 1899. He was a Confederate veteran, and they had six children (3 sons/3 daughters.)

Rev. L. M. HAMER, son of John H. and Elizabeth Thomas HAMER, was born Feb. 27, 1825 and died in Marlboro Co., April 22, 1902. (On Oct. 7, 1847, he married Miss Elizabeth THOMAS.) They had 13 children (7 sons/6 daughters.)

Mr. Peter BARRENTINE was born in Marlboro Co. about 79 or 80 years ago, and died Aug. 21, 1902. He married Miss Elizabeth JONES, daughter of Rev. Johnie JONES, and they had five children (4 sons/1 daughter.) Survived by widow, three sons and one daughter – Mr. Daniel BARRENTINE, John BARRENTINE, and James BARRENTINE.

February 5, 1903

Nichols, Jan. 30 – Mr. Augustus "Gustave" Donald MATHESON married Miss Belle Wingate DANIEL today. The groom is the son of Mr. A. J. MATHESON and the brother of Miss Mayde MATHESON. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Civil E. DANIEL.

Rockingham, Jan. 29 – Rev. W. J. FULFORD married Miss Kate McLEAN today.

Mrs. Elizabeth WELCH, nee STANTON, was born Dec. 15, 1852 and died Jan. 16, 1903. Buried at Hebron. Married John W. WELCH on Oct. 22, 1874.

Feb. 12, 1903

Milton A. J. MOORE died Monday. Buried at family burying grounds.

Laurin Haselden McCALL, 3-year old son of George McCALL, died Feb. 7. Buried at Dudley Cemetery.

Robert A. PEELE of Gibson married Miss Maggie BULLARD on Feb. 4.

Mr. Wilkes CARPENTER married Miss Lula McGHEE last Sunday.

Evander AYWOOD married Miss Anna PAUL on Sunday.

Mrs. Leona MASON, wife of Rev. J. A. MASON, died Saturday. She was the sister of B. L. WATSON. Buried in Dillon. Married a little over six months.

February 19, 1903

M. A. J. MOORE was born Jan. 14, 1851 and died Feb. 9, 1903. He was the son of Duncan MOORE and Martha Spears MOORE. Survived by his parents, three brothers and two sisters. Married Miss Alice GOODWYN, niece and adopted daughter of the late E. W. GOODWYN. Mr. Moore was the father of nine children.

Mrs. S. Drake ROGERS died last Monday at the age of 70. She was a lineal descendant of Sir Francis Drake. Buried at Parnassus.

Clio, Feb. 16 – Miss Belle Shaffer was married Thursday.

Of five brothers, Evander H. STANTON died Nov. 20, 1902, Henry W. died in Miss. on Jan. 21, 1903, James W. – 76 years old, still living; Peter W. – 2nd youngest, died Dec. 7; and Alexander, age 72, is still living.

Hebron, Feb. 11 – Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. P. McQUAGE, married Mr. Walter DAVID.

March 5, 1903

Mr. A. D. CONNER died Thursday of last week in Hasty, N.C. Buried at Smyrna Church.

March 12, 1903

Mrs. A. J. BRISTOW, former Miss Fannie COLE of Rockingham, N.C., died March 8. Survived by husband and eight children. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Miss Florence DUDLEY was buried last Friday at Evergreen Cemetery. She died on Wednesday. Sister of Charles T. DUDLEY of Tampa, Florida.

Dr. R. B. COVINGTON died Monday of last week [March 2.] Buried at Hebron Cemetery. He was 41 years old. Leaves wife and small children.

Miss Sue ATKINSON died last Saturday. Buried at Blenheim.

Miss Flora L. EMANUEL died Friday at the age of 72. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Sister-in-law of Mrs. Belle EMANUEL, and the sister of Carrie EMANUEL.

H. TART, son of John J. TART, died in Williamsburg Co. on Tuesday of last week.

Rev. Nathan L. SWETT, father of Mrs. W. L. PEARSON, died in Richland Co. yesterday. Buried at Cheraw.

Clio, March 9 – Lewis SPEARS, 28-year old son of William and Sarah SPEARS, died Tuesday. Buried at Spears Cemetery near Hebron.

March 19, 1903

Married March 8, Mr. Henry BUTLER and Miss Annie McBRIDE.

March 26, 1903

Mrs. Silas BOUNDS died Tuesday in Florence. Buried at Mt. Hope in Florence. She was about 50 years old. Survived by husband and four children – Mrs. Lizzie MORRISON, Mrs. Grace HINES, Mrs. Ed BROGDEN, and Miss Nora BOUNDS.

Tatum, March 23 – Mrs. Julia WATSON died yesterday. Buried at Beauty Spot.

March 25 – Mr. John W. WELCH died today.

