Marlboro County, SC

Extracts from
Marlboro County, SC Newspapers

by Gloria Calhoun Buckle © 2001

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Part Ten: THE PEE DEE ADVOCATE December 1904 - March 1906

Extracts from Marlboro County, SC newspapers:


December 3, 1904 – Saturday

Cheraw, Nov. 29 – Dr. B. H. THURMAN was shot and killed today.

On Nov. 26, Mr. Bogan WILLIAMS married Miss Bettie BRYANT of Laurinburg.

John F. ROBINSON died Thursday. Buried at Beauty Spot Cemetery. Leaves a wife and several children.

Little child of Mr. P. E. LINDSEY died last week. Buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.

December 7, 1904 – Wednesday

Darlington, Dec. 3 – Mrs. J. Madison JAMES, R. Syd KELLY – her brother, 50 years old – and J. Madison JAMES – age 37 years old, died yesterday and today.

December 14, 1904 – Wednesday

Miss Mary Beulah FOXWORTH, daughter of C. W. FOXWORTH of Blenheim, to marry Mr. Sanford Foster McGILL of Macon, GA on Dec. 28.

December 17, 1904 – Saturday

Davis REID, [black,] was killed Wednesday by a train.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Joe CLARK died last week. Buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.

Married Tuesday in Hebron, Miss Lucy FRASIER and Mr. E. L. STUBBS of Cheraw.

Sara Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. A. MILLER, to marry Mr. Frederick Evans DOUGLAS on December 22 in Dillon, S.C. [also in Dec. 24 issue]

Miss Clara Hale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. STUBBS, to marry Capt. Wade Hampton McINTYRE on December 21.

Blenheim, Dec. 15 – Miss Lizzie MILES married Mr. Ervin MUMFORD. Both of Red Hill.

December 21, 1904 – Wednesday

Percy A. BUNDY of Bennettsville married Miss Alice SILER of Laurinburg on Sunday.

Married December 18, Mr. Luther BENNETT of Kollock, and Miss Nancy CREACH, daughter of Eb CREACH of Bennettsville.

Married December 18, Mr. L. J. DUNN of Gibson, N.C. and Miss Jennie GORDON of Cheraw, S.C.

December 24, 1904 – Saturday

Miss Florence EASTERLING, daughter of Mr. David EASTERLING of Tatum, married Mr. Philip MILLER, Jr. of Dillon on Tuesday.

Thursday, at the home of Philip A. MILLER of Dillon, Miss Sara Helen MILLER married Mr. Frederick Evans DOUGLAS of Bennettsville.

Lois Ford to marry Mr. Fathaniel Sidney JONES on Jan. 4, 1905 in Bennettsville.

Murray McLENDON married Miss Geneva BLANCH at Wadesboro, N.C. on Wednesday. To reside in Bennettsville.

J. Monroe WHITTINGTON died Dec. 14, 1904. He was 30 years old last March, and had been raised by Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. DRAKE. He married Miss Lizzie HARPER of Brownsville. Survived by wife and their only child – May, and 8-year old daughter. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.


January 4, 1905 – Wednesday

Mr. HATCH returned from Siler City, N.C. with a bride on Friday.

Col. Charlie S. McCALL died Saturday.

January 31, 1905 – Wednesday

Mrs. Frank BUNDY (the former Miss Elizabeth AMMONS) was buried at McLucas Cemetery last Sunday. She was about 36 years old and leaves a father, 2 sisters, husband, and two children. She was the sister of Mrs. Willie SPENCER.

January 7, 1905 – Saturday

Hugh COXE, aged citizen of Brownsville, died Monday. Buried at Parnassus.

Joshua ADAMS died Tuesday. Buried at Fletcher Cemetery.

---lly C. MOORE, age 52, died at the home of her son, Claude T. MOORE, on Jan. 1. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Married Wednesday, Miss Lois FORD, daughter of Rev. R. FORD, to Rev. N. S. JONES of Raleigh.

Married Wednesday, Miss Minnie LEE, daughter of Mr. W. S. LEE in Hebron, to Mr. Charlie DAVID of Salters, Williamsburg Co.

1904 Hebron Dead Tribute:

Mattie Hamer McKINNON, born Dec. 18, 1901 – died Nov. 17, 1904

John Everett COVINGTON, born Sept. 24, 1886 – died March 1, 1904

January 11, 1905 – Wednesday

Joshua Hillary HUDSON was born in the Village of Chester, S.C. on Jan. 29, 1832. His father, Dabney HUDSON, was born in Amherst Co., VA, on Dec. 17, 1801. On July 9, 1822, Dabney married Narcissa COOK, eldest daughter of Benjamin and Sarah COOK, both of York. Narcissa COOK was born Oct. 26, 1800. Dabney had seven children born in Chester (Sarah, John, Eliza – who died young, Maria, Joshua, Rush, and Cornelia.)

M. H. REILEY died Saturday. Buried at Newton Cemetery.

Mr. John MEEHAN married Mrs. Sake DeLong THOMPSON on Dec. 28, 1904 in Citronell, AL.

January 14, 1905 – Saturday

Wednesday, Mr. Robert C. COXE married Miss Annie EVANS, daughter of Mrs. Lydia EVANS.

Miss Beulah GOODWIN to marry Mr. Walter FLETCHER on Jan. 25. She is the daughter of Mr. E. W. GOODWIN.

January 18, 1905 – Wednesday

John A. CALHOUN resigned as magistrate, effective February 1.

