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Part Nine: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE June 1904 - Nov 1904

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


June 1, 1904 - Wednesday

Thursday, May 26, at the home of her son, Thomas O. BOWDEN in Randleman, Randolph Co., N.C. Mrs. Martha BOWDEN died. Buried at old homestead in upper Richmond Co., N.C. beside her husband, Rev. N. T. BOWDEN who died several years ago. She was 74 years old. Her maiden name was SMITH and she was born near Rockingham. She was the aunt of Messrs: Simeon, J. P. and W. H. GIBSON, and Mrs. B. F. MOORE, Mrs. Dr. W. T. PATE and Mrs. Henry GIBSON.

Miss Corine JEFFRESS died last Saturday in Chase City, VA. She was the cousin of S. SHELTON.

June 4, 1904 - Saturday

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry TOWNSEND of Lester, S.C. died May 31, at the age of 8 months. Buried at Smyrna Cemetery.

A. L. CALHOUN drove the first automobile in Bennettsville on Saturday.

May 23, 1904, Miss Alma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. 0. SALMON, married

Mr. Benjamin Wyatt PEGRAM of Hamlet, N.C.

Miss Lillian G. MILLER of Laurens to marry next Wednesday.

June 8, 1904 – Wednesday

Mrs. HORTON, wife of Ben HORTON died near Judson Saturday.

June 15, 1904 – Wednesday

Miss Bessie ODOM, daughter of Mrs. H. K. ODOM, married Mr. Wesley KING on Tuesday. Mr. King is a native of Hartsville.

Laurin Campbell MONROE, 22-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. MONROE of Spring Hill, Scotland Co., N.C. died a few days ago.

Mr. P. J. MEEKINS, brother of P. P. MEEKINS of this place, died at Petersburg, Indian Territory, on May 29 at the age of 64. He was a confederate veteran – Co. G 23rd S.C., and has been in Indian Territory for 23 years.

Col. Thos. F. GILLESPIE, father of T. F. GILLESPIE, Jr. of this place, died in Conway last Thursday at the age of 85. He was a former Marlboro man.

Miss Sarah JOYE of Charleston died at the home of her nephew, Dr. A. S. TOWNSEND, on Saturday. Buried in Charleston.

June 22, 1904 – Wednesday

Edgar RAY died in Mississippi. Buried in Scranton, Miss. beside his brother, Angus.

Marion, June 18 – Capt. Luther M. HASELDEN died yesterday at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Buried at family burying ground near Sellers. He was 31 years old and unmarried.

John A. Calhoun – surveyor, Clio, S.C.

June 25, 1904 – Saturday

McColl, June 24 – Rev. R. H. GILBERT died yesterday. Buried at Harrall’s Store, N.C., the home of his wife. Leaves wife, 2 small children and aged father and brothers and sisters.

Mrs. Ollie Kyle MOORE, wife of Simeon MOORE, died Tuesday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

July 6, 1904 – Wednesday

R. B. WALLACE, formerly of Bennettsville, was killed last night near Latta. He was the brother of Miss Bell WALLACE.

July 9, 1904 – Saturday

W. H. GIBSON of Boykin is the proud father or another boy, making 5 boys besides the girls.

Joel BAREFOOT died last week.

Mrs. Emily HARRIS, widow of the late John W. HARRIS, died at McColl on Tuesday at the age of 74. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Annie Preston DRAKE, only child of Mr. Preston C. and Mrs. Jincy C. DRAKE, was born October 5, 1869. Her father died when she was 10 months old. On Dec. 23, 1896, she married Mr. John Irby ROGERS at the home of her uncle, Col. J. N. DRAKE. They had one child, little Preston. Annie died May 9, 1904. Mrs. NAPIER who died last August was her aunt.

Benjamin F. WHITTAKER died near Blenheim Wednesday. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery. Leaves a wife and several small children.

July 13, 1904 – Wednesday

Hartsville, July 10 – Mr. T. J. DREW died today. He was formerly from Marion and was 38 years old. His wife – daughter of Dr. B. S. LUCAS, a little son, his parents, 3 brothers and a sister survive him. Buried at the Baptist Church.

John STEVENS, Jr., son of John STEVENS of Tatum, died Sunday of last week. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery.

