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Part Eight: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE August 1902 - May 1904

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


September 24, 1903

"Alexander J. MATHESON was the son of Donald MATHESON who was a son of John MATHESON of Attadale and Margaret MATHESON of Shiness in Sutherlandshire, Scotland."

The 3-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. STANTON died.

Newtonville, Sept. 17 – Mr. Marshall MILTON and Miss Sallie CARTER were married.

Marietta McGuire DONALDSON, wife of Dr. James Lane NAPIER, was born April 25, 1846 near Parnassus. She married Dr. Napier on Feb. 12, 1873 and they had seven children (5 sons/2 daughters,) all of whom survive her. Mrs. Napier died on August 31 and was buried at Parnassus.

October 11, 1903

Thos. Q. ODOM, nearly 70, died. Buried at Pee Dee Cemetary. He was a brother of Mrs. HAMILTON and Mrs. Thos. WILLIAMS.

Miss John FULMORE of Red Springs to marry Dr. J. R. EDMUNDSON on Nov. 4 in Red Springs.

E. Burke CALHOUN of Lake City, S.C. was the son of J. A. CALHOUN.

Columbia, Sept. 15 – Miss Ardella FREEMAN had married William MANOR. Mr. Manor died March 21, 1901. On March 23, 1901, Widow Manor married Thomas MORRIS.

October 8, 1903

Little Carl, 31-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl CHAMNESS of Blenheim died. Buried last Saturday at McLucas Cemetery.

Henry WOODLEY married Miss Eula BREEDEN on Sunday.

Mrs. L. F. Dozier died Saturday in Anderson, Shasta Co., Cal.[?] She was the former Miss Mary DUDLEY of Bennettsville.

J. P. GIBSON was born in Brightsville Township on July 6, 1857; and married Miss Margaret McRAE of Gainesville, Fl on Nov. 23, 1876. They had six children.

October 15, 1903

Blenheim, Oct. 12 – On Oct. 7, Mr. Robt. ERVIN of Georgetown married Miss Sara Elizabeth HILLIARD.

Married Oct. 11, Mr. John Wesley WILLIAMS and Miss Lula MURCHISON.

Mr. Louie BRIGMAN married Miss Sarah TOUSEL on Saturday.

October 22, 1903

John Benton, Jr., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. PIPKIN of Reidsville, N.C. died Saturday. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery, Marlboro County.

Miss Louise MARTIN of Baltimore died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Frank R. CROSLAND, last Friday, Oct. 16. She was 76 years old. Her body was returned to old family burying ground in Easton, Maryland.

October 29, 1903

Mrs. Mary Ellen PATRICK, wife of Henry PATRICK, was killed on Tuesday. Survived by husband and two children – Annie May, 6 years old; and a 3-year old son.

Cheraw, Oct. 19 – Arch ROGERS, colored, was killed Friday.

Tuesday, Rev. Bunyan McLEOD married Miss Pearl McCOLL, daughter of D. D. McCOLL. Dr. McLeod is a native of Nova Scotia.

Clark’s Hill, Oct. 20 – Mr. George D. TILLMAN, aged 23 years, youngest son of the late Hon. George D. TILLMAN, died today.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. De LORME of Dovesville announce the upcoming marriage of their daughter, Miss Blanche Alice to Mr. Frederick W. RENNEKER, Jr. of Charleston. Marriage to take place Oct. 28.

November 5, 1903

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. CARRABO, Jr. died last week. Buried at Bethlehem Church Cemetery.

Miss Della HOOD, daughter of C. E. HOOD, died. Buried at Bethlehem Church on Saturday.

Evelyn, 8-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. CROSLAND, died last Thursday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mr. Edmond BREEDEN married Miss Lucy Ann GOODWIN, daughter of E. W. GOODWIN, on Oct. 18.

November 12, 1903

Elijah C. EVERETT died Nov. 3. Buried at Hebron Cemetery.