McColl, Jan. 16 – On Saturday, Mr. Charles A. McALLISTER died at the age of 60. Survived by wife and children: Miss Sallie – at home, another married daughter, Claude of Texarkana, TX, Arch of Solomonville, AZ, and C. A. McALLISTER, Jr. of Macon, GA. Buried at Beaverdam.

January 25, 1905 – Wednesday

Billy HINSON, 95-year old confederate veteran, died at the home of his son, Richard

HINSON, in Clio on Sunday. Buried at Hebron.

James S. O’NEAL, died at the age of 87 on Thursday. Buried at Brownsville. Mrs. O’NEAL died about a year ago.

John P. STUBBS died Saturday. Buried at Bright Cemetery.

February 4, 1905

Mr. J. R. GRICE of Brownsville died last Saturday at the age of 57 years. Buried at Brownsville Church. Leaves wife and six children.

Henrietta Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. CARLISLE, to marry Mr. John Simpson FAIR on February 15.

Miss Mary WRIGHT, daughter of Mr. S. P. WRIGHT, married Dr. John Allen HAMER of Clio on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Miss Luna McDANIEL, daughter of Joseph McDANIEL, married Mr. Cleveland HUBBARD of Bennettsville.

Saturday, Aubrey, 2-year old son of George CROSLAND, died. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

W. T. MOORE, son of the late Tally C. MOORE and the brother of Claude T. MOORE, died January 20 at the age of 28, near Gadsden, AL. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery. Married to the former Miss Carrie WALKER.

February 11, 1905 – Saturday

Mrs. Lucy Ann SIMMONS died Tuesday at the home of her son, Boone SIMMONS, at the age of 71. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Sheriff D. B. DOUGLAS of Chesterfield died Thursday at the age of 57.

Mrs. J. A. HAMER, the former Miss May WRIGHT, was recently married.

February 22, 1905 – Wednesday

Clio, Feb. 21 – Jas. T. COVINGTON died at the age of 70 years. He was a Confederate veteran. Buried at Hebron. John BUNDY died at the age of 68 years. He was a Confederate veteran and leaves 5 sons and one daughter. Buried at McLucas beside his wife who died twenty years ago.

Chas. A. M’ALISTER has died.

February 25, 1905 – Saturday

Keitt E. EASTERLING died Wednesday at the home of his father, Dr. H. R. EASTERLING. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Married Feb. 8, Mr. Francis M. STANTON and Miss Mary HASKEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. HASKEW of Brightsville.

Joe EARLE died Tuesday. Buried at Salem.

Julius, oldest son of Dr. J. A. FAISON, died Feb. 23. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Brother of Eloise FAISON.

March 1, 1905 – Wednesday

James ELMORE and Miss Victoria GILLAM were married Sunday.

Joshua D. ADAMS died Jan. 5, 1905. He was born Dec. 2, 1843, in Marlboro Co., the son of Robertson ADAMS. He was Confederate veteran. On Feb. 18, 1868, he married Miss Flora E. HUBBARD who died a few years ago. They had five children (two died in infancy, one died when about grown, and two daughters survive him: Mrs. Charlie NEWTON and Mrs. George PEELE.) Buried at Adams-Fletcher Cemetery.

Mrs. John H. TOWNSEND died Friday at her home near Parnassus. Buried at Drake Cemetery near Blenheim.

Mrs. R. G. STONE died last Wednesday at her home in Clio. Buried at Red Bluff. She was the daughter of d. P. McLAURIN. Survived by her husband and little children.

H. C. PATE, brother of W. W. PATE, died at Dillon on Friday.

Alex, brother of J. B. HUCKABEE, died in Elizabeth City, N.C.

March 8, 1905 – Wednesday

Miss Rachel EVERETT, daughter of John F. EVERETT and sister of E. H. EVERETT of Greenville, died Saturday, March 4. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

March 11, 1905 – Saturday

Maj. James H. AMBLES, aged 90, died at Pickens on Saturday. Leaves widow, seven children and a sister.

Dr. J. T. SMITH, Jr. of Williston was killed Friday.

Mrs. MEDLIN, mother of Mrs. Dr. EVANS and Miss Alice MEDLIN, died at Clio on Thursday. Buried at Hebron.

On Sunday last, Mr. C. C. COOPER married Miss Mary KNIGHT, youngest daughter of Mr. A. H. KNIGHT of Bennettsville.

Meridian, Miss., March 7 – Married Feb. 22, Miss Nannie Aleta LEAKE (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. LEAKE) and Mr. William Evans TERRY, former Marlboro man.

March 15, 1905 – Wednesday

Youngest child of mr. and mrs. John WILLIS died Thursday. Buried at Red Bluff.

John W. McCRACKEN was found dead march 7 at St. Stephens.

Mrs. P. J. HEUSTESS, wife of P. J. HEUSTESS, died Monday. She was the daughter of James E. DAVID. Leaves husband, son and several daughters.

March 18, 1905 – Saturday

Henry McNEILL, [black], died Sunday

April 1, 1905 - Saturday

Mrs. S. S. ROZIER of Columbia died yesterday in Clio at the home of her father, Mr. D. P. McLAURIN. She was 34 years old. Buried at Red Bluff.


Mrs. Charles F. SANSBURY died on Thursday in Timmonsville.

April 5, 1905 – Wednesday

Alex WILLIAMS, [black], was killed Friday in a train accident. He was the son of Daniel WILLIAMS.

