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William Zachariah Donaldson


On Friday night, Dec. 12, 1907, after a violent attack of congestion of the brain, William Zachariah Donaldson's spirit took its flight to the realm where death can never intrude.   On the day following his death his mortal remains were laid to rest in the Parnassus cemetery, Rev. J.A. Wilson conducting the funeral services.

Mr. Donaldson was born in Marlboro County Dec. 9, 1851.  His life was exemplary from every standpoint.  Generous, kindhearted, unassuming, not proclaiming his charities, but quietly he pursued his daily avocations, giving offense to none, but rather the blending of peacemaker and the good Samaritan, which was the standard of his daily life.   Few men have lived in this troublesome world that were accorded the respect and confidence given him by those with whom he was intimate.  Mr. Donaldson's early life, and up to his removal to Dillon, was spent at his quiet country home not far from Blenheim.  Here for many years he looked after his farm.  The scarcity of labor and the unreliability of such as was available, decided his coming to Dillon to engage in keeping hotel, and he kept to this business until his death.  Mr. Donaldson was not a business man, in a strict sense of the word, and his unlimited confidence in his fellow man often brought him loss and sorrow.

Early in life he professed conversion and ever after was a faithful follower of the Master.

In the privacy of his home was where the indulgent father and Christian gentleman was best revealed. In the outside world his conversation was never on trivial subjects, but on the contrary, when business matters were not engrossing his thoughts, a word in his Master's name was often spoken to his Christian friends.  Sincere to his relations to his Creator made him an example that others might follow.  His good deeds will live after him; his reward will be a crown of righteousness.

He will be missed when the worshippers at the Presbyterian church assemble.  His voice in the choir will be heard on earth no more, but "in a nobler, sweeter strain" he will sing his Savior's praise in his home above.

His wife, three daughters, Misses Annie, Bessie and Carrie survive him.  Our deepest sympathies go out to the bereaved family.

NOTE: He was a farmer in S.C. He later owned a hotel in Dillon, S.C. which was robbed, depleating him of all his savings. The incident was so devastating that it killed him.

Submitted by Joanne Harley.


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