April 2, 1903

Mrs. Matilda Eliza DAVIS, relict of Mr. Ezra M. DAVIS, died in Florence Co. on March 11. Survived by three sons, one sister and five brothers. Buried in Hopewell Cemetery. Member of McIntyre family of Marion Co. Sister of R. C. McINTYRE.

Clio, March 30 – John W. WELCH died at age of 55. Buried at Hebron Cemetery. He was the father of J. T. WELCH.

Clio, March 30 – Mr. John McINNIS, of Laurinburg, N.C., married Miss Jennie B. ALLEN of east Arcadia, N.C.

April 9, 1903

The year-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. PATTERSON, died Sunday. Buried at Boykin.

Mrs. Cattie HORTON died Thursday. Buried at Carolina. She was the sister of Miss Jane Lester and the cousin of Mrs. H. B. FREEMAN.

Brightsville, march 31 – Last Thursday, Miss Esther NEWTON married Mr. Robert L. NEWTON.

Father of H. M. CROSSNELL, Esq. Died in Wilmington.

Gibson, April 6 – Malloy GIBSON, not yet 20 years old – son of William F. and Christian GIBSON, died April 4. Buried at old Gibson Cemetery.

    1. D. CONNER died on Feb. 26, 1903.

April 16, 1903

Married last night, Mr. Robert ROGERS, Jr. and Miss Ida TOWNSEND, daughter of John R. TOWNSEND.

Miss Bessie, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Rufus FORD to marry Mr. Archibald Calder WILLINGHAM of Chattanooga on April 23.

Clio, April 14 – Mr. Thomas DAVID, aged 72, died Thursday. He was the son of Welcome DAVID. He died April 9 and was buried at McLucas Cemetery. Mrs. David died 15 years ago, leaving him with 7 children; four girls and two boys survive him (one of his daughters – Mrs. Asa EDENS.)

April 23, 1903

Willingham-Ford marriage; the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. WILLINGHAM, he is the brother of Mrs. J. B. POUND and her husband who have two daughters (Misses Cathaleen and Carmalite;) and the brother of Miss Margaret WILLINGHAM. The bride is the sister of Ethel FORD.

Nehemiah H. ODOM died in Darlington on Friday. Buried at Wallace Cemetery in Gibson. He was a Confederate veteran. Survived by his wife and daughter – Miss Emma.

Leroy GADDY died Feb. 22 at the age of 24 years. On May 18, 1897 he married Miss Ola HARRINGTON. Survived by wife and 3-year old son – Ernest HARRINGTON; his parents, four sisters and three brothers.

April 30, 1903

Ehan CROSLAND, son of Chas. CROSLAND, married Miss Annie THOMAS, daughter of Mr. J. H. THOMAS, yesterday.

Rev. C. L. DOWELL married Miss Anne EVANS of Cheraw of Tuesday. The bride is the sister of A. L. EVANS.

Mr. and Mrs. Arch WILLOUGHBY of Gibson are on their bridal trip.

May 7, 1903

James Ezra COXE was born Feb. 12, 1826 and died last Friday. He was the grandson of Samuel COXE and the son of Ezra COXE (both of these men having fought in the American Revolution and the War of 1812.) James Coxe was buried at Parnassus on Sunday, May 3. Leaves two sons – Joseph E. and Robert C., and one daughter – Mrs. B. H. COVINGTON. His oldest daughter, Mrs. W. P. COVINGTON, died several years ago, leaving a daughter – Miss Clara COVINGTON. [also in May 14 issue]

Miss Bernice PARMATER married Mr. Lindel MYERS of Cincinnati, Ohio, at the home of her uncle, Dr. C. S. PIXLEY at Farington, S.C., on April 21.

Florence – Swinton Dozier was killed by the kick of a mule on Sunday.

May 14, 1903

Batesburg, last week – Mrs. Queenie RILEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. SPANN, married Prof. J. R. T. MAJOR.

Bishopville, May 7 – Mr. W. E. CREECH was killed yesterday.

May 21, 1903

Thomas PATE married Drusilla SWETT on May 17.

Miss Eleanor Murchison, daughter of Mrs. Harriett Murchison BECKWITH, died at Denver, Colorado last Thursday, May 14.

June 4, 1903

Mrs. Elizabeth HERNDON, aged 58, died of typhoid fever last Thursday at the home of her son, Dr. W. T. HERNDON.

Duncan McLAURIN died in Hasty last Thursday. Buried at Stewart Cemetery. His sister-in –law is Mrs. Margaret McLAURIN.

Lilly Maude, 4-year old daughter of Henry PATRICK, died Tuesday. Buried at Oak Ridge.

From the Arizona Bulletin – Arch G. McALISTER, son of Chas. A. McALISTER, was born at Tatum, S.C. on Sept. 23, 1873. Went to Phoenix, AZ in 1897.