Clifton WALLACE, son of Dr. M. C. WALLACE, died March 27 in Summerville. Buried in Sumter.

April 8, 1905 – Saturday

Brownsville, April 6 – Rufus CLARK and Miss HYATT were married last week.

April 12, 1905 – Wednesday

Mr. Joseph H. DAVID, father of Mrs. Jeff MORRISON, died Sunday, April 9. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. He was born Feb. 14, 1840 and was a Confederate veteran.

James T. COVINGTON died Feb. 15, 1905.

Mrs. Sallie David HEUSTESS was born in Bennettsville on Jan. 1851 and died at her home near Mandeville on March 13, 1905. She was the daughter of Jas. E. DAVID; and was one of 12 children – 4 brothers and 4 sisters survive her. One of her brothres died just 3 days before her death. In 1870 she married J. P. HEUSTESS and they had three sons and three daughters. She is survived by 2 sons: J. E. HEUSTESS and A. L. HEUSTESS; and three daughters: Mrs. Frank B. WHITINGTON, Mrs. A. D. REYNOLDS, and Mrs. R. H. KEELS.

Buena Vista, daughter of Mrs. Amelia Townsend DUDLEY, to marry Mr. Fred Goforth HOLLIS on April 19. Miss Dudley is the daughter of the late Capt. Thos. E. DUDLEY. Mr. Hollis came from Greenville several years ago.

April 15, 1905 – Saturday

John CALHOUN is now with Mutual Life Insurance Co. at Darlington.

Daisy, daughter of Mrs. J. MITTLE to marry Mr. David M. SPIGEL on April 23.

April 19, 1905 – Wednesday

Capt. E. S. FICKLING died Sunday in Columbia.

Rennie CADE drowned near Abbeville.

J. M. JOHNS, 45, was killed Sunday at Bamberg by a train.

Gen. M. Frank BAMBERG of Bamberg died the 13th.

Edgefield – Married on the 23rd, B. B. GARRETTE to Mr. Johnny HOMES.

Gibson – Mr. Murdoch BROWN, Sr. died last week at the home of his son, Mr. D. M. BROWN.

Married April 16, Mr. Charlie WALLACE and Miss Maggie ENGLISH. Both of Scotland Co., N.C.

Miss Bessie, daughter of Mrs. W. M. ERVIN, to marry Mr. F. C. WITHERS on April 25.

April 22, 1905 – Saturday

Hollis-Dudley marriage took place.

Mrs. J. D. WALLACE of Parnassus died Thursday. Buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.

April 26, 1905 – Wednesday

James Thomas COVINGTON was born in Marlboro Co., Dec. 29, 1841 and died near Clio on Feb. 15, 1905. On Oct. 11, 1865 he married Miss Lydia John MEDLIN. They had one son. He was a Confederate veteran. Buried at Hebron. Survived by his wife and one son.

Dr. Wm. C. RAVENEL died Friday in Charleston at the age of 76.

Miss Sara Elizabeth ERVIN Married Mr. Frank Caldwell WITHERS yesterday.

Simon ODOM, [black], died Tuesday.

May 3, 1905 – Wednesday

Gen. Fitzhugh LEE died April 28 in Washington.

Brownsville, April 27 – Mrs. Sallie THREATT died last Sunday. Buried at Brownsville Cemetery.

Mrs. Y. T. DAVIS of Blenheim died Monday. Leaves husband and infant only a few hours old. Buried at Parnassus Church.

May 6, 1905 – Saturday

Sam, 9-year old son of N. Z. FELDER of Bamberg, died Monday.

Stonewall Jackson McINNIS, brother of Simeon J. and Jas. A., was fatally injured on last Thursday by a boiler explosion, near Raiford, N.C. Buried in Robeson County.

May 10, 1905 – Wednesday

Mrs. Lucy McCALL, wife of Coroner George N. McCALL, died Monday in Blenheim. Buried at Drake Cemetery.

Married May 3, at Ehrhardt, S.C., Capt. J. M. DONNELLY and Miss Mattie BELVIN, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. T. L. BELVIN.

May 20, 1905 – Saturday

McColl, May 19 – Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Wade HUBBARD died Tuesday. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery.

Mrs. Mary WEATHERLY of Ebenezer section died Thursday.

Walter Ackerman, 3-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. PATRICK, died Wednesday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Dr. Roger S. TURLINGTON, 33 years old, died Weds. in Wilmington. He was the only son of Mr. Willis TURLINGTON of Marlboro Co. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

May 24, 1905 – Wednesday

Bernice, 11-month old daughter of Mr. Wallace SWANN, died last Thursday. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Lelond, 2-year old son of John L. BREEDEN of Lester, died Monday. Buried at Smyrna Cemetery.

May 31, 1905 – Wednesday

McColl, May 30 – Mrs. James GRAHAM died last Thursday. Leaves husband and several children. Buried at Parish Cemetery. Sister-in-law of John GRAHAM of Red Springs, N.C.

Mr. Ben SMOOT’s father died in Darlington on Friday.

Gibson, May 30 – Maie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simeon GIBSON to marry Mr. H. A. TOWNSEND of Raynham, N. C., to take place June 7.

Miss Laura USHER died at the home of her nephew, Robert USHER, near Newtonville, on Sunday. She was 76 years old. Buried at Newton Cemetery.

Brownsville, May 30 – Married May 24, Miss Etta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. ROGERS, and Mr. H. Hunt ROGERS of Florence.