November 26, 1903

Eb L. SWETT’s mother was buried the day before the Patrick murder. [10/27/1903]

December 3, 1903

Francis B. GIBSON of Gibson died Sunday.

Wednesday, Nov. 18, Baker, aged 1 year and 5 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher TOWNSEND, died. Buried in Smyrna Cemetery.

Mr. WOODWARD of Red Bluff Mills died Tuesday.

Ruric N. SAMPSON married Miss Marion Louise ORRELL in Roanoke, VA on Tuesday. The groom is the brother of Miss Annie and Mrs. A. L. ORRELL.

Nov. 19, John H. McQUEEN married Miss Maggie LOVE.

Miss Flora Levy EMANUEL, daughter of Joel EMANUEL and Mary Ann PLEDGER, was born Dec. 31, 1823 and died in Bennettsville on March 6, 1903.

Adamsville, Nov. 30 – Miss Flossie Lee BREEDEN to marry Mr. Bishop Marvin FLETCHER on Dec. 16.

December 10, 1903

Joseph E. COXE died Saturday. He was the son of the late James E. COXE who died a few months ago. He leaves a wife and several children. Buried at Blenheim.

Mrs. Dora Owens, daughter of G. W. OWENS and his wife, Emily, was born March 9, 1877 and died October 20, 1903. She married Mr. I. W. PATRICK on Dec. 15, 1901. Leaves husband and baby.

Miss Pearl GIBSON, daughter of Raiford GIBSON of Boykin, married Mr. FISHER of Bladen Co., N.C. on December 2.

Miss Maie COWARD married Mr. B. W. SPENCER in Cheraw last Wednesday.

December 17, 1903

Married Dec. 6, Mr. Jesse ODOM and Miss Lizzie STUBBS.

Mr. John McINNIS died on Saturday. Buried at Carolina Church Cemetery. He was 73 years old.

Capt. Wm. McD. ALFORD died in Marion Co. on Dec. 2.

Archibal D. McINNIS died in Byhalia, Miss. on Dec. 7 at the age of 56 years. He was a native of Marlboro Co. and was the brother of S. J. and J. A. McINNIS. Leaves a wife and children.

Married Dec. 13, Rufus WILKINSON and Miss Sarah QUICK. Both of McColl.

Carl WHARTON married Miss Florence Isabelle BUTTLER in Charleston last night.

Miss Myrtle BOLTON married Ben TURNAGE on Dec. 15.

James O. BREEDEN to marry Miss Julia GIBSON on Dec. 30.

Francis B. GIBSON died Nov. 30, 1903. He was born Oct. 10, 1845, the eldest son of Noah GIBSON who died in 1871. In 1875, he married Miss Edith, daughter of Duncan MOORE. Survived by wife and 6 children. Buried at old Gibson family cemetery, one mile north of town.

December 31, 1903

McColl, Dec. 29 – Miss Annie GILL married Prof. Jno. A. THACKSTON.

Mrs. Mary Henegan, wife of late Maj. C. S. HENEGAN, sister of A. J. MATHESON, and mother of Miss Maggie HENEGAN, died Monday. She was the former Miss Mary MATHESON. Buried at Holy Rood Cemetery near Blenheim.

Hilton QUICK of this county was accidentally killed in N.C. on Christmas Day.

Four interments at Brownsville Church Cemetery last week: Mr. Henry STURGE’s wife and child; Miss Lizzie CLARK, daughter of Riley CLARK; and an infant of J. B. COX. [article was slightly faded.]

E. Burke CALHOUN, teaching school in Lake City, came home to spend Christmas with his parents.

Miss Corli Lee JERNIGAN married Mr. Norman MARTIN on December 13.

John PATE, former Marlboro boy, married Miss Lizzie ADAMS at Purvis, N.C. on Thanksgiving Day.

Miss Alice FLETCHER to marry Mr. James Cousar WILLIS on January 6, 1904.

Married Dec. 20, James GILBERT and Miss Brazilla STEWART, both of McColl.