Chas. CROSLAND married Mrs. Cora E. SULLIVAN in Columbia last Sunday. She is about 35 years old, and he is about 60.

Samuel Anderson McELWEE, only brother of W. W. McELWEE, died in Yorkville last Tuesday night. He was a native of York Co., born in Bethel Township on Feb. 18, 1836. He was a Confederate veteran.

Clio, June 1 – Miss Mary SINCLAIR died.

Mary Ellen, daughter of Mrs. Violet COOK, to marry Mr. G. V. BEARD on June 10.

Ebbie LILES, son of Joseph R. LILES, married Miss Annie MILLER, daughter of John M. MILLER of Sumter Co., on Wednesday of last week.

Mr. J. J. HOOD married Miss Sallie O’NEAL last Sunday. The bride is the daughter of Mr. James O’NEAL.

Brightsville, May 24 – Mr. Julius ODOM married Miss Mary Jane BREEDEN, daughter of Joseph BREEDEN, on last Sunday. (Mr. Breeden has three daughters married, each one has a different mother.)

Mr. A. G. BRIGHT died in Charlotte, N.C. on the 13th. His remains were brought to Cheraw. He was 73 years old, and leaves a large family and one sister. (His sister Mrs. Jackson STUBBS, is 84 years old and her husband is 87. Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs will have been married 70 years in July.)

June 11, 1903

Dr. William J. CROSLAND married Miss Margaret KIRKLEY in Columbia yesterday. The groom’s mother is Mrs. S. E. CROSLAND; his sister is Miss Lyl CROSLAND; and his cousin is Herman B. CROSLAND.

Newtonville – Married on the 7th, Mr. Daniel WATERS and Miss Mage HOGENS.

Edgar WEBSTER, son of Geo. M. WEBSTER, died last Thursday. Buried at Webster Cemetery.

Capt. Jas. M. HENEGAN, formerly of Marlboro, died in Mobile, AL on May 21. His first wife was Miss Laura MILLER of Tuscaloosa; they had two sons – Messrs. Stephen and Sam Perry HENEGAN. His second wife was Miss Kate BROWN of Alabama. He was about 59 years old. Survived by wife, 2 sons and a sister -–Mrs. A. E. MOORE of York. Buried at Livingston, Alabama.

Miss Louise WINGATE, daughter of Mrs. Della A. WINGATE, married Mr. G. V. BEARD last night. The groom’s brother is William BEARD of Fayetteville.

Gibson, June 7 – Mrs. Dr. P. B. PATE died today. Born in Sumter. Buried at Pate Cemetery.

Gibson, June 7 – Miss Emma, 22 years old, only unmarried daughter of Mr. Joshua D. ADAMS, died last Friday. Buried at Fletcher Cemetery in Adamsville.

Miss Julia Alma MOOD, youngest daughter of Dr. J. A. MOOD, married Mr. William George PETERKIN of Ft. Motte, in Sumter last week. Mr. Peterkin is the son of Capt. James A. PETERKIN.

Miss Katherine Dunbar ASHLEY on June 3 married Marcus SPEARMAN of Newberry, at Trenton.

June 25, 1903

Miss Janie MILLS died last Saturday. Buried at Parnassus.

William Green, 9-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. ROGERS, died last Thursday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Miss Sarah A. GILES of Marion died Saturday. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. GILES. Buried in Marion. Survived by parents, two sisters and one brother.

Will, brother of Mr. Joseph P. EDENS of Clio, died Monday in Rowland, N.C. Buried at McLuca Cemetery, Marlboro Co.

Lizzie WEILL died.

Married on the 14th, Mr. Benjamin BROWN and Miss Deene PEEL.

July 9, 1903

Ruth, little daughter of Wm. WEATHERFORD, died last Wednesday. Buried at Bethel.

Mrs. E. E. HAMILTON died Monday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. She was the daughter of W. B. ODOM.

Mrs. EDENS, wife of Joseph EDENS, died Monday. She was the daughter of J. P. HINSON. Buried at Beauty Spot.

Mrs. Mary COVINGTON, wife of H. Kemp COVINGTON, died Saturday. Buried at Hebron. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John S. FLETCHER.

Purly LANGLY was killed Monday.

Mrs. Harriet QUICK died last week at the age of 114. She was once a slave of Bennie QUICK. Buried at Ebenezar Church. She had a large family. Survived by five sons – Roger, Frank, John, George and Ingram; and daughters – Miranda ALLMAN, Lucy SMITH, Juda QUICK, Annie BRIGHT, Angelina MUDD and Marjarina SMITH.

Edware Hale, 10-month old child of Edward H. EVERETT, died Monday. Buried at Oak Ridge.