June 3, 1905 – Saturday

Miss Mollie KENNEDY married Mr. Tolbert McLAURIN of Clio on Wednesday.

Mrs. John GERMAN was killed by lightning on Wednesday.

Samuel CALDER of near Clio, was found dead in Dillon on Tuesday.

Miss Mary E. McRAE married Mr. Mathew Franklin EDWARDS on May 31. The bride is the sister of Miss Cora McRAE. [notice is also in issue of June 10]

Mrs. Vernon BULLARD was buried in Bethlehem Churchyard last Tuesday.

Miss Etta ROGERS, daughter of Mr. C. B. ROGERS of Brownsville, married Mr. Henry H. ROGERS of Florence County on the 24th.

June 7, 1905 – Wednesday

Father of Miss Lucy COBB, (former Marlboro teacher) died in Sampson Co. last week.

Col. R. C. McINTYRE went to Marion today to attend the marriage of his nephew, Dr. Archibald McINTYRE to Miss Julia MULLINS.

June 10, 1905 – Saturday

Clio, June 5 – Miss Evelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rod McRAE, married Mr. Matthew Franklin EDWARDS of Fork, S.C. on Thursday.

Hon. T. F. STACKHOUSE was buried at Little Rock on Thursday. At the same time, Miss Bessie, 17-year old daughter of Mr. Randolph STACKHOUSE and granddaughter of T. F. STACKHOUSE was also buried.

Spartanburg, June 7 – Rev. John M. CARLISLE, aged 79 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. L. C. JENNINGS of this city, this afternoon. Buried at Oakwood Cemetery. He was the father of E. S. CARLISLE of Marlborough County.

June 14, 1905 – Wednesday

Miss Aline MILES[?] married Mr. E. T. WILCOX at Marion last week.

Miss Emily STANTON married Mr. Ernest LAVENBY on June 12. To live in Georgia.

Brightsville, June 9 – Married on June 9, Mr. Daniel ROBINSON and Miss Crissie MORRIS, both of Montgomery Co., N.C.

June 21, 1905 – Wednesday

Wade H. BERRY is the brother of G. Raymond BERRY of Marion and son of Capt. S. F. BERRY. W. H. Berry is about 30 years old and has a wife and a child.

June 24, 1905 – Saturday

Mary Narcissa, daughter of Mrs. B. I. EMANUEL, to marry Mr. Claude M. CRAWFORD on June 28. The bride is the sister of Victor EMANUEL of Kingstree. They are to live in Saluda, S.C.

Clio, June 22 – Thomas J. AMMONS died June 16 at the age of 63. He was a Confederate veteran. Survived by widow, one married daughter and two single daughters. Buried at Beulah Church.

Infant son of Dr. W. M. and Mrs. REEDY died Sunday, June 18, not quite a year old. Buried at Hebron.

June 18, 1905, Mrs. Elizabeth QUICK celebrated her 86th birthday. She is the sister of Mrs. Mary CLARK who is 83. She is a granddaughter of Joshua AMMONS. Her husband and 6 sons fought in Civil War (3 sons died.) Of her 12 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters are still living. She was the wife of Norman QUICK who died 20 years ago. She lives with one of her sons, Alex QUICK.

June 28, 1905 – Wednesday

Miss Eula ROPER married Mr. Hugh McCOLL on June 20.

Mr. David C. McLAURIN of McColl married Miss Nannie MARTIN at Laurens on June 21.

C. M. WEATHERLY to marry Miss Sadie DOWDEE today in Asheville, N.C.

Miss Annie FREELAND of Bishopville to marry Mr. Trabue BARKSDALE of Wilmington, N.C. on Wednesday.

In Horry on the 23rd, Rev. H. D. GRANGER was shot and killed.

July 1, 1905 – Saturday

Clio, June 29 – Mr. A. L. CARTER married Miss Cora BROWN yesterday.

Infant of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. HOOD died several weeks ago. Buried at Brownsville Church Cemetery.

Miss Atta HOOD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M. HOOD, was 12 years old last Monday.

July 5, 1905 – Wednesday

On June 18, 1905, Hal, 11 months 18 days old, son of Dr. and Mrs. W. M. REEDY, died.

Newtonville, June 3 – William WATERS married Miss Cattie THOMPSON, both of Richmond County, N.C.

July 8, 1905 – Saturday

On July 18, Mr. Eli GIBSON will be 80 and the Gibson Clan reunion will be held at Gibson, N.C.

Miss Mary Isabel KOGER to marry Dr. Julian P. McCREARY of Spartanburg at Asheville, N.C.

Mrs. Mollie Crosland HARRALL married Mr. P. C. CULLUM of Batesburg, S.C. on Wednesday. To live in Lumber Bridge, N.C.

July 12, 1905 – Wednesday

Married at McColl, July 2 – Mr. George SHUFORD and Miss Fannie MANGUM, daughter of Mr. Press MANGUM. (Mr. Shuford is formerly of near Charlotte, N.C.)

Mrs. Mary WEATHERLY died in May, 1905. Her husband died during the Civil War, leaving her with 4 sons and 1 daughter. The oldest son is Billy WEATHERLY.

[advertisement – John A. CALHOUN of Mandeville – Surveyor]

Millard LEVINA married Miss Bertha STALLINGS last Sunday.

On June 17, Stephen PERKINS married Miss Lizzie PAUL; and Jesse EVERS married Miss Mollie BOAHN.

