Marlboro County, South Carolina


CARABO, Mrs. Helen Harper Feb 4 1962 Carolyn Klear, 2004
CARTER, William R. Oct 9 1972 Carolyn Klear, 2 Dec 2005
CAULDER, Mrs Josie Lee 1975 Carolyn Klear, 17 Aug 2002
COMMANDER, Leonora Sligh 7 Apr 2005  
COOK, James Oct 7 1994 Carolyn Klear, 20 Oct 2005
COOK, William Richard Dec 27, 1946 Carolyn Klear, 2003
COVINGTON, Mrs. Sallie Hamer March 25, 1874 Carolyn Klear, 17 Aug 2002
CROSLAND, William D. Sept 22 1975 Carolyn Klear, 2 Dec 2005
CROWLEY, Hattie Driggers 1957 Bonnie Crowley Freeman, 9 Jul 2001


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