Mrs. Ida SHACKLEFORD died in Atlanta last Thursday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Marlboro, S.C. She was the sister of Mrs. John L. HODGES of Marion.

July 16, 1904 – Saturday

Odel, 15 months 4 days old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis STANTON, died July 12.

Married July 10, Mr. Ervin QUICK and Miss Maude WATERS.

Married Wednesday, Mr. James STUBBS and Miss USHER.

Virginia May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah ODOM, to marry Mr. Eddie Lawrence HAMILTON on July 20.

Mr. Nelson M. GIBSON of McColl, aged 83, died Wednesday. He was the father of Messrs.: Thos. B., I. P. and W. N. GIBSON and Mesdames: W. R. FLETCHER, Wellington McCALL, Lewis FLETCHER, Bettie McLAURIN, A.W. MORRISON and Miss Beauz GIBSON. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery beside his wife. He was a Confederate veteran.

July 20, 1904 – Wednesday

Bethel, July 18 – Married Sunday, Mr. Alex POPE and Miss Alice PEARCE.

John B. LEWIS died in Chesterfield Co., S.C. on June 19, 1904. He was born April 10, 1849 and spent all of his life in Marlboro Co.

Married in Blenheim on July 13, Mr. James Eugene BARRENTINE and Miss Mattie Lee DAVIDSON. All of Dunbar.

Clarence CORK married Hattie PEELE on July 18.

Mrs. Peter CLARK of Smithville died July 11. Buried at old Ebenezar.

The only child of Mr. and Mrs. Will CHAVIS died on July 12 at the age of 1 year. Buried at Chavis Cemetery.

July 23, 1904 – Saturday

Hamilton – Odom marriage took place July 20.

Nelson M. GIBSON was born March 20, 1822 near Gibson, N.C. and came to Marlboro in 1854. Married Feb. 27, 1848 to Miss Caroline PIPKIN of Marlboro Co. They had 9 children.

William W. PEGUES died last Sunday. Buried at New Hope Cemetery.

Ollie May RASCOE recently died.

July 30, 1904 – Saturday

Miss Emily Powers was born Oct. 28, 1830 and married Mr. John HARRIS in 1851. Mr. Harris died only a few years ago. Mrs. Harris died July 6, 1904. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Leaves large family.

August 6, 1904 – Saturday

West Point, Aug. 2 – Mrs. Nelson A. Miles died here last night at the age of 62.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. PARISH, formerly of Clio, now at Red Springs, lost their youngest child on Friday. Buried in Marlboro Co., S.C.

Ruth, 10-month old baby of Mr. and Mrs. John THOMAS, died Monday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Two-year old child of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. WHITTAKER died last Saturday. Mr. Whittaker died only a few weeks ago.

August 10, 1904 – Wednesday

Lydia Jane HUNSUCKER was born Aug. 6, 1857 in Montgomery, N.C., the daughter of Mr. Martin and Lydia HUNSUCKER. When a young woman, she married Mr. Benjamin F. COVINGTON who survives her with one son and two daughters. The son, Luther, married Miss PATE. The daughters are the wives of Wm. BARRINGTON and Albert STUBBS. She died July 5, 1904. Buried at Boykin Church. She was the sister of Mr. J. Manly HUNSUCKER and half-sister of Mrs. Martha QUICK.

Charlie WOODEL died at McColl on August 3 at the age of 18 years. Buried at McColl.

Mary Virginia, infant daughter of Chief of Police A. J. HAYES of McColl, died August 2. Buried in Marion.

August 13, 1904 - Saturday

Mellie, eldest daughter of Mr. Erasmus CLARK, died last Monday. Buried at Brownsville Cemetery.

John STEVENS died of typhoid on Monday. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery. His son died a few days ago.

August 17, 1904 - Wednesday

William G. McLEAN died in Sumter on Saturday. Buried at Cheraw.

Miss Mary QUICK married Mr. John IVEY.

August 24, 1904 - Wednesday

Married August 22, Jr. E. CHARLES and Miss Lena GRIGOR.

Alex McRAE died at his home in Red Bluffs on Saturday. Buried at Red Bluff Cemetery.

Survived by wife and daughter – Miss Fannie. Mr. McRAE was born in North Carolina.

August 27, 1904 – Saturday

Mr. John CALHOUN, 34-year old son of Esq. John A. CALHOUN, is an unmarried young man of education and has a stock farm three miles south of Clio. His father, John A., raises bees.