July 15, 1905 – Saturday

Miss Clara Pearl EDENS to marry Mr. Lawrence Michham GODBOLD of Nichols, S.C. on July 19.

Darlington, July 11 – Robert Keith DARGAN, eldest son of Mr. E. Keith DARGAN, died today.

July 19, 1905 – Wednesday

Nora WHITTED, [black], died Monday. She was married last April.

Mrs. D. S. STUBBS, aged 79 years, died Saturday. Survived by three sons: W. H., C. A., and W. J. STUBBS; two daughters: Misses T. E. and M. A. STUBBS; and numerous grandchildren.

July 22, 1905 – Saturday

DARGAN may not be dead.

Wm. A. GALLOWAY, aged citizen of upper Marion, died Sunday. Buried at Parnassus. He was a former resident of Marlboro County.

July 29, 1905 – Saturday

"Mr. Edvert HERNDON is all smiling; it’s another boy."

Married July 14, Mr. Murray ODOM and Miss Hallie ODOM, both of Brightsville.

Married in Darlington on July 21, Dr. Andrew F. LEIGHTON of Bennettsville and Miss Lula May PEOPLES of Darlington.

Clio, July 19, Edens-Godbold marriage took place. The bride is the sister of Mr. Jeff EDENS. [Article also appears in July 15 issue]

August 2, 1905 – Wednesday

George J. FREEMAN, uncle of R. L., G. W. and H. B. FREEMAN, died in Hamlet, N.C. on Sunday.

Clio, July 31 – Miss MITCHEL of Chapel Hill, N.C. married Mr. Younger DAVIS on Sunday.

August 5, 1905 – Saturday

Miss Evelyn ROUSE married Mr. Thomas W. BARFIELD at Georgetown on Sunday.

August 9, 1905 – Wednesday

Clio, Aug. 7 – Mrs. John MANNING died Aug. 6. Buried at McLucas Cemetery.

August 19, 1905 – Saturday

Mr. Aldophus DRIGGERS married Miss Lutitia SANDERSON of Red Bluff last Thursday.

Mrs. T. M. WEBSTER died Aug. 17, 1905. She was the former Miss Emma BEVIL, daughter of Sandy BEVIL of Society Hill and later Bennettsville. She married T. M. WEBSTER in 1869. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery. Leaves husband, two sons and a sister (Mrs. WICKER of Fayetteville.)

Mr. George H. KING, Jr. of Charlotte married Miss Nellie, daughter of ex-Sheriff John M. SMITH of Rockingham, on Sunday.

August 26, 1905 – Saturday

Lou McINTYRE who died in Arizona is to be buried here.

Brock, son of Mastin THOMAS, [black,] was killed by jumping from a train on Weds.

August 30, 1905 – Wednesday

Lou McINTYRE, son of R. C. McINTYRE, died at Mercy Hospital in Prescott, AZ. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery on Sunday. [article also appears in issue of Sept. 9]

Mr. Malcolm James McDONALD married Miss Lily Florence NORTON on Sunday. Both of Clio.

September 6, 1905 – Wednesday

Mr. Dolph STACKHOUSE who lost his father and daughter a short time ago, has lost his second child who was buried on Thursday.

Clio, Sept. 1 – Mr. Daniel KELLY of the Carolina section died June 29. Buried at Carolina Church.

Miss Hattie HYATT, 16-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin HYATT died Monday. Buried at Salem.

Mr. James WEBSTER and Miss CLARK were married Wednesday. The bride is the daughter of John CLARK of Blenheim.

Miss Damaris Susanna HALE was born in Marion Co. on Feb. 24, 1828, the daughter of Dr. William HALE and Mrs. Elizabeth McCullough HALE. She married Oct. 21, 1847 to Mr. Mastin W. STUBBS of Marlboro Co. who was a son of Rev. Campbell STUBBS. Her children were: William J. STUBBS – unmarried; Wyriot H. STUBBS who married Miss Florence HAMER; Campbell A. STUBBS who went to Alabama when young and married Miss Nelon M. STONE; Winston McC. STUBBS who died when quite young; Miss Tryphena E. STUBBS – unmarried; Miss Mollie A. STUBBS – unmarried; and Miss Elizabeth V. STUBBS who married Mr. James T. EASON of Mississippi, and Elizabeth died Sept. 14, 1898. Miss D. S. Hale was the sister of Miss Mary E. HALE and Dr. Richard W. HALE. Damaris S. Hale Stubbs died July 15, 1905 and is buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

September 13, 1905 – Wednesday

Fred A. QUICK married Miss Annie D. WOODLE in Brightsville on Sept. 11. Both of Scotland Co., N.C.

J. T. BRUNNER of Fayetteville married Miss Nellie W. MAULTSBY. To reside here.

Clarence B. ROGERS died in Brownsville on Saturday. Buried at Parnassus.

September 16, 1905 – Saturday

Kollock, Sept. 12 – Mr. Thomas CHAVIS married Miss Carolina DRIGGERS on Sunday.

Warren H. SCRUGGS, Jr. died in a fall at the Capitol in Columbia on Tuesday. He is a nephew of Rev. T. W. Scruggs, and was about 16 years old.

B. F. RANSOM married Miss Catherine WRIGHT last Sunday in Brightsville. Both of

Robeson Co., N.C.

September 20, 1905 – Wednesday

Joseph LAWRENCE of Greenville, S.C. married Miss Ruby SMITH of Rockingham, N.C.

on September 4, in Gibson, N.C. and on Sept. 5 in S. C.

