Marlboro County, South Carolina


Southern Christian Advocate, Vol 37, #12 pg 4 col 3 March 25, 1874 issue from Sandor Teszlor Library of Wofford College:

Mrs Sallie S Hamer Covington

Mrs Sallie S Covington, daughter of the Rev Lewis M Hamer, of the South Carolina Conference, was born in Marion, SC, April 15, 1853, ands died in Marlboro, January 30, 1874.

This excellent lady was happily married to Wm J Covington, Esq, December 23, 1863. *** A few days preceding her fatal illness, she had, with her husband, removed to the home which fond parents and loving friends had prepared for her future residence. But the ******* and pleasant home sheltered its ****** only a little while, for teh youthful and loving wife was soon stricken by death and then carried to the tomb. The daughter of an itinerant minister, she had, on many a circuit, shared the toil and self-sacrifice of her devoted parents. The piety of the parents had impressed the child, for at a tender age of ten years she gave her heart and life to Christ and His Church. Though so inexperienced, she maintained her Christian consistency, and her youthful and consistent piety won the esteem and love of her axquaintance. But it happened with Sallie as with many other maturer Christians, that her way became dark, fear and doubt, as clouds hiding for a long time from her soul, the reconciled face of her Lord. She groped her weary way for months and even years, feeling after Him whom her soul loved, the light and joy of whose countenance she had lost. Many a time could she say, "My soul is cast down within me." But this long season of gloom and despondency was suddenly exchanged for one of light and confidence and joy. In the fall of 1870, her struggles and prayers prevailed, and she was enabled again to rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. The blessedness of this manifestation of divine comfort and peace was never eclipsed by a single shadow to the moment when her feet touched the cold waters of death. Her faith in God was strong to the last. Many times before her departure, she gave expression to her readiness to "depart and be with Christ, which was far better." But though her mortal life had been quenched in death, doubtless her spiritual life is now forever "hid with Christ in God." "Let me die the death of the rightous, and let my last end be like His." J A M

(dates given*** would have made her married at age 10?? if birth date above is correct...undoubtedly an error...cgk)

Submitted by Carolyn Klear, 17 Aug 2002.


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