Fred TARTE married Miss Donnie ODOM, daughter of A. T. ODOM of Red Hill, last Wednesday.

Ernest COVINGTON married Miss Allie [?]OYKIN in Sumter Co. on Dec. 24. The groom is the son of C. F. COVINGTON.

Harris BRISTOW married Miss Minnie Lee STUBBS at Wortham, Texas on Dec. 15.


January 7, 1904

Daniel DIMERY, [black], died last Saturday.

Mrs. A. W. McINTYRE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joel PARRISH, died Monday. Buried Wednesday at the family cemetery.

Col. Tom C. HAMER married Miss Blanche GIBSON at Gibson, N.C. on Tuesday. (The bride is the daughter of F. B. GIBSON who recently died.)

Melton McLAURIN married Miss Emma B. McMILLAN in Florence last Monday. The groom is the son of Judge Milton McLAURIN.

January 14, l904

Austin, son of H. H. and Cattie B. STANTON was born April 24, 1884 and died November 22, 1903. His brother Wade died only a few years ago and his mother died a few months after that.

Vance, daughter of Mrs. H. K. ODOM, to marry Mr. Sarius Eugene CRAIG on January

20, 1904.

On December 23 in Dotban, AL, Bristow ALLEN married Miss Annie CRYMES, daughter of J. A. CRYMES. Mr. Allen is a Marlboro boy, son of Elmore ALLEN.

Frank B. WHITTINGTON married Miss Hattie HEUSTESS, daughter of P. J.

HEUSTESS, on December 31.

John B. ODOM married Miss Maggie STUBBS, daughter of Thoroughgood P. STUBBS, last Sunday.

J. W. BELL, brother of Dr. J. P. BELL, was buried in Greenville yesterday.

January 21, 1904

Mrs. Mary BETHEA died Sunday at the age of 95. She married first to William

MOORE and then to Jessie BETHEA. She was the mother of Mr. B. F. MOORE and

Dr. W. A. MOORE.

Cheraw, Jan. 13 - Mrs. W. Allen BENTON, wife of the mayor of Cheraw, died last Saturday.

Campbell WEATHERLY died in Red Hill last Friday at the age of 69. He had never married. Buried in Salem Church Cemetery.

Rev. James L. COTTING.HAM, son of L. B. COTTINGHAM of Wilson’s Mills, N.C., died in 1892 and was buried at Hebron. He was the brother of Mrs. J. L. COVINGTON.

Mrs. SMITH, daughter of Mr. Lorenzo MANSHIP and sister of Miss Ethel MANSHIP, died. Buried at family burying ground near Tatum.

Mr. Weeville QUICK of Williamson Township, N.C. married Miss Celia QUICK in Laurel Hill on Jan. 9. The bride is the daughter of Alonzo QUICK of Scotland County.

February 4, 1904

Dessie Estelle, 8-year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Marion COPELAND died last

Saturday. Buried at Spears Cemetary.

Jessie DAWKINS, colored, was killed last Thursday in Cheraw.

February 18, 1904

Beauty Spot, Feb. 4 - On. Feb. 4 at Hebron Church, Miss Janie Maud HUBBARD married Mr. Willie R. SPEARS. The bride is the sister of Clarence A. HUBBARD.

On Feb. 8, 1904, Preston DRAKE, son of Col. J. N. DRAKE, died. He was 18 years old and leaves his father, three sisters and one brother.

February 18, 1904

At Laurinburg, Miss Sadie LYTCH of Laurinburg married Mr. Walter MANGUM of

McColl, S.C.

March 3, 1904

Died February 27 at the age of 16 months and 19 days, Ina Gertrude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W. FREEMAN.

Nevil BENNETT, an aged citizen of the Judson section died last Wednesday. He was the father of J. Howard and Henry J. BENNETT, and Mrs. J. C. COVINGTON, and Miss Ruth BENNETT.

Mrs. Eben HAYES died Monday. Buried at Salem. Leaves husband and 6 small children.