Married Monday in Florence, Mr. Simon WEILE of Clio and Miss Renetta DeJONGH of Florence.

Noah ODOM, 66 years old, celebrated his birthday on Saturday, the same day as did his only living uncle, William WALLACE of Camden, aged 80.

Sheridan McKINNON, [black], died last night.

September 23, 1905 – Saturday

Mrs. Emma S. WEBSTER recently died. Member of St. Paul’s Guild.

September 27, 1905 – Wednesday

Ravel WILLIAMS, [black], died Saturday.

Miss Mary McDONALD of E. Bennettsville married Mr. Steven A. JONES of McColl on Sunday.

September 30, 1905 – Saturday

$100,000 fire in Bennettsville – destroyed the whole block.

Berry LITTLE married Miss Celia COVINGTON in Brightsville on Sept. 23. Both of Richmond County, N.C.

October 7, 1905 – Saturday

Mrs. Sallie McLEOD, widow of late Dr. Neill McLEOD, died one day last week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joseph BAILEY. She was the former Miss MEGGS.

October 11, 1905 – Wednesday

Charles P. WELLS married Mrs. Mary Rogers TURNER today. The bride is the sister of Edward ROGERS of Columbia and Miss Evelyn ROGERS of Greenwood.

October 14, 1905 – Saturday

Born Oct. 5 in Smithville, triplets to Mr. and Mrs. S. S. BRITT – one boy and two girls. The Britts are the parents of 17 children, twins twice.

October 21, 1905 – Saturday

Brownsville, Oct. 16 – Rev. Sci HENEGAN died last Saturday. Buried at Pleasant Hill Church.

Married Oct. 17, Miss Martha Jane (Pattie) EASTERLING, daughter of Mrs. Sue EASTERLING, to Vance TATUM. The bride is the sister of Mr. Dick EASTERLING of Wilmington.

October 28, 1905 – Saturday

David F. ATKINS died Wednesday. Buried at Drake Cemetery [Holy Rood Cemetery? at Blenheim. He was the brother of Robert and William A. ATKINS, and was a native of Virginia. He married Miss Annie COX, daughter of Mr. Henry COX of Blenheim, who with one little child survives him. [article also appears in November 1 issue]

Lanell, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. ADAMS, died Wednesday. Buried at Newtonville Cemetery.

November 1, 1905 – Wednesday

Capt. A. E. BRISTOW died.

James McRAE died Sunday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben L. JONES one night this week, twin daughters.

Hebron, Oct. 23 – John COVINGTON celebrated his 21st birthday on Oct. 20.

James BETHEA, [black], died Sunday.

Mrs. Amelia Odom HAMILTON died last Sunday, about 65 years old. Leaves one son – Edward L. and three daughters: Mrs. Phil EMANUEL, Mrs. Joe EMANUEL and Miss Mamie HAMILTON. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

November 11, 1905 – Saturday

Eleanor Ervin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farwell McRAE, to marry Mr. Alford G. SINCLAIR on Nov. 22.

November 18, 1905 – Saturday

Dr. J. W. McNAIR of Adamsville died Monday. Buried at Beaverdam Cemetery. He was a native of Robeson Co., N.C. and came to Marlboro Co., about 40 years ago.

Nell PEGUES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William DeWitt EVANS, to marry Mr. Henry Jordan THURMAN on Thursday, Nov. 30 in Cheraw, S.C.

November 22, 1905 – Wednesday

Miss Rosa STANTON to marry Mr. R. G. STONE on Sunday.

Joseph L. BREEDEN died yesterday. He would have been 75 on Nov. 30. Leaves 3 sons – Lindsay J., W. Cook and Clarence E. – and 3 daughters – Mrs. C. P. HODGES, Mrs. E. S. CARLISLE, and Mrs. C. B. CROSLAND. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

John McRAE of Florida was here to attend the marriage of his sister, Miss Eleanor McRAE to Alford G. SINCLAIR.

November 25, 1905 – Saturday

Walter S. TOWNSEND and Mrs. Fannie L. HAMILTON were married on Nov. 22.

Alford-Sinclair wedding took place.

Gibson, Nov. 20 – Harmon McKISSICK, son of Rev. Mr. McKISSICK of Brightsville circuit, married Miss Mattie NEWTON, daughter of Mr. Burch NEWTON of Parkton on last Sunday.

Percy B. MOORE died yesterday. Leaves wife – former Miss Emily PIPKIN – 5 children and two brothers: C.A. and B. E. MOORE. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Mrs. CARVER, wife of Mr. Carver the painter, died Friday. Buried at Mumford Cemetery in Red Hill.

James A. McDANIEL died Sunday morning from small pox.

December 6, 1905 – Wednesday

Walker SWETT died yesterday in Smithville. [killed – beaten with stockless gun barrell] He was the son of the late Rev. N. L. SWETT. Walker married Mrs. GIBSON, nee Miss ADAMS.