July 23, 1903

Eleanor, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BECKWITH, died in Denver, Colorado in May

Brax COPELAND married Miss Madge HERNDON last Sunday.

July 30, 1903

Clio, July 29 – Mrs. H. C. (Nellie) HERRING died July 25 at the age of 38 years.

July 26, Valdos, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. WELCH, died at Mt. Vernon Springs. He was three years and 4 months old; and died of tonsillitis.

Charlotte McIVER, [black,] died Sunday.

J. Augustus SULLIVAN died in Charleston on Sunday.

Miss Aggie STANTON married Mr. Charlie WEBSTER on July 1.

Clio, July 24 – Young Jas. EDENS, son of Wm. P. EDENS who died a few days ago of typhoid at Rowland, died Monday; and his mother is now dangerously ill.

August 6, 1903

Thomas MOORE married Miss Martha GOODWIN last Friday. He was the son of Wm. D. MOORE. The bride is the daughter of E. W. GOODWIN.

Miss Adelle HARDEN, daughter of Joab C. HARDEN, married John J. PEARSON yesterday.

D. D. PARISH married Miss Tillie SPEARS, daughter of William SPEARS on July 24.

August 13, 1903

Miss Mamie McLEOD died last Saturday. Buried at Parnassus Cemetery. She was an orphan, daughter of Eugene "Jink" McLEOD. Her mother was a daughter of the late Mrs. S. Drake ROGERS. Survived by one sister – Miss Genie McLEOD.

Ida L. HAMILTON, former Miss ODOM, was born Sept. 13, 1870 and died July 7, 1903. On Sept. 27, 1887 she married Mr. Edward L. HAMILTON, and was the mother of one child, Arthur – nine years old. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arlindo STANTON, died.

Herbert Ford, cousin of Miss Ethel FORD, was recently married in Marion.

Mrs. Lizzie COVINGTON died June 14.

Mrs. Ann STUBBS, wife of Jackson STUBBS, died last Tuesday. Buried at Brightsville Cemetery. She was 84 years old and married for 68 years.

Dorothy, nearly 3 years old and the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. CARROLL, died last Wednesday. Buried at Oak Ridge.

August 20, 1903

McColl, Aug. 17 – Sister of Mrs. Jas. A. ROBSON, Jr. died. She was the oldest daughter of Capt. A. H. BREEDEN of Manning; and married not quite a year ago to Mr. Charlie JENKINSON. On Aug. 2 she gave birth to a child that did not live. Buried at Manning Cemetery.

Jesse JENKINS, about 21 years old, died Monday. Buried at Parnassus.

L. F. JONES of Lumberton, brother of A. L. JONES, and Tom GARDNER, [black] of Stanley Creek, N. C., were killed in a train wreck in Maxton on August 12.

Mr. Herbert H. FORD married Miss Bertie WATSON in Darlington yesterday.

Thornton, son of D. W. PATE, died August 9.

Clio, Aug. 17 – Mrs. L. L. IVEY died at the age of 34 years. She was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank STAFFORD of Kernersville, N.C. Survived by her husband and 6 children. Buried in family cemetery near Clio.

Little child of Mr. S. J. McINNIS died last Wednesday. Buried at family burying ground at Boykin.

Ann STUBBS died last Tuesday. Buried at Stubbs Cemetery.

Mr. Ernest G. BETHEA drowned in Lynchburg, VA last Saturday. He was the second son of J. N. BETHEA of Mullins and brother of H. S. BETHEA of Marion. Ernest, was single and would have been 24 years old in October.

September 3, 1903

Married on Aug. 30, Mr. Thomas BRIGMAN of Brightsville and Mrs. Lutitia MONROE of W. Durham, N.C.

Blenheim, Sept. 1 – Mrs. Dr. J. L. NAPIER died Monday.

Married Aug. 16, Mr. Preston LEGETTE of Scotland to Miss Sallie NORTON.

Married August 23, Mr. Malley GIBSON to Miss Lucy LEWIS.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. PEARSON were recently married.

September 10, 1903 – Thursday

Daniel Thornton PATE died Sunday at the age of 10 years seven months and 21 days. Buried in Haskew Cemetery.

September 17, 1903

Last Wednesday, Mr. Marvin MOORE married Miss Jennie PERRY, daughter of Rev. G. B. PERRY, at Gibson. The groom is the son of the late M. A. J. MOORE.

Mr. Edward POWERS of Timmonsville, S.C. was recently married.

Mrs. Patience BENNETT, aged mother-in-law of Mr. George M. WEBSTER, died Sunday, Sept. 13. Buried at Bethel. She was nearly 80 years old.

September 24, 1903

"Alexander J. MATHESON was the son of Donald MATHESON who was a son of John MATHESON of Attadale and Margaret MATHESON of Shiness in Sutherlandshire, Scotland."

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