Mrs. Mike COX died in Brownsville last Thursday at an advanced age.

Mrs. CARABO, mother of Levi CARABO, died in Brownsville last Monday week.

Clifford JOY died yesterday at the age of 64. Buried at Oak Ridge. He was a

native of Charleston, having been in Bennettsville about a month.

Miss Mary Adger HENDRIX of Cheraw was married in Cheraw last Wednesday to

Mr. Roderick McI. WATTS of Asheboro, N.C.

March 24, 1904

Preston GRAY of Brownsville died "some days ago." Leaves a wife and one child.

Kendrick COXE died a few days ago.

Mrs. Annie O’NEAL, wife of James S. O’NEAL, died last Saturday.

Miss Mary EVANS of near Chesterfield and Mr. N. P. EVANS of Laurinburg, N.C. were married Tuesday. They are to live at Evan’s Mill. Mr. Evans is a native of Red Hill, and this is his third wife.

On Feb. 18, Mr. John BRIGMAN married Miss Maggie WHITE.

"Ashby BOLTON celebrated his birthday on Monday the 29th. The first birthday he has had in 8 years."

Married Feb. 28, Miss Etta HUBBARD and James W. TURNAGE.

March 31, 1904

Mrs. Ann THOMAS died March 20 at the age of 72 and was buried at Hebron. She was the mother of William THOMPSON, Ben THOMPSON, Mrs. William SWANN, Mrs. Wallace SWANN, Mrs. Robert WEATHERLY, and Mrs. Lendon McCASKILL.

Washington HEUSTESS married Miss Augusta POPE last Wednesday.

April 7, 1904 - Thursday

Jim SUTTON, colored, was killed Saturday.

Dr. Chas. D. NAPIER married Miss Hattie TOWNSEND, daughter of John R. TOWNSEND of Parriassus, last Wednesday, Dr. Napier is the oldest son of Dr. J. L. NAPIER.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ROGERS, Jr. was buried at Blenheim Cemetery last Saturday.

April 20, 1904 - Wednesday

Will COXE married Mrs. Alice PEARCE on Sunday.

Miss Jane THOMAS to marry Mr. Julius T. DUDLEY on April 27 at Warrenton, S.C.

Mr. Herbert S. BETHEA married Miss Blanch SMITHEY in Marion yesterday.

Miss Etta ALLEN recently married Mr. REYNOLDS in Brownsville.

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. James McKINNON died last Thursday. Buried at Hebron.

April 23, 1904 - Saturday

Mary BUCK, colored, died Thesday.

T. S. GILCHRIST died Tuesday at the home of his brother, Allen GILCHRIST. He was also the brother of Mrs. Ellerbe POWERS. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mrs. Sarah PEGUES, grandmother of Miss Nell EVANS and the wife of the late Col.

B.Frank PEGUES, died Monday.

April 27, 1904 - Wednesday

    1. T. DUDLEY married Miss Jane THOMAS, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James

Walter THOMAS.

A. Y. MOORE died Monday. He had celebrated his 90th birthday on Feb. 14 last. Buried at Smyrna.

April 30, 1904 — Saturday

Arch G. McALLISTER married Miss Alice BISHOP at Solomonville, Arizona on April 23. Mr. McAllister is a Marlboro boy, the son of Chas A. McALLISTER of Tatum.

McColl, April 28 - On April 27, the 6-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. and

Mollie ODOM died. Buried at Beaver Dam Cemetery.

McColl, April 28 - Mr. W. P. COVINGTON left last Tuesday for Charlotte, N.C. to attend t he wedding of his sister-in-law, Miss MYERS, to Mr. KIRBY of Columbia.

Whiteford MOORE of Charleston attended the funeral here of his father, A. Y. MOORE

May 4, 1904 - Wednesday

Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. C. MORRISON on April 29 - a son.

Miss Maggie BURCH, sister of Mr. Jno. S. BURCH, married Mr. Charles Edwin POWELL on April 27.