Dr. James Henley THORNWELL was born in Marlboro Co. on Dec. 9, 1812, the son of James THORNWELL and grandson of William THORNWELL, an Englishman. Dr. Thornwell’s mother was Martha TERRELL, daughter of Samuel TERRELL and Elizabeth PEARCE. Dr. Thornwell had a twin brother who died when 5 weeks old. His oldest sister, Elizabeth, married William ANDERSON. His youngest sister, Caroline, married John W. GRAHAM. His youngest brother, Charles Alexander, died in 1855. He was the father of James H. Thornwell who lives near Ebenezer Church. Dr. Thornwell was about 8 years old when his father died. Onc. Dec. 3, 1835, Dr. Thornwell married Miss Nancy, daughter of Col. James H. WITHERSPOON. On Oct. 18, 1856, Dr. Thornwell'’ mother (then Ms. Annanias GRAHAM) died in Columbia and was buried in Bennettsville. When he returned to Columbia, his young son, Witherspoon, had died. In June, 1859, his daughter, Nannie, died at the age of 20 on the eve of her marriage. Dr. Thornwell died on August 1, 1862. (other sons -–Gillespie Robbins died at the age of 18 in skirmish near Warrenton, VA; and James Henley THORNWELL.)

Roxie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. BREEDEN, to marry Mr. Marvin Pierce HAMER on Dec. 14.

December 9, 1905 – Saturday

Gary CHAVIS died near Red Springs last week. He was the son of Laurence CHAVIS formerly of Marlboro Co. Buried at Ebenezer Cemetery in Smithville.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. F. PERKINS on Dec. 6, 1905 – a daughter.

December 16, 1905 – Saturday

Miss Sallie EMANUEL of Mallory married Mr. Rupert GEORGE of Dillon recently. The bride is the sister of R. C. EMANUEL.

December 20, 1905 – Wednesday

Clio, Dec. 18 – On Dec. 3, Alpheus AMMONS died at the age of 70. Buried at McLucas Cemetery.

Clio, Dec. 18 – Vista, 15-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. McCOLL, died Sunday.

Miss Mary Beulah HOWELL to marry Mr. Karl THOMAS on Dec. 21.

Miss Annie Glen GIBSON, daughter of Mr. Henry D. GIBSON of Gibson, N.C., to marry Mr. J. W. WHITEHEAD of Wilmington, N.C. on Dec. 27.

Miss Nora STANTON married Mr. Duncan McLAUGHLIN of Scotland Co. on Dec. 13 in Smithville.

December 23, 1905 – Saturday

Mrs. John SAULS of Orangeburg was the former Miss Celia MOORE of Marlboro County.

December 29, 1905 – Friday

Mr. John Nevel HARGROVE of little Rock to marry Miss Cora McRAE.

Mr. Jessie WADE of McColl married Miss Dollie McCormac of Hasty on Monday.

Married Dec. 24, Mr. Leon DUDLEY and Miss Josie HYATT. Both of Brownsville.

Mrs. J. W. KELLY, wife of policeman Kelly, died Wednesday.


January 3, 1906 – Wednesday

Mrs. J. A. FAISON buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery on Thursday. Survived by her mother, Mrs. Jane KERR; her brother – Charles KERR of Clinton, N. C.

January 10, 1906 – Wednesday

John N. HARGROVE married Miss Cora McRAE on Jan. 4.

Miss Elizabeth "Bettie" JOHN, aged sister of Peter M. JOHN, died Friday. Buried at Parnassus.

Mrs. C. L. SHERRILL, wife of the county auditor, died Monday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

January 20, 1906 – Saturday

Miss Nellie Bly LAWRENCE, daughter of J. R. LAWRENCE, married Mr. Ira Howard BOUNDS on Thursday.

Mrs. Nancy L. KELLY, wife of Mr. W. T. KELLY, died in Bennettsville Dec. 27, 1905 at the age of 49. She was the daughter of John and Sarah SHARP of Fairfield Co., S.C. Leaves husband and seven children.

January 24, 1906 – Wednesday

Mrs. Drusila STUBBS is 94, living with her son, Peter STUBBS, and has a daughter, Mrs. Sallie BUNDY living in Marlboro, and another son in Texas.

Mrs. Margaret A. POLSTON died in Marlboro Co. on Nov. 29, 1905. She was the wife of Mr. J. A. POLSTON and the daughter of Samuel and Pennia DRIGGERS, and was about 46 years old. Leaves a husband and five children. Buried at Ivey Cemetery.

Thomas F. DAVIS was killed last Friday near the State line.

Gibson, Jan. 22 – E. L. NORTON of Laurinburg married Mrs. Maggie A. POOL in Adamsville on Jan. 12.

Gibson, Jan. 22 – Mrs. Rachel NORTON died at the home of her son, J. W. NORTON, on Jan. 12 at the age of 85. Buried at Gibson Cemetery.

Mrs. Dr. J. A. FAISON died Jan. 2, 1906.

January 27, 1906 – Saturday

Parents of Mrs. L. J. BREEDEN, Capt. And Mrs. John W. CARLISLE of Spartanburg, to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on Feb. 5. They were married on Feb. 5, 1856, Jno. W. Carlisle and the former Miss Louise BOBO.

January 31, 1906 – Wednesday

Newtonville, Jan. 28 – Married Dec. 19, Mr. Ebbie CLARK and Miss Anna BRIGMAN.

Married Jan. 21, Mr. William CAULDER and Miss Fannie WATERS of North Carolina.

February 3, 1906 – Saturday

Charlie GILBERT, oversee on A. L. CALHOUN Jr.’s Donoho Plantation was killed on Wednesday. The Marlboro/Marion county line runs through Donoho Plantation. Charlie was the son of Robert GILBERT and the brother of the late Rev. Henry GILBERT.

Rowland HILL was killed by a train near Sumter Tuesday. Survived by his mother – Mrs. Belle HILL; his sister – Mrs. C. W. CROSLAND, and a brother – Monroe HILL. Buried at Camden.