August 31, 1904 – Wednesday

Malcome BREWER was fatally shot near Salem yesterday.

William FOWLER died July 29, 1904. He came from N.C. in 1860 or 1861. He married Miss Margaret WHITTINGTON, who survives him.

Thos. McIVER was buried in Cheraw last Tuesday.

September 3, 1904 – Saturday

Mrs. Brantley SPEARS, daughter of Mr. NEWTON, died August 31. She was the Widow BRUTON before she married Mr. SPEARS. Leaves a 10-day old baby.

September 10, 1904 – Saturday

Mrs. Calvin JEFFERSON, [black], died Tuesday.

Miss Ola and little Persie BROWN, daughter and son of Mr. Bob BROWN have died.

Mrs. A. B. COVINGTON died Thursday. Buried at Newton Cemetery.

W. J. ADAMS, prominent merchant and planter, died yesterday. Buried at family burying


September 14, 1904 – Wednesday

Harry WRIGHT, 10-year old son of Sim P. WRIGHT, was killed Friday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

September 24, 1904 – Saturday

Col. William PICKET died September 11 in Wadesboro, N.C.

Geo. W. TAYLOR died Thursday, about 35 years old and unmarried. He was the brother of John B. TAYLOR of Manning. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Gladys, 15-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack DEES died Wednesday. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery.

September 28, 1904 – Wednesday

J. Frank BREEDEN died of Bright’s disease on Monday. He was a Confederate veteran, and married Miss Sallie J. PEARSON on Nov. 20, 1867. She and eight children survive him. Mr. Breeden would have been 56 on Oct. 3. Buried at Oak Ridge.

Miss Florence, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Throop CROSLAND, to marry Mr. John "Jake" Gordon CROSLAND on Oct. 5.

October 1, 1904 – Saturday

The daughter of Mr. A. D. COVINGTON of Adamsville, died in Meridian, Miss.

October 8, 1904 – Saturday

Crosland-Crosland marriage took place.

B. F. WHITAKER recently died. Member of Masonic Lodge.

October 15, 1904 – Saturday

Miss Eloise CAMPBELL, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. CAMPBELL of Blenheim, died in Charleston on Monday. Buried at Holy Rood Cemetery at Blenheim.

Mr. STOGNER died Tuesday. His remains were taken to Richmond Co. for burial.

Mattie Hassell, daughter of Elder and Mrs. Andrew Jackson MOORE, to marry Mr. Forrest TAYLOR on October 19, at Whittakers, N.C.

October 19, 1904 – Wednesday

John HEUSTESS married Miss May COVINGTON, daughter of W. J. COVINGTON of Hebron, last Sunday.

Little Grace, 10-month old daughter of Rev. A. T. ROGERS, died Sunday. Buried at Mullins. (died Oct. 16, 1904)

Married Oct. 11, Mr. B. F. COVINGTON of Brightsville and Miss Mary ELLERBE of Chesterfield.

October 22, 1904 – Wednesday

Wm. SWETT was killed Tuesday.

October 29, 1904 – Wednesday

Father of R. D. ATKINS was recently buried in Virginia.

November 16, 1904 – Wednesday

Tatum, Nov. 14 – Gus McALISTER, son of Charlie McALISTER, returned home from Georgia last week with his bride.

Married Nov. 14, Mr. Geo. H. DICKINSON and Miss Jessie JACKSON.

Rev. Andrew H. ADAMS died Nov. 11. Buried at Red Bluff Cemetery. Survived by wife and three daughters.

November 19, 1904 – Saturday

Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah EASTERLING of Tatum, to marry Mr. Robert Julian EASTERLING on Nov. 23. The groom is the son of Dr. H. R. EASTERLING.

November 23, 1904 – Wednesday

Miss Florence BAREFOOT married Julian JACKSON on Sunday.

Miss Kate Curtis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. HEDGEPETH, to marry John Howard BENNETT (mayor of Clio,) at Hillsboro, N.C. on Dec. 7.

November 30, 1904 – Wednesday

William A. Smith was killed Saturday. Buried at Bethel Cemetery.

Rev. A. H. ADAMS was born July 24, 1825, and married Miss Margarett SMITH on Jan. 11, 1855; and died Nov. 11, 1904.

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