May 7, 1904 - Saturday

John DEVOE married Rosa CAPERS on an August morning.

Jackson STUBBS, age 87, died Tuesday at his home in Brightsville. Buried at family burying ground.

Mr. Duncan POPE married Miss Lelia QUICK on May 1. Both of Smithville.

May 2 - Miss Dora PROCTOR died last Wednesday. Buried at Parnassus Cemetery.

Mrs. McKENZIE, wife of Dr. J. C. McKENZIE died Wednesday in Parkton, N.C.

May 11, 1904 - Wednesday

Mrs. John I. ROGERS died Monday. Buried at Drake Cemetery. She was the former Miss Annie DRAKE, only daughter of Mrs. Jincy DRAKE.

A. Judson BRISTOW died yesterday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery. He leaves 3 children: A. J., Jr., Peirce, Thomas, Edward, Misses Florence, Adele ,Mary

and Fannie. His wife died more than a year ago. Also leaves two brothers:

A. A. of Greenville and Lawrence of Winston.

Mrs. Ellen JOY, wife of the late Clifford JOY who died about two months ago, died yesterday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetary.

May 14, 1904 - Saturday

Harris PATE, an old citizen, died in Brightsville Monday.

Married on May 13, 1904, Mr. James Chester LONG and Miss Mary Anna HAlLEY.

Miss Sarah Janette HARLLEE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. HARLLEE, married Mr. Edgar THOMASSON yesterday.

Thursday, Miss Lucy GREEN, daughter of Sheriff J. B. GREEN, married Mr. Daniel

    1. McLAURIN, the son of Hector McLAURIN Clio.

May 18, 1904 - Wednesday

Mrs. Julia POWERS died last Saturday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery. She was

79 years old on the 4th of last October. Survived by sons: Ferdinand, Asbury, Ellerbe and Clarence of Bennettsville, and Frank of Fayetteville.

May 21, 1904 - Saturday

Col. C. W. DUDLEY, born May 19, 1808, promoter and first person to be buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Married at McColl, May 15, Mr. John WEATHERLY and Miss Amanda GILBERT.

Married at McColl, May 15, Mr. Alonzo T. HARRIS and Miss Katie DEES.

May 25, 1904 - Wednesday

The body of Mrs. Mary HIGHTOWER, wife of Tom HIGHTOWER was found Sunday. [She apparently was killed May 19, l904.]


May 25, 1904 —-Wednesday

Colin BRIGMAN married Miss Sophia SMITH of Laurinburg last Thursday at


Married at Brightsville on May 22, Mr. Manley QUICK of Smithville to Miss Fannie

CREACH of near Bennettsville.

John W. WRIGHT of Rockingham, N.C. to Miss Hattie F. COVINGTON of Newtonville,


Married May 22, Mr. Lonnie GOODWIN to Miss Cora CALDER. Both of N.C.

Pines., May 21 - Luther HINSON was killed April 29 on the train track. Buried at

Pleasant Hill.

Pines, May 21 - Old Mrs. Jennie JACOBS was buried at Pleasant Hill on May 13.

Miss Fannie McRAE, daughter of Alex McRAE of Red Bluff, died at Charlotte on

Wednesday. She was the sister of Mrs. J. N. MALLONEE of Charlotte. Buried at

Red Bluffs Cemetery, Marlboro, S.C.

May 28, 1904 - Saturday

Meredith, Fl, May 23 - Sunday, May 22, Miss Celia MOORE, daughter of Mr. W. A. MOORE of Adamsville, married Mr. J. E. SAULS. Mr. Sauls is from Orangeburg Co., S. C.

Miss Lillian GLENMORE, daughter of Miss Hattie M. MILLER, to marry Mr. Laurens Dorroh PITTS oh June 8 in Laurens, S.C.

Miss Nell HARDIN of Cheraw to marry Mr. William Gist DUNCAN of Columbia on

June 1 in Cheraw.

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