Mrs. Rachel PEARSON died at the home of her son, John J. PEARSON, last Tuesday, at the age of 79. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Leaves 5 sons and one daughter – Z. T.; M. W.; J. J.; Thomas A.; Lamb and Mrs. Mary LOVIN.

Miss Mamie WATSON to marry Mr. Dan W. CRUMP at Tatum on Feb. 7.

February 10, 1906 – Saturday

Mr. Andrew HARLSE of Dillon buried last Friday.

McColl, Feb. 7 – Mr. W. L. TILLMAN and bride (nee Miss Grace ALLEN) returned from their bridal trip Friday.

Mrs. A. W. WILLIAMS died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S. M. BREEDEN on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 1906, at the age of 74. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Mrs. Mary TAYLOR who died in a hospital in Columbia was buried here at Oak Ridge Cemetery on Thursday.

Wallace BRIGMAN, [black], was killed Wednesday.

February 14, 1906 – Wednesday

Mrs. I. E. WATSON died in Florence on Sunday. She was the sister of F. M. EMANUEL, Mrs. P. L. BREEDEN, Mrs. J. G. W. COBB and Mrs. Della JOHNSON of this place.

James, 5-month old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McKINNON of Hebron died last Weds. Buried at Hebron

February 17, 1906

M. H. [or W. H.] MANNING died Jan. 27. Born in Marlboro Co. on June 18, 1864, the son of Capt. Frank MANNING. Married Miss Mary EASLEY of Black Walnut, VA. Leaves wife, four children, father and mother, three brothers and three sisters.

Mrs. Elizabeth COWARD, mother of Supv. M.E. COWARD, died Tuesday at the age of 80. Buried at New Hope.

Mrs. J. F. BREEDEN died Wednesday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery. She was the daughter of William and Sallie PEARSON and was 63 years old. Leaves 5 sons – Theodore L., Robert K., Will P., James O., and Charles F.; and two daughters – Mrs. J. A. W. MOORE and Mrs. C. D. BARLOW.

Miss Mary R. McRAE died Jan. 11, 1906 at the age of 85.

Mr. William L. QUICK married Miss Martha COLE on Feb. 11, 1906 in Brightsville. Both of Scotland Co., N.C.

Mr. James M. LINDSAY and Miss Mollie CARTER were recently married.

Mr. Robert C. EMANUEL of Mallory recently married Miss Willie THOMPSOM of Rowland, N. C.

February 24, 1906 – Saturday

Walter HENLEY, son of P. C. HENLEY of Marietta, N. C., recently married Miss Maud PORTER of Chafin, Florida.

Miss Lorena REYNOLDS married Mr. Henry WALKER of Hillsboro, N.C. recently and her sister, Miss Annie, married Mr. Vernon KIRK of Efland, N.C. Both brides are the daughters of Mr. J. W. REYNOLDS , formerly of Mallory.

Mr. Robt. H. O’NEAL married Miss Amanda MORRIS in Darlington today.

Walter, 8-year old son of W. N. EVERETT, nephew of J. F. EVERETT, died in Rockingham last week.

James C. DUNBAR died Tuesday. Buried at Hebron. He was the brother of John C. DUNBAR of Hamlet.

February 28, 1906 – Wednesday

Born June 10, 1847 to Daniel L. and Lucretia McDANIEL, a son, James Allen. James A. was married 3 times. His first two wives: Misses Susanna and Mary Jane McLeod were daughters of the late Daniel L. McLEOD. He is survived by his third wife, Miss Lillie NORTHAM. Survived by 8 children: Mrs. A. J. JONES and Mrs. J. D. DAVID, D. Laurence, John E., Willie A., Thelma, James A. Jr., and Georgiana. He also leaves one brother – Mr. D. J. McDANIEL. Henry, son of his first union died a few years ago at the age of 23. James Allen McDaniel Sr. died Nov. 25, 1905 from small pox.

March 3, 1906 – Saturday

Boyd HAMER died yesterday. Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Nellie Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Donald McCOLL, to marry Ernest Henry PRINGLE, Jr. on March 20.

George Washington WRIGHT of Scotland Co. died Feb. 24 at the age of 80. He was a Confederate veteran.

Little child of W. B. FRASIER died Thursday at Darlington. Buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Mr. McCoy MONROE of Latta married Miss Mattie GODDARD of Coronaca last Wednesday.

March 7, 1906 – Wednesday

The 15-year old daughter of John HAYES drowned.

Mrs. Sallie BREEDEN, widow of J. Frank BREEDEN died Feb. 14, 1906 at the age of 64. Mr. BREEDEN died a little over a year ago. Leaves 8 children (5 sons & 3 daughters).

Mrs. J. W. (Louise) CARLISLE, mother of Mrs. L. J. BREEDEN, died in Spartanburg on Sunday at the age of 72 years. Children: Howard B. CARLISLE, Mrs. Ella B. WOFFORD, Mrs. J. J. BURNETT, Mrs. T. H. WHITE and Mrs. L. BREEDEN.

Mrs. Anna G. EASTERLING, widow of the late Robt. C. EASTERLING, died Sunday.

[Miss Amanda MORRIS who married recently – daughter of Levi MORRIS]

March 10, 1906 – Saturday

James H. CARRABO married Miss Alma HOOD on Feb. 25.

Misses Kate, Grace, and Emily TERRELL received word on March 4th of the death of their father, Mr. H. D. TERRELL of Warren Plains, N.C.

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